Pay Privately to Surf Privately, using Bitcoin!

Anonymous VPN tunnels are growing in popularity.  No longer used only by corporate networks, the newest VPN services are an affordable way to protect your privacy when surfing the internet.  VPN services can also unblock censorship filters, allowing you to enjoy unrestricted access to your favorite websites when traveling abroad.  (full story)


5 comments on “Pay Privately to Surf Privately, using Bitcoin!
  1. gary hillerich says:

    Dearest Stacy:thanks for fixing Max’s hair..looking much better as of late..
    you guys are bonafide A-list celebs now after Max’s many appearences on King AJ GCN show so proper grooming now hi priority..
    ho ho ho heartedly agree with Max’s April dollar collapse prediction time frame & now sitting on big sack of silver, real money that is..swimmin stars.. in hot little hand ,having big stack of physical silver when dollar goes belly up,really does produce a more restful better nights sleep..- Gary.

  2. Ghostie says:

    And a great place to start is (and of course we take bitcoin .. or send some silver 😀 ).

    No logs. Multiple servers in multiple countries. Easy to use windows client (with easy ip switch)

    Max n Stacy send an email and you get a free account 😉

    Keep stackin’

    Ghostie 😉

  3. Spaniard says:

    Useful thread indeed.

  4. VPN says:

    Max, we just setup a lifetime account for you on Private Internet Access so that you could give us a try. Your account credentials and instructions were e-mailed to you. Please enjoy.

  5. Jayme says:

    This allays some concern over bitcoin security. Mostly, it indicates I just don’t understand any of this well enough to trust it yet. I guess I’ll have to try it out.

    VPM encryption and tunneling sounds interesting.

    VPN – Virtual Private Network

    Certicom Research OpenSSL crypto libraries secp256k1 appears to be used by bitcoin

    SEC 2: Recommended Elliptic Curve Domain Parameters
    Certicom Research

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