“Choices and rights”, “Piss on pity”, “Access all areas” and “Nothing about us without us”.

UPDATE – Are there any photographers out there willing to flikrise this protest?

Sometimes the personal gets political and the political gets really personal. This is what disabled people in Ireland have discovered since the onset of the current crisis. The rights of disabled people to even get up out of bed or go to the shops or to have a leaky roof over their heads, or for disabled children to have Special Needs Assistance in order to participate in main stream schooling, has been constantly seen by successive governments as a low lying fruit, ripe for the picking and throwing away onto a human compost heap of ‘unaffordable luxury’ in a time of ‘financial crisis’. This is set against a back drop of a hardening of public attitudes towards people, particularly children, with disability over the past five years as set down in the National Disability Authority report linked here. 

Disability Rights Coalition Ireland are holding a protest against the whittling away of disabled people’s rights by those in charge through a narrative of those rights as being ‘unaffordable’ , while dead banks are being given the right to screw every citizen in this country from a height. Disabled people are asking for their RIGHTS  to be honoured as set out in the 2011 election promises. These promises have been constantly broken. It takes place on Wednesday 21st November at the central Bank of Ireland at 2.00 pm and moves from there to the Dail. 

‘The  disability movement invented terms like “choices and rights”, “piss on pity”, “access all areas” and “nothing about us without us”. Disability pride is about presenting ourselves as capable, confident, diverse citizens who are part of the universal experience of living. Notions of tragedy are contradicted by the movement saying, “We’re not super-crips overcoming challenges nor are we tragic heroes; rather we’re people just living our lives and we’re proud of who and what we are.”’

Disability Rights Coalition Ireland

Programme for Government promises pdf

Disability protests government u-turn thejournal.ie














6 comments on ““Choices and rights”, “Piss on pity”, “Access all areas” and “Nothing about us without us”.
  1. You don’t have rights in a democracy; you have the “right” to do what 51% tell you to do.

  2. John says:

    You’re better off not being mainstream brainwashed er, ‘schooled’ by the establishment.

  3. Jesse says:

    Thank you for publicizing this.

    First, they come for the weak and the disabled.

  4. Alf says:

    It’s sickening how what was originally a crisis in the financial sector has been re-spun and re-launched as a crisis of public funding. The responsibility of paying for the banking crash placed on to the poor, sick and disabled…what stinking hypocrisy.

  5. eileen dublin says:

    I spoke to a GP about this. They said that for example putting serously mentally ill people into homelessness as this government has done in the past year through austerity measures is tantamount to putting a gun to their head s and pulling the trigger.

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