By SRSrocco:

I used to believe that the gold and silver miners were being manipulated as per the industry’s largest spokesmen… Jim Sinclair. However, I now believe the HEDGE FUND TRADE of being Long the Metal and Short the Miners is not particularly a manipulative trade to keep these gold and silver companies depressed. Rather, I think they may be making a smart trade.

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  1. created world says:

    In british Columbia Canada buying a free miners licence is easy and it only cost $25. Finding available claims seems to be easy as well; you simply go on line and there are tons of claims to choose from available from the government for around a dollar per acre. It was no problem to find a ministry of mines and energy employee to collect my licence fee, but for actualy trying to buy a claim direct, nothing but confusion and bariers could be found. It seems that the old boys club is able to buy all the claims and then sit on them waiting for a young sucker to repurchase it for 10 times the original amount. The key for the gate to view your claim is $500. Despite the geagraphic isolation temporary shelters are forbidden although they will be overlooked for old timers. The water supply is poluted with injected mercury, but the minning commitioner is only there to harass new comers. The only way a new miner is making it out with any gold is to spend more time and money than what it is worth,or to take it by force from those that are only interested in polluting or speculating in a fringe realestate market.

  2. harry says:

    Isn’t that one of the GoldRush dudes?

  3. Aaron Bosse says:

    Check out my silver position!

  4. badsey says:

    Mining: Taking your stacking to the next level.

    created world: –> for $500 you could have bought a very good metal detector and would have found some gold nugget or silver(coins) by now. For $10 you can buy a plastic gold pan and hit those Canadian rocks and streams. GoldRush is a good starting point on what not to do if you want to economically mine the earth –> a good lesson for people looking at gold prospecting. Lots of innovation in mining now with gold being priced high. (stone grinder and wave table) (metal detector Australia)
    3 gold Oz in 3 days (3x$1725) $5175 —> that’s a fair haul for any stacker.

    I think the mining stocks are being shorted and it is even worse than the fiat silver market in that regard. I would expect consolidation of many of the companies in this volatile market. -Plus politics favors the largest player or .0001%

  5. Harry says:

    @badsey: Yes, I have been loking at doign some prospecting in Oz, but the all inclusive tours were ~ 1 ounce per week.
    Without a guarantee on yield that adds up.
    OTOH a minelabs detector and transportation set you back a few K too.
    So what is the cheap option? I do not expect one ounce per day. one per week would be cool to start.
    I am on with a different username.

  6. badsey says:

    You need to find precious metals around you. Someone running thru beach material looking for rings (fall off finger due to water shrinking skin) runs a very different set-up than someone going 1-2ft deep plus in Australia. In the USA you are looking at 6″ to 2 foot down in soil for silver coinage. People in the UK/EU deeper for Roman coins. Meteorites will be deeper yet and take a 2-3 person team (“Meteorite Men” show). I would not spend a penny until you find out what precious metals are around you and what equipment successful people are using. Goto your local Metal Detector shop and find out what people do locally -then hit the internet(s) forums.

    I like Tesoro and they finally went digital (one model) like Minelab etc.
    If you have good ears and audio memory Tesoro is a great start. All those electronics are not better than a pair of great ears since a coin on edge sounds different than one that is flat, but you need to differentiate from junk like old can pull tabs and trash also -and for beginners that can make your experience far less frustrating. Bury some coins and figure out what they sound like or see if your detector can find them. High mineral content soils change things also -if your detector cannot change to work in those environments it is worthless no matter how much you paid for it. I would do it for fun then try a weekend out going for profit.

    Ground Radar (next level above Metal Detectors)

  7. badsey says:

    expensive metal detectors vs Tesoro (dimes are small)

    high mineral soils (Australia) you will need better

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