Is Your IQ Below 70?

then this is the movement for you.

“Plans to save Big Bird, the fuzzy yellow character on U.S. public television’s “Sesame Street,” from possible extinction are taking shape in the form of a puppet-based protest next month dubbed the “Million Muppet March.”

The demonstration is planned for Nov. 3 at the National Mall in Washington, D.C., three days before the general election. ABC 123

PBS markets over 5,000 Sesame Street products with gross sales over $1 billion a year; and they are all made in China.

Big Bird is the 1%

19 comments on “Is Your IQ Below 70?
  1. jischinger says:

    remember how the Tea Party was co-oped by Dick Armey and the Koch Bros?

    #OWS was just co-oped by Big Bird.

  2. jischinger says:

    pssst… I just added a special offer

  3. Jack says:

    I thought the million Muppet march was done by the pension funds making deals with wall street.

  4. kdt says:

    lol i ALWAYS hated that show from the moment it invaded my cartoon time
    i suspect at this point my parents used it to get me out from in front of the “boob tube”(OH so you think your sitting around waching tv all damn morning do you , HERE wach this it’s “EDUCATIONAL”)

    you give ows too much credit they were coopted(if that is even the right term) from the get go where as dick and the croch bros coopted a trojan horse and now have a tiger by the tail in the form of rand paul who refuses to play there game the way they want him to , (look up “rand pac”) and that is on top of an all out rebellion still to be setteled amongst there base/grassroots membership who are at best holding there noses in suport of “the ticket” in order to get rid of obamas administration (obama and romnie are themselves interchangeable) as the people behind obama (yes i know that there BOTH backed by TBTF im not refering to that) obamas state dept and DOJ are dangerously incompetent and losing the trust of there “boots on the ground” and the obama S.S. has become a joke to the point that some one took a random shot at his canpaign office in co. yesterday same day as a member of his “advance detail” (remember them?) was found passed out drunk in fl. and arested (after asulting the oficers) now im no fan of his (obviously)BUT we cant have stuff like that going on it ain’t cool.
    the clinton people (that is who is behind obama lock stock and barrell) have a history of disrespecting there security and that is what has led to this. SO as there is no difrence to be had on policy that leaves HR competence as the only criteria and romnie is atleast a change and that will cut down the inter departmental frictions and restore the confidence of the diplomatic corps who just got there asses handed to them becaus of a direct HR failure that is INEXCUSABLE on every level and that jaba the hutt toadwoman of a bureaucratic functionary who had the gall to get in to a pissing contest over the security detail (“well how many do you ACCTUALY need? and for EXACTLY how long?” and “quit asking because I’M not sending you any help)needs to be SHOT (following a fair trial for treason and proper sentencing of corse)

  5. Andy B says:

    Gee, can’t we get a little support for pumping mind-polluting media into young children in the name of education? I mean, if we don’t support Big Bird, then how will the children get the good poison that he offers?

    Putting your children in front of screens is abuse, plain and simple.

  6. jischinger says:

    @kdt Rand Paul endorses Mitt Romney –

  7. swell says:

    Now wait a gall darn minute. You pass all these child porn laws, you set up movie ratings to limit kids’ access to movies, you pass COPA to restrict kids on the Internet, all ostensibly to “keep kids safe”, you reduce pre-school programs and early education programs and after school programs, you attack television advertising to children, you condemn violent video games and violent cartoons and now you start killing off all that’s “safe” that’s left for them?

  8. jischinger says:

    @swell turn off the TV –

  9. America Is Over says:

    Now we have Big Bird injected into the Presidential Reality show…I liked the commercial but they forgot to mention Jon Corzine. I’d like to give a special thanks to Barack Obama (really his team of peons) for censoring my comment on his Youtube page pointing out the fact that Jon Corzine is just as guilty as Bernie Madoff and that him and Romney are both Wall Street puppets. We’re so fucked it’s not even funny

  10. kdt says:

    @ jischinger the realities of politics SUCK dont know what elese to say to that. it is either we get in there and DO somthing (and get in the mud with the pigs) OR we wait pasively by till it all goes up in flames ……… I suspect that the former is a rear guard action at best and that the latter is how it will in fact end up. that said i cant hold it against the pauls for atempting to break down the cockpit door and disrupt the hijacking of our government futile as it seems to have turned out. I like hedging my odds as much as possable , and that is how i see rands political strategy thus far, and frankly im impressed yes he endorsed romnie but LOOK at the latitude that he has gained sence then! hell he even PUBLICLY distanced himself from that horror of a forigen policy speach that romnie did the other day and then JUSTIFIED IT to the reporter who was freaked out that he was disrespecting the anointed ones views , based that and his actions in the senate it is OBVIOUS he got huge consessions for doing somthing that in practical terms he was going to be forced to do or face down charging rinos(“republicans in name only” aka the GOP=whiggs=Hamiltonian federalistsic scum sucking torrey symps that should have been burned out of newyork and the place RENAMED)
    wait till he has a solid hold on that seat of his in the senate and then judge i suspect that he will become more and more intractable as he becoms fully entrenched in that office his dad had to play the same game but in the end he could say prety much what ever he pleased and even having the repubs directly chalenging his seat could not remove him there playing the long game ………..i just dont think we have the time left for it to play out

  11. Trip says:

    At the end of the march, Dora the Explorer should be standing there waiting with a barbecue.

  12. Mattdog says:

    Oh boy! There’s gonna be a parade right after Halloween! I’ll just leave my costume on for it!

  13. Michael says:

    There’s already been a Million Muppet March. It’s called JP Morgan’s clients lol.

  14. snoop diddy says:

    through the fucking looking glass, in the twilight zone, on an acid trip.

  15. jischinger says:

    @kdt the difference between you and me is i’m not willing to play the game any more unless forced by force. when you get there let me know.

    here are my goals:
    make like minded intelligent special friend(s).
    liquidate all non-essentials.
    pour all excess funds into PMs.
    find a patch of fertile land or secure happy employment.
    move if i have to in order to achieve all of the above.
    die unstressed and well rested.

  16. jischinger says:

    “But, to speak practically and as a citizen, unlike those who call themselves no-government men, I ask for, not at once no government, but at once a better government. Let every man make known what kind of government would command his respect, and that will be one step toward obtaining it.” – Henry David Thoreau

  17. kdt says:

    @jischinger lol i did use WE at the top of that post i guess i deserved that
    but i did follow it directly with qualifications and finished by stating that THEY were not going to succeed and i’ll even raise that by stating that ron paul his self in the oval office right this second could not alter the trajectory that the neocons put us on (and if you pin him down he says almost the same thing)……… my problem is i love a good fight and the pauls have fought the good fight and that tends to lead me to forget just how far gone things actualy are. that said these people and there power bases won’t evaporate in to thin air just becaus the the “nation” known as the united states of america is going up in flames…………we have a true “roman” senate on our hands and they WILL behave as one in this power vacuum and are. right now im kinda looking to see who the actual “leaders” are who the power is actualy devolving to. the pauls for there part are wild cards , the civil war was fought to prevent there like from EVER disrupting the plans of the PTB again and yet here they are real statesmen both of them. disagree with there views all you want but those two would make the founders proud(execept for that pos hamilton)

    you do relize that document is its self a betrail of the intent of the declaration of independence, if not why was the “bill of rights” added? all of that was EXPECTED to have been in the spirit and body of the main text but for some reason the federalists just forgot, too buisy planing there impire i supose…….. lol franklin and his coilition actualy disrupted hamiltons little suprise and took over the convention filibustering untill he left in disgust they then passed the flawed document on to congress with the intent of reforming it with the bill of rights as they were flat out of time, hamilton and his cronies having used it all up.

    head for the redoubt states that is my plan, coeur d’alene area maybe ………dont want to get too close to yellowstone that pupy is primed to blow! as far as pm other than used minted us coinage(if im going to use it as money i might as well buy it in that form) im more intrested in buying up things that i expect wont be available at any price weapons amo and equipment. im still acquiring equipment …………too dangerious to buy weapons at this point , your just puting your name on a please knock my door down list. im not even shure at this point if it is safe to be on “titled” property as it is just yet another list that might send some gooberment functionary to my door.

    @Henry David Thoreau respecting government is the first mistake. it may be a required evil but it is evil none the less for that , and needs to be kept on a short leash and not idolized especily by the masses who’s need for a paternal state is what gives this evil its power

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