Eric Sprott: Western Central Banks Have No More Gold…Only Gold Receivables!

Bloomberg has released a MUST WATCH interview with our good friend Eric Sprott of Sprott Asset Management discussing his thoughts on gold. While unable to specifically discuss silver due to the current PSLV follow-on, Sprott simply destroyed the MSM pundits’ anti-gold arguments, stating that gold has beat the Dickens out of every other asset class over the last 12 years, and questioned whether the Western Central Banks have any physical gold left in the vaults, as the gold listed on their balance sheets includes gold receivables, which has been leased out and is gone for good.

Click here to watch Eric Sprott’s full interview:

13 comments on “Eric Sprott: Western Central Banks Have No More Gold…Only Gold Receivables!
  1. David Liberty says:

    @Bonn … Hey Bonn, if the gold is gone, maybe the Annunaki are here to claim it. This is how they are getting it off the planet.

  2. Marc Authier says:

    Why does nobody in the mining industry, or the country depennding on mining, and investors naturally, sue the US governement, the SEC and COMEX for criminal activities. I dont get it. I think that Sprott is preparing for december an incredible offering of Sprott Physical Fund to buy massive amounts of the real sttufff. Sprottt should try to buy 500 million dollars of physical silver.

  3. jarrollin says:

    I love you Mr. Sprott. If I knew you, we would be bestest friends.

  4. Marc Authier says:

    The only thing that these people could understand is if someone took a special type of futures (a no future contract more exactly) on some of these criminals.

  5. bud777 says:

    well FUCKING obviously …..unlike maxine and everybody else who claim that central banks are buying gold….THEY ARE NOT….they’re constantly selling it …..that’s the only logical explanation why gold isnt rising but more or less is stale within this 1700 range …..who they’re selling it to ? …WHO FUCKING KNOWS! but they’re definitaly not the buyers

  6. Natasha Brooks says:

    That the banks, in the West, and the US, have no gold, has been known for a long time. Well, known by people who give a shit. Sadly, the West gets away with this because, we, the people, are dumb enough to be walked all over, not once, not twice, but perpetually, like a willing doormat.

  7. jischinger says:

    where’s the gold?

  8. Anthony says:

    @Nastasha because its not a factor in their everything lives. As Henry Ford said if Americans knew how the economy worked they would be out on the streets yesterday.

    I was two years old when the doors of Ford Knots was opened for the last time. Since that time we’ve has stagnation, oil crisis (2), real estate market, internet maturity and of course 9/11.

    Who in the world would even remember the US has no physical Gold and who would question it when everybody has said stocks and the stock market were more important than physical gold?

    I only understand do to Bill Still which we never got in history class. Gold has gone up a ton since 2000, but the truth is besides for jewelry and some electronics nobody has any use for Gold since you can’t take out a bar and buy a car with it or a home.

    Trying to convince the general public they should buy Gold or Silver is a tough sell…

  9. MrJones says:

    @Anthony. Maybe a car you could buy with gold. I’ve wondered if you walked into a Audi dealer with a bar of gold they would take it. That would be a fun experiment. I’ve taken a 1 oz gold eagle to work and shown it to a few colleges. It was the first time they have ever seen or held a gold coin like that. When I tell them to Google it to see its value they look pretty surprised. My hope and intent is to plan a seed in their head. But you are right, it’s a very tough sell.

  10. Noodles123 says:

    Weird as it sounds what if “Someone Else” is taking our gold and silver?

    “When the gold nuclei, traveling at 99.999% of the speed of light, smashed together, the plasma that resulted was so energetic that a tiny cube of it with sides measuring about a quarter of the width of a human hair would contain enough energy to power the entire United States for a year.”

    Lets assume that out of the billions of planets there is ONE that can travel here…Lets assume that they are as greedy as we are…Lets assume they take our shit on the sly not only because they can but because we humans haven’t figured out the true worth of it.

    They are the Dutch giving the us the natives $24 worth of Trinkets for Manhattan.

    Don’t believe in UFOs?

    Talk to the The Russian/French/UK/Canadian/German Etc Governments who admitted there are etc etc

  11. bproman says:

    I would like to trade some digital fiat numbers from my cyber account with imaginary pixie gold dust.

  12. Mary Genoud says:

    Access to interview only available Friday, Nov 16th! Always such a pleasure to hear what Eric has to say. He is knowledgeable, interesting, logical, faithful to sustainable economics and real underlining value, an advocate of real money. He will never enter politics, but what if politicians could learn from him????………….

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