Central Bankers Keep Stackin’

It is important to remember that it is not the countries themselves – that is, the government and the people – who are accumulating the metals. Instead, the nations act as a front for a power international organization of bankers who wish to mask the fact that they are in a position to, and are, purchasing stunning amounts of gold. Buy placing the purchasing behind the disguise of nations, bankers are able to lessen the impact of a reality in which the world’s elite are jumping ship onto lifeboats.

3 comments on “Central Bankers Keep Stackin’
  1. The Beat says:

    Can you guys show how this works? As far as the Federal Reserve is concerned, I understand that it is a private bank and therefore all purchases it makes are property of the shareholders, not the government. But I thought the ECB and many other central banks were run by their respective government(s). Are there no central banks run by governments anywhere in the world?

  2. Mini US says:

    … These are all ex-Goldman Sachs guys. This is scary stuff. Goldman is everywhere.”

    John Embry.


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