[KR350] Keiser Report: Mr. Gold vs Chump ‘Economists’

We demonstrate the effects of money printing and Central Bank madness with a hyperinflationary chicken. They also discuss the Securities and Exchange Commission losing its mind as it sues the one rating agency NOT on the payroll of Wal Street. In the second half of the show, Max Keiser talks to Professor William K. Black about Deferred Prosecution Agreements, the Financial Conduct Authority and London as the capital of fraud.


Great Shot of London in the Background

127 comments on “[KR350] Keiser Report: Mr. Gold vs Chump ‘Economists’
  1. Vonda Bra says:

    William K. Black: “I´m not in favour of a gold standard ….”
    shortly after .. a BLACK OUT!? 😉

    found this in my archive:

    The Great American Bank Robbery, Hammer Museum – 2009
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YmLHyBabew4 (1:38:21)

  2. Vonda Bra says:

    PS: btw., stay tuned, after the mark I gave …. there is more to come ….

  3. Youri Carma says:

    14-Year-Old Sold Mother’s Gold for Brothel Visit And Pizza (google trans from German) http://tinyurl.com/9lu7dx5

    Pizza is just like Sex
    When it’s good, it’s good …
    But when it’s bad, … it’s still Good 🙂

    Org: 14-Jähriger verkauft Goldschmuck der Mutter für Bordellbesuch http://www.volksblatt.li/nachricht.aspx?id=160690&src=sda

    Other: 14-Jähriger verscherbelt Goldschmuck der Mutter für Bordellbesuch http://www.badische-zeitung.de/suedwest-1/14-jaehriger-verscherbelt-goldschmuck-der-mutter-fuer-bordellbesuch–64429608.html

  4. zeev says:

    max, you were funny as hell today. thank you. you’re excellent . your performance skills are superb.

  5. Mary says:

    Max, you know very well that there are NO Austrians at the Economist. The bs printed there is pure Keynesian clap trap. You also know very well that the Austrian economists predicted the bubbles bursting and have answers to the problems. I can’t understand why you are against them. You and they are on the same side of the corruption debate. You gotta knock it off, or we’ll start to think that maybe you’re not honest.

  6. snoop diddy says:

    Chris Hedges at Vets for Peace 07/10/12

  7. stacyherbert says:

    @kdt – with all due respect, CAF and PCR have just their opinions, insights and recollections on how things were (and, indeed, these are very awesome to hear); Bill Black, however, has cold, hard facts that each and every one of us can confirm to be true . . . and that is, he put more than 1500 banksters behind bars so he knows the same can be done today for crimes that are not only bigger but left just as much if not more evidence behind

  8. Bonn says:

    @ Stacy /Max / chunkymark or anyone in London
    Now that you are in London Seen any Reptoids /Alien David Icke Stuff
    And what yer opinion on that
    David Icke: Globalist Are Poisoning Population
    @ Stacy
    You Do Know at Some point in the near Future you Guys are Gonna have to Confront ,Investigate, report that stuff.
    @ Stacy I bet you gonna Squirm while talkin about it.
    And I have seen shows where Max mentions ’em as a Joke on RT and probably 90 % of the Viewers watchin RT must think “aaaahh hes Just Joking about Reptoids and all ”
    Can’t wait to See how the Viewers will be Like WTF ????
    Hic 😉

  9. Bonn says:

    That is If David Icke has been Right all along
    Then you Guys will hafta Confront that Topic
    Hic 😉

  10. Al Kyder says:

    Bill Black, however, has cold, hard facts …… agreed, that is why i like him too.

  11. El_Puerco says:

    President Houdini, The Employment Magician….

  12. Al Kyder says:

    The gap between the two most widely traded oil contracts blew out to its widest level in a year Monday, as shrinking production in the North Sea kept the price of European crude elevated, though down on the day. Rising North American output weighed on prices in the U.S.

    Light, sweet crude for November delivery settled 55 cents, or 0.6%, lower at $89.33 a barrel on the New York Mercantile Exchange. Brent crude, the European benchmark, settled 20 cents, or 0.2%, lower at $111.82 a barrel on the ICE Futures Europe exchange.

    The gap between the contracts widened to $22.49 a barrel, the widest differential, or “spread,” between the benchmarks since Oct. 19, 2011.

    “They’re really in two different universes,” said Andy Lebow, senior vice president of energy futures at Jefferies Bache in New York. In terms of supply and demand, he said, “they’re just two different markets.”

    Output among the four major crude-oil grades supplying the Brent contract in the North Sea will fall 13.3% to 780,000 barrels a day in November from 871,000 barrels a day in October.

    The widening spread marks the latest sign of divergence between the U.S. and European oil markets. The two contracts historically have traded in lockstep, but began to split early last year and have traded roughly $10 to $20 apart ever since.

    When the two contracts first came apart, traders widely blamed a build-up of oil around the Cushing, Okla., area in the central U.S. The town, a massive oil-storage hub, is the delivery point for the Nymex contract, called West Texas Intermediate. As a result, WTI–long the most widely cited oil contract–lost much of its relevance as a global price-setting benchmark as more traders saw Brent crude as more reflective of global supply and demand.
    BAGHDAD – The Kurdistan Regional Government, or KRG, confirmed Monday that it had received an initial 650 billion Iraqi dinars ($547 million) payment for oil companies working in the autonomous region in northern Iraq from the central government in Baghdad, a spokesman for the Kurdish ministry of natural resources said.
    (Monday, October 08, 2012) A new International Brotherhood of Teamsters pension fund will provide benefits for Teamsters who are pipeline workers.”It’s an honor to be part of this new fund which was established exclusively for the benefit of our pipeline members,” Moore said. “Our General President, Jim Hoffa, was the catalyst for approving the fund and I know he is committed to its success. I will work diligently to represent our members.”

    “We are in a strong position with currently holding a $5 million balance,” Davis said. “As more employers come on line, the fund will continue to grow.” In July, Hoffa, along with the General Presidents of the other major pipeline crafts, approved the transfer of $100,000 from the defunct Pipeline Unions Mobilization Project (P.U.M.P.) to lobby for permits for the installation of over 1,300 miles of new pipeline installation for one of the largest natural gas pipeline companies in the United States, ONEOK. This project will cover territory in North Dakota, Wyoming, Colorado and Kansas.

    “Due to the efforts of the major pipeline crafts, we secured an agreement with ONEOK Partners guaranteeing that at least 65 percent of the work will be performed by the four crafts — Teamsters, Laborers, Operating Engineers and Welders,” Davis said. “The remaining 35 percent of the work will be issued for competitive bids. We anticipate that some of this work will be covered under a collective bargaining agreement as well.”

  13. Al Kyder says:

    BREAKING=====Twin blasts at a military base near Damascus by suicide bombers – one driving an bomb-laden ambulance – have killed dozens of people, while the fate of prisoners held there is unknown, a watchdog said.

    The attack, the latest in a spate of assaults on Syrian military and government installations, was claimed by the Al Qaeda-linked Al-Nusra Front, which said it was to avenge Muslims “oppressed or killed” by the regime.

  14. TJ says:


    Hey I like your Reptoid suggestion. Stacy, hop skip and jump to it… Hic 😉

  15. TJ says:


    are they all AB Negative blood group?

  16. Bonn says:

    10-08-2012 Collapse & Evolution
    Secret Access

    First hour guest, Popular Science editor/journalist Jake Ward talked about his access into several of America’s most secret places. One was a military facility in the Antelope Valley (an hour outside of Los Angeles) called Plant 42, where they build some of the covert aircraft and drones which are then test flown at Area 51 in Nevada. He also described a visit to the underground vault of the Federal Reserve in Manhattan, which is said to contain as much as 1/4 of the entire world’s gold supply. Ward will host specials this week on the National Geographic Channel regarding these secretive locales.

  17. Bonn says:

    @ Y’all
    In the Above Show a Caller calls in and talks about Plant 42 ,where her Dad use to Work , Her Dad one day Told her “You have seen the Latest Star Trek movie Right , We 100 ‘s of Years Ahead of what you have seen in those Movies ”
    I knew !!!! this would Explain Ben Benarkys Financial Policys and the Fact is I dont think hes gonna change it.
    He obviously Funds Plant 42 And He obviously Knows whats Going on there

  18. not_me says:

    William K. Black: “I´m not in favour of a gold standard ….” VB


  19. Vonda Bra says:

    Apple patent to disable your phone in specific areas.

    “Scary indeed. They can disable your phone or camera from a 3rd party remote anywhere they want. ..”

    http://youtu.be/JEy2u2n_XTQ (2:29)

  20. Vonda Bra says:

    The Norwegian Storting (Parliament of Norway): Nominate US Congressman Dr. Ron Paul for the Nobel Peace Prize

    “Dr. Ron Paul has been unwavering for decades in his message to end all foreign wars the United States gets involved with. He is the highest ranking US official that wants to bring all of our troops home and close hundreds of pointless US military bases around the world that serve only to extend an imperial presence. This alone justifies recognition. ..”


  21. not_me says:

    Can’t they recycle Obama’s Peace Prize since he ain’t used it?

  22. Alf says:

    John Lennon would have been 72 today…wonder what he would have made of the
    past five years?…still sadly missed.
    “Our society is run by insane people for insane objectives. I think we’re being run by maniacs for maniacal ends and I think I’m liable to be put away as insane for expressing that. That’s what’s insane about it.”
    ~John Lennon~
    …never a truer word.
    Here’s one for John…cheers.

  23. Rock n roll cook says:

    Stacy: coral is a great color for your skin/ hair Did you hire a stylist? last week the black suit with contrasting stripes. Now this jacket. Youre dressing better than ever .

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