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BFL the gold standard in Bitcoin Mining equipment.Gold and silver are money but bitcoin gives you the ability to transfer wealth quickly and securely anywhere in the world without the scum bag banks.

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  1. jischinger says:

    I tried to do the bitcoin mining thing, but you need a lot of CPUs.

    Regardless, I’d like to learn and understand more about bitcoin.

    I remember when dacinici started this operation – I’d wish he make a video on his progress from start to present along with all the ups and downs.

  2. kdt says:

    humm how many watts are consumed per bit coin mined and is that math in the red or black?

    and AGAIN wtf happens to the peer to peer net when this kid and the rest finaly quit in disgust and shut off there machines?

  3. Marc Authier says:

    Ok its all very interesting. But I would like to know Max and Stacy. Whats in it for these nerds organizing this bitcoin network ? Its all done freely ? It would be nice to know why these people invest so much energy amd free time in a very interesting project ? Does by any chance the bitcoin conceptor intend to sell shares on the Nasdaq like Mark Suckerberg and get in the process a gizzillion funny FED US monkey money with it ? This nerd does this freely or there is somewhere in a venture capitalist shark waiting to make a hot IPO of Bitcoin ? I am not cynical but I know that I have to ask a vital question.

    By the way, what stops somebody else, or even a government, to start eventually another bitcoin ? The way I see it, Iran for example would be an ideal place to start a shiite runned Bitcoin to finance their unde attecked country.

  4. Danny Cunnington says:

    Nice set up. I thought about doing a mining operation but to keep it efficient for power usage I would want to re-cycle all that heat and use it for heating my apartment. Looking at that rig it must be using maybe 3-4Kwh witch will cost a fair bit monthly but if you can transfer the heat produced to heat a room or apartment you could offset it at least during the 7 or so months I use heating.

    The rest is a calculation based on the value of the bitcoins mined in a 24 hour period against the energy costs. The problem is that these bitcoin miners just show clips of their rigs so it’s not easy for a new miner to work out how to set up an efficient rig. What’s needed in a full DVD or some sort of on-line course maybe by the rig manufacturers or retailers. You also need a promotional video to explain bit-pay to on-line retailers. IMO: the success of bitcoin depends on it expanding usage.

    Of course the dream rig would also have a soon to be available plasma generator with an output of 3 -4 Kwh 24/7 on demand zero emission energy. This would put a bitcoin mine totally off grid in a closed system.

    The generators are still on target for December 2012 release and they are planned to be shown in early December in Belgium at a 3,000 seat event. There’s been a cat & mouse game with various government type people who have restricted any demos of the system in public up to now but this is definitely a space to watch. They were originally going to be distributed by parcel service but now they think that the parcel service could be targeted and the generators impounded so it looks like you will have to collect them yourself and run the gauntlet of government spooks who have been all over the Keshe foundation for at least two years. Details at

  5. Marc Authier says:

    @Danny Cuningham

    And what is the real interest to be a bitcoin miner ?

    I just hate it when nobody explains what is the advantage or interest of being in bitcoin ? And what is a bitcoin “miner” by the way ? I dont see any physical silver and gold here. Do you get a type of commission for being a miner ? Or stock options ? I understand the principle of the system but really ? They do all this for the benefit of humanity or because of egotistic satisfaction going against big bad government and banksters ?

  6. jischinger says:

    Why do people stack gold, silver, food or shop at Walmart… everyone has a different reason for doing what they do.

    bitcoin is an alternative currency, but I’m sure Bernanke believes it has no value.

    Still, it’s catching on and people are using it to buy and trade goods, it’s what people do to live.

    I noticed he’s using dryer hoses which is a great idea since he can add an attachment to divert and recycle the heat in the winter, and if he’s hooked up to solar, even partially, he’ll do better than break even on his heating bill.

    Now if he can somehow use it to heat his water in the summer…

    Energy is energy, whether it’s the sun, wind, turbine or labor, it just a matter of capturing it and using it economically.

  7. Nak says:

    Wow. All that power that is being consumed to create Bitcoins and to support their infrastructure. IMO the miners should become farmers and utilizes that energy to grow skunk weed in their closets. At least now they are creating intrinsic wealth and not some other fiat Ponzi scheme currency were its wealth can easily disappear in the ether world once the confidence is lost.

  8. RAW says:

    @ Marc Authier

    Your questions are better answered at this link…

    It takes time to learn the functions of bitcoin, mining etc… Your tantrums are futile. Do your research like a big boy.

  9. kdt says:

    @Marc Authier lol demanting arn’t we ……….. if you read my post above there is a clue and also there is a clue in the term “miner” , the program audits the system and in the prosess “finds” random bit coins. the rub is that bit coin has a finite total it was one of the first things that was anounced and part of the value of the coins, this means at some point they runout and so does the file that contains the ACTUAL bit coins becaus it is the act of mining that opens the comp to run the peer to peer net that the file exists in so at some point those who own welth in bit coins MUST start runing the program with no possable income to off set the costs they will simply be doing it to maintain the file that contains there wealth the individual key codes are nothing more than that keys to an online vault and an individual safe deposit box in that vault the problem IMO is that the vault is unstable do to the finite number of coins and the not so small cost of mining them. did that make it any clearer?

  10. kdt says:

    @ nack or hook the comps up to solar and turn them in to plants then they would be farming bit coin not mining it

  11. Kevin Eshbach says:

    I LOL’d at the guy’s ghetto server closet made up of a cardboard box.

  12. Banking Thiefs says:

    He’s lucky he didn’t set fire to his house running hot GPUs in a cardboard box. Still it’s a nice video to show the time, effort and energy that goes into creating bitcoins.

  13. Marc Authier says:

    I was not “ranting” like you say. Just asking a question. Not all us mortals are cognizant as you nerds. 🙂 You can be assured that I will read and try to understand the informations you and kdt gave me.

  14. Al Kyder says:

    Nice clip, Great rig, real currency.

    @ those who think that mneuy ids something you accumulate, think of it as liquidity for a change, and saving money is as good as making it.

  15. Idaho Silver says:

    Does no one believe in real goods anymore? Building a better mousetrap that catches real mice not virtual vermin?
    I would not put my wealth in any place that has a governmental kill switch.
    “If you can’t f**k on a bag full of it — you don’t own it.”

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