Argentina’s Economic Collapse (orginally posted May, 2011)

I post this 12-part documentary every six months or so to give people, especially in the U.S., an idea of the chronology of events that have transpired and will soon transpire in relation to the fusion of banksters and politicians into an amalgam of larceny and deceit.

UPDATE: This is exactly what we saw in Ireland. Banks got the State to cover their losses and then the State turns around and imposes austerity to pay for the losses. Similar scams in Greece and entire Eurozone. Britain and the U.S. have had a similar action – and now base ‘fiscal cliffs’ as a result. Argentina is the template.

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48 comments on “Argentina’s Economic Collapse (orginally posted May, 2011)
  1. chArles says:

    Don’t you remeber, Argentina, was an ECONOMIC MIRICLE, TRULY WHAT A FREE MARKET WOULD BRING CIVIL SOCIETY….don’t y’all remember this was the great Strausean experiment by Milton Friedmon and the Chicago boys

  2. SilverPorno says:

    Well, I haven’t watched them yet, but I love this bit of the intro:

    “…in relation to the fusion of banksters and politicians into an amalgam of larceny and deceit.”


    Oh, one does have such fun at MK .com.

  3. OldEnglishGame says:

    There is a nice video about Milton Friedman in iceland. You need to watch it.

  4. Hullaballoo says:

    There have been revelations that the Prime Minister of Greece and his family forced the Hellenic Post Bank of Greece to sell it’s 1.3 bln in Greek CDS to a company by the name of IJ Partners, of whom Papandreou is presumed to have a stake. The value of these contracts is now estimated at roughly 27 billion dollars. Members of parliament have spoken out on the floor, including leader of LAOS Mr. Karatzaferis, and New Democracy MP Mr. Kammenos.

    This is enslavement of the highest order. Please read the document below and circulate it. It was the best I could do to piece together all the different pieces of news and information that exist on this from greek blogs, media and legal documents. If anyone would like to add or correct statements made within, please leave a comment on the blog post or respond to this comment on ZH.

  5. Steve_D says:

    They have used the same swindle over & over again and they will continue to do so until we come together and wake up to the fact that we outnumber the fuckers 10000 to 1.

  6. 8Ball says:

    People will tolerate government corruption until it hits them in the wallet and significantly effects their daily lives… That is the delicate game that all governments play: keep the people strung out and satisfied while you and your banking cronies steal everything that they have… When they finally wake up and realize that they are screwed all the perps and their money have been off-shored. All that is left for the people is to riot and vent their anger which the government is happy to let them do. Once they calm down the process of public predation is reinstituted in a different form and the game begins anew.

    This time it is not going to work out the way the thieves think it will… too much at once is happening and the volume of events will overwhelm their most clever plans

  7. henry krinkle says:

    Why is this scum Carlos Menem still even breathing!! He is actually in the senate now!?! They should’ve chopped him up and feed him to pigs.

  8. Hullaballoo says:

    @henry krinkle

    it just goes to show you how corrupt and unaccountable the Argentine political system is

  9. OldEnglishGame says:

    That was chilly

  10. ZORRO LONDON says:

    Excellent example to post this M & S to demonstrate what happens to a nation when the hierarchy treats the people with utter contempt and brutal oppression.

    Someone posted a link the other day, so I cant take the credit for the poignient message it conveys and re-posting it .

    Never in the history of the world have we been in such potential danger as we face now.

    The lessons from history are there to be heeded.

    Here is the BBCs excellent depiction of how one such elitist group viewed its victims

    But lets not forget that 5o million died during WWII in the fight against tyrrany, not just one specified group.

    This time the Globalists in the name of saving the overpopulated planet and its limited resources will simply seek to systematically eradicate all those who are surplus to requirements. Their plan is well under way.

    As with Stalin & Hitler and countless other such megolomaniacs , the simplest and most effective means is by way of wholesale starvation.

    Anyone that can’t read the signs of this process being implemented, need to get their head streight, open their eyes and listen to actually whats going on.

    Drop by drop, so its not too obvious, this is where we are being led to.

    Of course, any opposition will be dealt with by more immediate and proactive action.

    In the clips of the Argentinian crisis, one man shouts but we are starving.

    This time the NEW final solution will apply to those who are not part of the priveladged system and their minions who control both Local and Central government, the legal establismment, the media and of course the security apparatus.

    When the police so readily beat women, its a signal that law no longer reigns, but pure and simple totaletarianism.

    If you think this global planned genocide is far streached, then ask yourself, how is it that almost every week a new country is added to the list of civil revolt aganist what are essentially crimes by the state against humanity.

    This is no longer a national phenomenon, this is a global one, and we know who drives that agenda…..Z

  11. Jimbo says:

    @Zorro “This time the Globalists in the name of saving the overpopulated planet and its limited resources will simply seek to systematically eradicate all those who are surplus to requirements. Their plan is well under way.”

    That is false. By spreading lies about AGW they have convinced the sheeple to oppose any action which will protect the environment and save lives. They know people are mostly too lazy to follow up the real science when they hear misrepresentations from Monckton, Fox et al. They know that the top 1% are unlikely to be affected by the changes to come, so they welcome the change and profit whilst they bring it on.

  12. Joe Smile says:

    this doc miss one little thing?
    who or what family owns a huge track of land in Argentina, and they only got it have the collapse? Small hint ” they make wine”

  13. Steve_D says:

    The answer to this is so obvious yet non are willing to implement the solution, the head needs to be cut off of this snake that is swallowing up the worlds wealth. But instead of taking action that would save their family and future generations, idiots serve them and help entrap their family, friends and neighbours in a web of debt slavery and poverty for a selfish short term gain.

    Not until we come together to behead the beast will we stand a chance of a free and prosperous life.

    The time is now.

  14. OldEnglishGame says:

    The police should beat the women
    It is because of those women that we have violence in society.
    It is what Darwin called SEXUAL SELECTION. He wrote quite a lot on this subject.

    So beat those women. Beat them hard.

    They are the only reason men do bad things.
    Women are the main tool that military recruters use to attract desperate boys to go and kill innocent people.
    Women LOVE a man in uniform
    Especially a BIG man that dominates others.

    Women are the only reason there are problems on this earth
    AGW is a direct result of WOMEN
    Diamonds, oil, gold, wars, COUNTERFEIT MONEY
    All these things are to satisfy the INSATIABLE DESIRE OF WOMEN


  15. OldEnglishGame says:


  16. OldEnglishGame says:

    This IS NOT a mans world
    This is a womans world
    And this is why it is so violent.
    Because women CRAVE violent men

  17. Pancho Villa says:

    My general you always enlighten us with the facts. Keep doing this outstanding job. Please, be safe out there.

  18. Randyrocker says:

    Barack Obama is the modern day equivalent of Argentina’s President Menem.
    He lies plays endless golf and has no idea of how to run a country other than by fleecing it for the banksters’s sake and obtaining as many draconian laws as he possibly can, turning the United States of America into a fascist autocratic state in the guise of a socialist aim yet destroying all forms of democracy, justice and rights in the process. Making promises he’ll never keep lying all the way to Dante’s Hell and taking everyone along with him.
    Barack Obama has spent away one lifetime’s worth of America and is on his way to spend it’s next few years of existence. Nothing sums up his Presidency more than the film we watched on the financial implications of an Argentina government runaway on lust, power and corruption.

  19. Steve says:

    Coming to a city near you very very soon, (America) Learn from this and save your wealth save what you have and learn to survive.
    Join the SLA (Japan Chapter)

  20. SAO says:

    You are a total idiot. “Beat the women.” You tool. Damn, shove a stick up your ass and stop typing this shit. You creep! Sick prick!!

  21. Steve says:

    I agree with SAO, who the hell is this OldEnglishGame guy?
    You are one sick dude, Max needs to ban this guy.

  22. Charles A. Robinson says:

    In a word theft. Thanks Max. John Perkins knows this game very well.

  23. JNeubs says:

    Thanks Max!

    Viva la Revolution!


  24. Roy says:

    It’s a pity Che never made it back home. Also a pity that we’re next.

  25. 8Ball says:

    For all you of you SLA people… “The name Argentina is derived from the Latin word argentum (“silver”).”

    The Spanish Conquistadors loved it because they were stealing all of the native’s Silver back in the 14th and 15th centuries. The theft of the Argentinian people’s wealth continues to this day. Nothing new under the Sun…

    p.s. ignore beardo, he is a government plant…

  26. 8Ball says:

    America: Don’t cry for me Argentina…

  27. srelf says:

    These videos are so important as they show the rest of the developed world how it was done. Yes, there was civil unrest that stopped the normal functioning of society. But it did not bring the end of the world to Argentina, as was probably going through the minds of the law and order types. Argentina is doing OK now, and they showed the world their courage and intelligence as a people.

  28. OldEnglishGame says:

    I’m hurt

  29. OldEnglishGame says:

    Beat those mothers
    They are the ones who told those boys to be assholes and hurt other people because NO WOMAN RESPECTS A PEACEFUL / RESPECTFUL / HONORABLE MAN
    Thats what my mother taught me.

  30. OldEnglishGame says:

    As to who I am
    you can’t blame me for the environment I WAS BORN INTO. That was my parents FAULT. Yes I do blame them for MY problems.
    I sure do.
    If you were born small, A RUNT and UGLY , discriminated against your entire life. for things that weren’t your fault. YOU WOULD BE ANGRY TOO

    I live in the world you created.
    If you happen to be a baby boomer (“tool” belies you)
    So be proud of your VIRTUE.
    You will go to heaven because of that.
    Or is it your virtue that causes ALL of the worlds violence.
    Well anyway, I don’t want to go to the heaven where women respect violent men more than NONVIOLENT men. And that was certainly my mother.
    Bless her virtuous sole. I hope she is reading this.
    My baby boomer mother.
    If she was to be stoned. I wouldnt throw any no. I would just rub it in her face her entire life. WHAT A WORTHLESS PIECE OF SHIT SHE GAVE BIRTH TO.

  31. OldEnglishGame says:

    I’m a virgin so I’m pretty VIRTUOUS wouldn’t you say.
    But that certainly AIN’T in demand in our world,
    IS IT. ?????????????????
    and who is doing the DEMANDING

  32. OldEnglishGame says:


  33. pete says:

    Everyone complains about corruption. But it exists in society from the bottom to the top. I admire your efforts Max, but in my opinion its futile. Like that Doors guy said, just try to have my kicks before it all goes down in flames.

  34. adonisdemilo says:

    The script that they are using now is the same script they used on Argentina.
    They know it works.
    All you have to do is buy a few politicians.
    Tell them to read the script, learn the lines, smile for the cameras and lie.
    It’s time to re-write the script and make it into a disaster movie for them.

  35. YoLithos says:

    For another real “thrill”, you should read / watch up on the history of how their “west” was won, how they united, and on the landlord vs tenant struggles of the early 20th Century.

  36. ZORRO LONDON says:

    @ Jimbo

    Just to set the record streight, I absolutely do not believe in man made global warming. This is a construct of the Globalist United Nations (I believe) Agenda 21.

    A simple method of making the masses pay guilt based eco-taxes.

    This was predicted in a book by an investigator into the Illuminati’s objectives over 25 years ago. Wish I could remember the damn title of the Author. I thought he was crazy at the time, but there you go, we can all be wrong.

    I live near what was once a glacier, that melted 11,000 years ago when only several hundred thousand human beings just about learnt to rub two sticks together to create fire. I somehow doubt that all the friction , heat and smoke from those sticks being rubbed caused the glacier to melt.

    Global warming is primerily attributable to that “ever so insignificant” cosmic furnace called THE SUN that heats us and other planets which are also experiencing increased temperatures.

    No question the vast and spiralling population increase and the resultant pollution has ruined much of our beautiful planet, but the Globalist Agenda, includes mass population reduction and control, so that there are more of the resources left for the select few who will be selected and permitted to remain.

    Even the darling and esteemed defender of the human race Prince Phillip, has vocalised his considered opinion on this necessity to reduce population in his own colourful way. We know what a pleasure it must be, being an eco warrior to blow animals brains out in the name of sport, hanging them on the wall, or using the exuse of animal husbandry for culling purposes must be.

    I wonder how our fellow creatures ever coped before fire arms were invented??

    Mass starvation figures in the 3rd world are no longer news, instead…petty sex scandals and videos of smart weapons that minimise collateral damage.

    The projected death toll from Fukashima will over decades likely rise globally to many Millions.

    Inflation in food prices has only just started and hyper inflation will finish the job. Lets not loose sight of the real reason for revolt in North Africa and the Middle East…i.e. food inflation.

    Global water shortages will add to this.

    Finally “Profitable” wars will do the rest and God help us if the nuclear weapons are used. Any attack on Irans nuclear facilities will make Fukashima look like a day at Disney Land.

    We in the industrialised west have merely received a scatch to the surface in relation to food prices, and discretionary spending still insulate us for the time being. But that will change in the fullness of time.

    Protectionist legislation has been passed that prohibits individual households to grow food and sell the surplus to the community to protect the control of the market for multi-notionals profit. Arrest and heavy fines act as a less than subtle disencentive to control food supply to the people. Better you grow Heroin or Marijuana than your own healthy non genetically modified or organic food.

    Dear Jimbo, just because this strategy has not touched you YET dont imagine its not coming, and I appreciate that the concept of pre-meditated organised mass starvation on a global scale, is no doubt as hard to swallow as it would have been to conceptualise “The Final Solution” in Pre- 1940’s Europe.

    For those during that period that were not starved or gassed, all they knew was that they were alive and OK.

    For those that were, there is just silence from the grave and horrific statistics in history books…………..Z

  37. Catalyst says:

    I remember seeing this documentary like 3 years ago.
    a very well done film. I still remember how the international banking cartel stole
    away the Oil fields from Argentina. How the BIS (Bank of International Stealing)
    plundered this nation into heavy debt and every single politician was on the take.
    Reminds of United States of Fascism.

  38. Nigel says:

    Its true what they say – there’s nothing new under the sun, its all happened before. Strange that this period in Argentina’s history has been conveniently omitted from the British consciousness.

    These swindling fuckers need taking out and hanging.

    There is something qualitatively different though about the current US/UK/EU/JPN debt issues – there’s nowhere that these maggots can run to – the ruin is so large this time it looks like they’ve either miscalculated the effect or there’s another outcome planned – a grab for absolute control.

    This needs stopping now – default – default on the lot and lets face the consequences of years of over consumption and get our house in order. Face that challenge and these evil fuckers loose their shirts and hopefully a lot more besides.

    Thanks for the vids Max.

  39. Bruce says:

    This is effing great. How ’bout those Rolling Stones meeting with the prez?

    Neither party could resist a photo-op…
    Effing losers.

  40. IMFBAILOUT says:

    I live in Argentina, having worked in DC and NYC for some of the most powerful politicians, bankers, lobbyists and media personalities in the US. Been down here 8 years – left US in disgust 2004 when I was exposed to the fraud economy up close and first hand. I posted this comment on McLaughlin Group YouTube channel just yesterday – seems the propaganda machine is running overtime – St Augustine was correct when he observed “the lust for power” drives these criminals we witness today ruining our world.

    “IMFBAILOUT (11 hours ago)
    5-20-1011 episode all four panelists agreement that IMF is integral to world economy demonstrates how out of touch and truly irrelevant blowhard john and his DC gang of insiders are. Like Strauss forcing himself on a little maid, the IMF ejaculates its bad debt on countries who then become impregnated with the globalists bad karma. The four in agreement shows what a propaganda machine the mclaughin group is. In my country when you want to scare a child you just tell them the IMF is coming, HA – the IMF tried to come and steal our patrimony under austerity so we threw the perverts out and we defaulted – and here we are 10 years later and our economy is on fire, we own our patrimony, while the west labors under the weight of IMF cronyism and corruption. But all four panelists agree it is a necessary bureaucracy for the world – HAHA shows where their bread is buttered and depth of their perverted intellectualism.”

  41. indeed says:

    So, why are so many moving to Argentina?

    It does look exactly like the US. So sad for us.

  42. Febo says:

    This kind of breakdown could be quite fun if managed well. I’ve heard that there is a quite a party atmosphere in Spain at the moment, with very interesting reasons for it. Likewise, more people are going to the theatre in Italy. Prices have come down and its a good night out.
    If you live in a warm country with a reassuringly long history I’d say you’ve got a good chance.

  43. Catalyst says:

    Don’t cry for me Argentina, the truth is I always robbed you.
    All through my wild days
    My mad existence
    I kept my promise
    You keep your distance.
    And as for fortune, and as for fame
    I always invited them in
    So it is to the world what I desired.

  44. YoLithos says:

    Better now than later.

    @Randyrocker – Re : Barack Obama is the modern day equivalent of Argentina’s President Menem. …
    Sublime. The most adroit Banzai7 should engender a portrait of him in Menem-sideburns? Delightful!

    Not me. My nick got nicked. Hijacked. Scammed. Bummer. Whatever the value of the info, someone else did this one.

    YoLithos | May 30, 2011 at 2:55 pm |
    For another real “thrill”, you should read / watch up on the history of how their “west” was won, how they united, and on the landlord vs tenant struggles of the early 20th Century.

  45. YoLithos says:

    Agh! Wait! Yes, not me this time, by me then. Probably. How teknoarchivalistically chronoglissandidly subtle.

  46. Matt says:

    An Excellent historical document & truly scary for what awaits the West! – thanks Max, these Banker scum & their enablers have blood on their hands…..

  47. SandVelder says:

    As others have said – nothing new. One can substitute “Argentina” with “South Africa”.

    “Our” telecom company now belongs to Korean business conglomerates, “Our” Sasol is in foreign hands, “our” ISCOR belongs to Indian billionaire Mittal, “our” gold and “our” diamonds are mined by foreigners, and look! Who is knocking at the door? A Chink!

  48. Flopot says:

    Now bookmarked under “rigged market capitalism”.