Censored: Poverty Report in Germany

In September, the German Labor Ministry sent a draft report “on Poverty and Wealth” to other ministries to be rubber-stamped. Only the final report would be made public. The draft was to remain hidden. But it seeped to the surface immediately. And it was hot. Too hot. Now a new version leaked from the Economy Ministry—without the offending data and comments.

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4 comments on “Censored: Poverty Report in Germany
  1. Bruce says:

    yes, much of this goes on all around the world daily; if anything dirty is exposed, it’s used to play political football, everyone’s favourite sport.

    While the masses slave away and might catch this when home on the news, thinking they really have a choice to make their lives better by choosing one over the other…when they don’t really.

    poverty is when nobody has the money to do studies on poverty

  2. Gregers Werle says:

    Poverty! Yay! Not just plain old ‘poverty’ but poverty in Germany!!

    Nice stuff Wolfie, really got your point across: Poverty exists. I look forward to your next report on Americans eating each others faces. After all, faces are nutrient rich as all school kids know!

  3. Phil says:

    “The European Central Bank was right to refuse access to documents on the economic situation in Greece to a journalist in 2010, because disclosure would have undermined the public interest, the General Court of the European Union ruled.”


    Yes, it’s in the public interest not to release these documents. Allowing the public to see such information would be “posing a substantial risk of severely misleading the public in general and financial markets in particular”.

    We don’t want to be mislead by having access to these papers, we want to be more informed by not being allowed to see these documents. That seems all clear, above board and logical.

  4. Paolo says:

    Yep, germans are being told they are well off and doing well despite pensioners regularly rummaging through dustbins on the streets. The germans are so gullible they’ll swallow anything, you just need to give them the feeling they are doing better than the next country. The level of political discussion and curiosity is lamentable.

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