Can you say hypocrite?

The youngest-ever central bank czar in the history of the western world is preparing the next bullet point on his CV – governor of the Bank of England.

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  1. daddy warbucks says:

    plainsarcher at 4:22 PM November 26, 2012
    Progressives really don’t like personal freedom much because it is a stumbling block to controlling you. In their minds, freedom is a very narrow corridor of rights they will grudgingly bestow, as long as you behave yourself. You may enjoy free speech, as long as you say only things they want to hear. Anything else is hate speech and you will be incarcerated. Economic freedom is also closely monitored to make sure you are exhibiting the proper behaviors with regard to energy usage, the foods you eat and so on. If you eat red meat, drive a low mileage car and smoke cigarettes, you are simultaneously a lovely form of tax revenue and public enemy number one. All those hours you spent at work, coming in early and staying late, will pay for the ample retirement packages of the very public union employees who tax you, regulate you and curse you as a greedy pig. If you want an explanation that would make a circus contortionist proud, just ask a Chinese diplomat what personal freedom is. That is our future.

    Comment from:

    Some in Britain say EU is bringing a new ‘Marxist revolution’

    By Henry Chu, Los Angeles Times, November 25, 2012, 5:24 p.m.

    “… today’s New Left carries out a program of social re-engineering using lies, myths, and “critical theory.” Critical theory, developed by the Frankfurt School of neo-Marxists, is the deconstructive program that asserts no positive remedy for mankind except to destroy capitalism, whose assumption of private property is the lynchpin that undergirds the individual freedoms espoused by the Enlightenment.”

    The Triumph of the State

    November 25, 2012, By Kyle Becker

    “The trajectory of Europe is the vision of America’s future: the triumph of the state, and the return of the pre-modern, arbitrary rule of self-appointed elites, shameless fawned upon by sycophantic intellectuals. And beneath their petty heights of arrogance and condescension shuffle the great, brooding underclass of humanity — perpetually in need and perpetually restrained from improving its own lot.”

    Read more:

  2. Febo says:

    The Telegraph:
    “Considered to be more “hawkish” than Sir Mervyn after raising interest rates in Canada to offset a housing bubble, Mr Carney could move the Bank more quickly towards rate rises and unwinding quantitative easing.”
    Is he going to do a Volcker? (I can’t believe it, or is this suggestion just meant to buy some time?)

  3. Flopot says:

    Whom…who….is “F”?

  4. Flopot says:

    Probably been linked before…

    What is that sign he is standing in front of…off…with captions like “mismanagement of population aging”? Inverted Totalitarianism anyone?


  5. daddy warbucks says:

    They don’t win according to a very old document

    Published on Nov 26, 2012 by corbettreport

    9/11 Truth Goes Worldwide

  6. Flopot says:

    @Daddy Warbucks

    So long as you are not promoting lawless capitalism but a true free market then carry on Sir.

  7. strats4ever says:

    Calling the Sachs’ Canadian plant at the BOE “hawkish…after raising interest rates in Canada to offset a housing bubble” is just pure fiction!

    “Only three short years ago; Canada’s financial system was the envy of the entire world. Today its financial sector is just another bankers’ Ponzi-scheme. At precisely the same time that the U.S. is belatedly dismantling (fraud-ridden) Fannie Mae, Harper’s government has been rapidly building Canada’s own “Fannie Mae”: the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation.

    The CMHC has been buying-up mortgages so fast that the Harper government has had to raise its legal borrowing limit twice just since the Conservatives took power, and will soon raise it a third time as it nears its new limit of $600 billion. In proportionate terms it is now larger than Fannie Mae (at its peak), and this occurs as a Euro Pacific Capital report reveals that, “Once small, Canada’s sub-prime mortgage industry is now booming.” It goes on to report that there are now $500 billion in “high-risk mortgages” in Canada’s housing market – nearly half of the entire mortgage market.”

    Canadian Housing Bubble Nears Implosion

  8. Trevor Morgan says:

    So remind me what have barmy conspiracies got to do with a new monetarist, Goldman Sacks Governor of the Bank of England?
    Oh and you may wish to get to grips with assymetrical warfare. The flea can bite the dog.

  9. BankingThiefs says:

    Outsourcing central bankers, whatever next? Outsourcing ministers? Please make it so, there are many foreign politicians who can do a better job for half the price! ;D

  10. a reader says:

    Can you say hypocrite? – I don’t know. But I find it fascinating that Paula Broadwell has never admitted to any affair with Petraeus, the former CIA Director, and I, too, wonder if this is true – though I sense one is not allowed to think such thoughts in the USA:

    …Given that the CIA was holding prisoners in Benghazi, the goal of the Sept. 11 action at the consulate may have been an effort to free them, or payback for their detention. And everybody involved in that detention, including CIA Director David Petraeus, was committing a crime.

    Unfortunately for Jennifer Griffin of Fox News, the rightwing politicians who are looking for ammunition against Obama can’t make use of her Benghazi reporting because it exposes their 4-star hero (who never saw combat or commanded a division) as a perjurer, and the CIA as a rogue agency. After initial calls for an investigation —even a special commission, a la Watergate— they realize they mustn’t “go there.” By way of consolation, we are awarding Griffin the first-ever Helen Thomas Prize for taking seriously the comments of a loudmouthed dame. …

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