1000s March In Dublin Austerity Protest

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Led by a lone white masked horsewoman, carrying the message of a resounding NO to the bankster inflicted austerity apocalypse,  Communities Against Cuts  took to the streets in a large and optimistic show of unity .  Up to 20,000 people marched through O’Connell Street causing traffic mayhem. Their people powered show of political will through pageantry and music created a spectacle seldom seen on the city streets, climaxing in Sean Millar’s moving Austerity Symphony. These people’s efforts to be seen and heard was scuppered by leftish leaning vested interests of Unions, Trotskyists and Shinners (Sinn Fein) who maintained the fragmented status quo where any alternative to the mainstream is ridiculed as disorganised and implausible.

Anti-Austerity March 24 November 2012 video

Russia Today coverage 


The gorgeous Girl against flouride strips down to balloons and bikini in her pre budget submission here.

Protest sunday in Castlebar Co.Mayo the Taoseach’s (prime minister) own constituency.

A quieter more deadly form of protest as clients tell banks they want a life









18 comments on “1000s March In Dublin Austerity Protest
  1. Eileen Dublin says:

    Go raibh maith agat! Is cinnte mo is fearr.

  2. The Dork of Cork. says:

    The society is simply not cohesive enough to fight back.

    The Irish were used to break the power of English labour in the 19th & 20th century but our Unions were happy will the even more free capital flowing , labour following capital dynamic of the post 1986 single european act days.

    www. bbc .co.uk/news/uk-politics-18519395

    People are right not to trust the internationalist unions.
    In my experience they did not even care for the Poles and latvians post flood 2004 – they provided union fees at most

    I remember those Irish Ferries marches – they were a sick joke.

    The Bono naive liberalism of the 80s & 90s was used to break open this society and suck the very marrow from its bones.
    Now Irish society is a historical Curiosity

    Ireland no longer exists – everybody had to become atomised so as to protect themselves from the wider entropy & decapitalization as capital and its subsequent labour flows moved in and out of the country in bigger and bigger waves.

  3. The Dork of Cork. says:

    I was in the trenches when this happened post 2002.

    The unions accepted capitals right to impose labour theory of value polices on the local population.
    It went so far as Turkish workers being shipped in to build a Cork Road.

    There was now so little organic wage demand the banks filled the vacuum with credit , as there was no rational demand , there could be no rational investment , it was malinvested on Grot as people were made to feel they needed the shit.

  4. Marc Authier says:

    So what ? We have seen all these marches in Europe and not ONE bankster has been arrested or politician toppled. Marching in the streets is all very nice but you have to do like in Iceland. Topple the corrupt political scum, arrest the banksters and say to the creditors to go hang themselves with their derivative contracts. I do not see anyone in the protesters capable of explaining who to attack that is the US and european multinationals and the globalist banksters.

  5. The Dork of Cork. says:

    All of these unions supported the European union .

    They cannot be trusted


    This guy eventually calls for a general strike but any shop stewart who knows anything about work in Ireland would tell you labour with no skin in the game of this society can walk into and out work breaking any strike .

    They encouraged this society or anti society.
    They cannot be trusted.

  6. Eileen Dublin says:

    Yes we need the expertise offered by @Jordan.

  7. The Dork of Cork. says:

    I don’t think Eugene ever tried to get a latvian to go on strike………..

    What cloud is he living on ?

    Vast sections of the workforce have no skin in the game of this society.

    And I don’t blame the Latvians – 10 years ago the middle class of Ireland were happy with the slave labour system beginning to happen in the lower orders of this society.

    We are all Latvians now Eugene.

    Comrades me hole.

  8. Zach O says:

    Communities against cuts? Don’t they know that the only thing being doled out to them is their own hide?

  9. Zach O says:

    Or maybe I’m wrong and government gets all that money from unicorn-land.

    A video from Ireland going viral!

    “A Bank Appointed Receiver Meets His Match, And Is Sent Packing With A Flea In His Ear!”

  12. Trevor Morgan says:

    Time for Irish reunion.

  13. Alf says:

    George Osborne…Before you install cuts, austerity and VAT rises on ordinary
    working people for a further 6 years have the human decency to sort this lot out
    and tie-up one or two gaping loopholes first…


    …or would this be considered shitting on your own privileged doorstep?

  14. @Alf, Look on the bright side, a 25% VAT rate will reduce Government revenue, business will be forced to trade off the books! and shoppers will vote with their feet. This is the Titanic scene where the ship breaks in half!

  15. Jeremy says:

    Guns don’t kill people, Goldman Sachs kills people

  16. Alf says:

    @alastair carnegie…
    “This is the Titanic scene where the ship breaks in half!”
    I like that… Osborne reminds me so much Joseph Ismay, no doubt Osborne
    will have his own personal lifeboat when the rest of us begin to drown in

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