Dr. Norman Finkelstein is the Steve Jobs of social justice. Epic!

49 comments on “Dr. Norman Finkelstein is the Steve Jobs of social justice. Epic!
  1. Oz's says:

    Give that man a beer!
    Perhaps he should have mentioned whom funded both sides, preplanned, camps included, our good Jewish friends the Rothschilds, as they have always and continue to do.
    Oh and of course they setup israel too.
    Baah baah baah

  2. Harry says:

    The holocaust has been abused to death.
    They got their land.
    Yet they abuse the situation and steal more land, abuse people, etc, etc.
    Israel deserves a through boycott, also by the USA.

  3. veracity says:

    Here is a History lesson on the ‘birth’ of Israel:

    Israel is built on Terrorism, Atrocities, Genocide, Ethnic Cleansing, Racism; and all the same heinous crimes are still committed today daily against the rightful occupants of all the lands of Palestine.
    Israel is an illegal state, it’s built on stolen lands, mandated by a dissolute mob of colonialist countries without a conscience, granting a bunch of marauding mass murdering, genocidal Zionists an entire country which was occupied, owned and cultivated by the Palestinian people living on this land for millennia.
    Israel is fully supported and funded by the only other Terrorist Nation, the US of Atrocities as a bulwark in the Middle East.

    USrael is a horrific, belligerent abomination, hell-bent on total annihilation of the Palestinian people and complete appropriation of all their lands.
    How is this let to go on?
    The Zionist Banksters own all the big Banks which own all the CBs and all the Politicos around the planet. Obama, Cameron, Holande, Merkel, you name it, they’re all craven puppets of the Jewish Money Moguls dictating policy and anointing their stooges.

  4. Ilia says:

    Ah more constructive criticism of Israel, just what we like.
    Israel got their land? 99.9% of the middle east is still Muslim territory. Here is a map:
    How much land did you get? That’s what this is all about isn’t it. The Palestinians were also expelled from Syria and Jordan. Israel (even including all ‘occupied’ territory) is smaller than Hawaii.

    Also over 20% of Israel’s population is Arab. — http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Israel
    Where is the imperialost expansionist racial cleansing?

    P.S Chomsky had to wait for his Jewish parents to croak before he started his Israel criticism – as he himself admits. I am sure they are proud.

  5. Ilia says:

    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Arab_members_of_the_Knesset — 17 current and 49 past Arab members of the Israeli Knesset.

  6. Ilia says:

    Name a country that geographically divides its capital city between four religions just to satisfy all pinko lefties. Name another one!

  7. Mother Earth says:

    The Holocaust is as much a part of jewish religion as the parting of the seas. Isn’t reminding us religious indoctrination? Do Ukranians do this with Holodomor?

  8. blindman says:

    check this norman finkelstein interview 2008.
    the sickness of the state.
    Talk Back!
    Tuesday November 20 3:00pm 2 hours
    Public Affairs
    minute 1:30
    “hamas was never a fighting force”. n.f.
    mad dog and lunatic “strategy” . ongoing
    play station 2, ….. resulting in real corpses

  9. Ken Barrows says:


    Some good points, but stolen is still stolen. Of course, the British fcuked it up with the Mandate.

  10. Jayme says:

    Wow! Very powerful. It is great to have voices like his speaking out.

  11. Jayme says:

    That’s an interesting article Keehotee. It makes one wonder how much of the teachings are actually taught.

    video of Keehotee’s post

    The Talmud’s Death Wish

  12. David Liberty says:

    A wonderful find … exposing the truth and breaking the walls of generations of propaganda.

  13. Peter Karwacki says:

    The man is correct in his thinking however unpopular.

  14. Adam says:

    Give Manhattan back to the Iriquois!!

  15. Adam says:

    Give Texas back to Mexico!!

  16. ED says:

    Thank god for people like this man, he is a true HERO! Here is an interesting debate from democracy now!

    What really started it all………..

  17. Michel78 says:

    Adam thinks theft is OK.

  18. Adam says:

    Yes, and so does anyone living in the USA who doesn’t drive to the nearest Indian reservation with the deed to their house. It’s their land!

  19. El_Puerco says:

    Who?, can argue with the chosen people!…

  20. Adam says:

    @El_Puerco — when logic and reason fails — resort to name calling and sarcasm

  21. Adam says:

    PS– Give Australia back to the Aborigines! All Australians should get on a boat back to England!

  22. ED says:

    I have listened to this over and over. To hear someone tell the truth, stand up for justice and be so STRONG is a real antidote to the bullshit – right to exist/self defence false narrative that i have been fed daily (but even the bbc was having a hard time keeping this up in light of the mass slaughter) by obama/clinton/cameron/hague! To whom i recommend this vid, hey guys this what true leadership and moral courage look like! In his uk show the late Bill Hicks gave some good advice for those in the advertising industry that would translate well to the world of politics!!!

  23. MirrorMirror says:

    Strange … I posted “Great Speech” … but it never appeared.
    Oh well … GREAT SPEECH !

  24. General Rasta, SLA says:

    Be without fear in the face of your enemies. Be brave and upright that JAH may love thee. Speak the truth always, even if it leads to your death. Safeguard the helpless and do no wrong

    -The Knight’s Oath

  25. yawp says:

    Poor little rich white girl had her reality matrix shattered. Yea, your not special. So your peoples survived genocide, B F D. Many peoples have before and after you and in greater numbers. You have your own homeland now, that’s more than many others can say. It would behoove you not to piss off the locals and keep taking taking and taking. Stop whining privileged girl.

  26. fred says:

    Anybody got a link to the whole speech?

  27. ZORRO - London says:

    The crowd is not nuts, they have simply been brainwashed by propaganda.

    No mention of the 5 million Poles slaughtered or the 11 million Russians murdered, and who effectively were the wests allies against the Nazis.

    Wonder why?

    Its because of the constant pity thats perpetuated about only one group of people for themselves being the sole victims of atrocities and genocide.

    Double standards and utter hypocricy always wear thin eventually.

    And ironically was it not the Zionist bankers that funded Hitler?!

    Do your homework instead of believing the AJP Taylor version of history which painted a picture that Britain went to war over the pre arranged carve up of Poland between Stalin & Hitler.

    Not one British bullet, not one soldier went in defence of Polish territory. FACT!

    The facts speak for themselves at the Yalta conference also, where central european countries were double crossed yet again, and placed under Stalin and the NKVD who made Hitler look like a lamb!

    History is about FACTS! not about rose tinted romantic notions of patriotism, written by the victors to justify their own ends.


  28. steve says:

    yes its about time… the tide is turning, no more excuses israel, no more excuses, we all need to be following this mans lead. Israel has become the very demon it purports was against it in WW2

  29. Hugh Beaumont says:

    Finkelstein misunderstood the comment. That girl was speaking for the Germans, who have (had) been miscategorized as all Nazis. She wasn’t trying to generate a false sympathy for Jews.

  30. Vonda Bra says:


    read his book “The Holocaust Industry” some years ago …

    »There’s no business like Shoah-Business« … as Abba Eban once said ….

  31. Bruce says:

    poor girl; those weren’t crocodile tears

  32. Palantír says:

    That clip is part of a documentary film about Norman Finkelstein called:
    American Radical – The Trial Of Norman Finkelstein (2009)

    Here is a link to the whole documentary on youtube:

    @Hugh Beaumont – maybe you’re right. I do think many people misunderstand Finkelstein’s reply as a reply aimed at the girl with the “crocodile tears”. When he actually meant the tears of those pulling the holocaust card to justify the brutal suppression of the Palestinians.

  33. Steven says:

    It is refreshing to hear truth from a jew every now and then. The basic truth is that what goes around comes around. Another truth that jews have to accept is that non jews are humans also and were made after the likeness of the creator of the universe.
    And finally Jews are not god and they do have to follow the rules. Now is the time for jews to repent and come to jesus the messiah and become christians. It is that or you all will continue to provoke pogroms and holocausts. If you want it to end you must come to Jesus and be changed from the inside out.

  34. fred says:

    Thank you.
    Here is more..lots of facts..

  35. microhousehold says:

    We were all wounded at wounded knee (Redbone):


  36. benb says:

    just wanna add my voice as another that understands a little about Isreal. I hope the “net”empowers people everywhere with the truth. Lets hope the truth is enough to stop all the bullshit. peace be on everybody.

  37. Popo says:

    Ok. Lets give it all back to the Palestinians. And 15% of Berlin, Milan, Prague, Vienna, Kiev, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Warsaw, Munich, and the rest of urban Europe back to the Jews. I mean, it was the Europeans who ultimately created the Palestinian problem after all. Why is it they get off scot free by passing off their problem onto a whole bunch of people who had nothing to do with WW2?

  38. John Robb says:

    Nobody gets it, purely and simply, better than Norman!
    Nobody gets Norman, purely and simply, better than Keiser bloggers. I enjoy the diversity of perspective on many issues at Max’s blog here, but regarding what the Finklestein has to say, I moreso enjoy the unanimity of support shown by comments posted here.

    There exists a sociopolitical mindset that is not exclusive to German nationalists or American imperialists…

    It existed before Lincoln/Sherman. It exists today across the globe. Chris Hedges speaks aptly on the subject. Russell Means spent a lifetime cutting to the chase…

  39. JonnyJames says:

    John Robb
    I agree 100%

    Finkelstein was fired from De Paul simply because he researched and wrote about issues that the Zionists didn’t want to hear. Academic freedom is a fallacy when it comes to politics and economics and even other subjects

  40. Bob says:

    Watch the video again. It’s not about name-calling, who is the rightful resident of the land, Israel, or Palastine for that matter. It’s about Jews and the supporters of Israel that continue to hide behind the holocaust to prevent their actions being likened to that of the NAZI’s. Which it is in its entirety. Gaza is nothing more than a Ghetto. Exactly the same as the Ghettos the Jews were forced into 70 years ago. The small difference is that unlike the Jews at the time, the Palistinians of today are willing to fight back against the injustice that they’re subjected to.

    Israel, and Zionists as a whole, are doomed to failure. Like it or not. The tide of human opinion is changing. We don’t want to see the sovereign bullys boys of Israel, the UK and the USA continue to ride roughshod over innocent people anymore. This opinion, and the ideas that helps to manifest are more powerful than the bulldozers, drones and sniper rifles. Norman is right. The crocodile tears cried by the oppressors are transparent and must no longer be tolerated.

  41. To say this is ‘complicated’ is almost an understatement! Watch “Edwin Black, 25th Anniversary of The Transfer Aggreement”.

    Edwin Black is no lightweight scholar, and he is both an investigative journalist of the highest calibre as well as a true scholar. Edwin gives a chilling answer in the Q & A final episode of this 5 part YouTube presentation. His comprehensive research has lead him to believe that the Nazi agenda to exterminate the Jewish race persists to this day. The Zazis were forced against their will into the ‘Transfer Aggreement under pressure from a pragmatic faction of the Zionist movement. The Nazis on their part saw a potential future opportunity to turn Israel into a vast extermination camp.

    If you want to have sleepless nights, there are many who believe that 9/11 was a practice drill to preapare for the eventuality of Israel’s “Sampson Option” a term that the late Secretary of State for Defense, Robert S. McNamara was very familiar with! Gordon Duff, Senior Editor, Veterans Today has posted several YouTube interviews with Dimitry Khalezov. who explained why he was hired by Ambassador Mike Harari to translate and interpret certain Russian Documents, relating to Operation Ploughshares, and the Sedan peaceful use of nuclear devices. These were the subject of Treaties with the Soviet Union. Dimitry explained why so many Russian Troops were present on 9/11 at ‘Ground Zero’ to monitor the ’emergency’ nuclear demolition undertaken by International Demolitions Inc. who were contracted by the WTC Architects to undertake the instalation and maintanance of the mandated nuclear demolition charges, that had to be there because of the very real threat posed by the ‘Sampson Option’. A nuclear device detonated in violation of the fourth protocol, at altitude, would wipe out New York, so the WTC was specifically designed to collapse into it’s basement, where the nuclear blast would be localized to a few blocks. At Wellington College, back in 1968 (69?) I was asked to give a dissertation on this topic in the Lecture Theatre. The subject was so serious! that I had to make a joke of it! (They say monkeys laugh when they are frightened!)

    Another noteworthy book of Edwin Black is “Internal Combustion”. which digs deep into the conspiracy to suppress Free Energy. I beg to differ with Edwin on the reasons for this, and suggest that greed is not the main motive! … Unless humanity aquires sufficient ‘spirituality’ and I don’t give a darn which crackpot religion folk choose to learn about the basic tenets of spirituality, then humanity will very probably destroy themselves with Free Energy.

    Events currently ongoing on a 640 light year red giant star, Betelgeuse, that may have caused the mini ice age when it went Supernova some six centuries ago, mean that we need to adopt the precautionary principle, and prepare. With luck, all we will see is two suns in the sky for a week or two. BUT if we see a long streak of intense bright light forming? say your prayers! because you have just been radiated with a lethal dose of Gamma Rays!

    This is why the economy is in a fu8king mess! Money does not matter at times like this!

    Now I invite Max & Stacy’s fans who might be interested in genuine history, to read this White Paper. of 1922 (A link to Edwin Black’s YouTube Interview is at the bottom of the page. and Scholars who want to do further research, should note that Balfour invited Samuel Hammersley to take a vacant seat in Parliament, in order to organise a Trust Fund’ for the Establishment of a State of Israel.)


  42. evolutis says:

    Thanks Max … some said this and some said that … … 1,000 years and such a high profile, it would seem you cannot control the ramifications of a myth. And believing, only makes it bleed,

  43. marshall says:

    I have a goody box, a folder on my computer where I keep little treasures……. video’s, audio lectures etc. This little gem took pride of place when I first saw it some time ago.
    The good Doctor is worth his weight in silver.

  44. Febo says:

    The clip is over edited and not intelligible

  45. John Robb says:

    I sympathize with your sentiment. My immediate reaction was similar, and I scoured youtube for the full speech and found nothing beyond various edits of the same exchange.

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