A Second Greek Man On ‘The Lagarde List’ Has Been Found Dead

Stacy Summary: WTF?  More deadly than a blowfish restaurant.

The so-called “Lagarde List” – the name given by the Greek press to a list containing 1,991 names of wealthy, Swiss-bank-account-possessing Greeks who are being investigated for corruption and tax evasion – is causing a major stir in Greece right now.

Since Friday, two men on the list have turned up dead in apparent suicides.

12 comments on “A Second Greek Man On ‘The Lagarde List’ Has Been Found Dead
  1. Rob says:

    The one’s who know are being bumped off in record numbers……


    This is the KINGPIN. Joris Demmink (The roller deck investigations)

  2. If it happens 1,989 more times we can confirm that it might not be a coincidence.

  3. JT says:

    It’s a start.

    + 54 for the promotion. +95 if we see further action.


  4. Father Ice says:

    And this is what it happens when the “fuckin’ powlice” loves Hitler:


  5. Luigi says:

    The “hot tub” guy and the “heart attack” guy are so old school.

  6. Keehotee says:

    another scumbag wolf in sheep’s clothing…from Harvard (of course)


  7. Hegelian Dialectic says:

    ” The “Lagarde List” has not been made public ” – Gee-whiz, if there were only some wya we could get an ANONYMOUS copy of that list. Then we could all ‘short’ those guys – ‘ fo’ a dollah! ‘

  8. MirrorMirror says:

    @Rob … Labour Party Pedophiles

    Add that to Jersey and the Isle of White as centres of evil.
    David Icke mentioned the IoW in one of his videos ( he lives there ).
    Max had a guest on a few months ago about the Jersey crimes not being investigated .

  9. Noodles123 says:

    In the end many of the so called “Rich” will kill themselves as they really don’t have anything but paper assets or blips on a computer screen…What good is that in an emergency where there is a bank holiday or the economy crashes overnight?

    Look at Iran everyone there lost 1/2 of what they had in paper money or on the bank computer screens in a blink of an eye…What good is paper if no one wants it?

    To go from being rich to losing it all is too much for a lot of people…Look at all the scummy realtors who went from making hundreds of thousands, driving the Lexus, owning 7 houses to being broke as a joke…Once you’ve tasted being rich it’s very hard to go back.

    What if you awake from your Matrix Slumber and realize that David Icke isn’t that crazy?…Will it blow your mind or make you wish you never knew the truth?

  10. MrJones says:

    This is right out of a Hollywood movie, like “The International”

  11. MrJones says:

    @Noodles123 – I agree. For those of us who got rid of credit cards and live paycheck to paycheck, and maybe a few hundred in a checking account, we will not fall that far when the bottom is wiped out, just a few feet. We are the ones that will get up and recover. For those with millions and billions in paper money, they will far thousands of feet. That will be a harder landing to recover from.

  12. Paolo says:

    Whats very interesting here is the link between 2 stories. Ferostaal (germany) bribed the greek defence minister to buy their submarines. The minister is now in prison. Vlassis Kambouroglou, a weapons middle man, was found dead in a hotel room in Jakarta, Indonesia. Currently Ferrostaal are involved in a possible scandal surrounding the repayment of a long outstanding debt via a vulture fund. I sense a link here, why was Kambouroglou in Jakarta. He’s known as a middleman for the buying of arms in greece. In Indonesia after years of chasing the outstanding debts originating in a weapons deal Ferostaal sold the debt for a fraction of its worth. In a short space of time the full original debt was paid to the vulture fund. Why was this?
    A connection between Kambouroglou and Ferrostaal has been established via testimony of Nicos Zigras cousin of arrested former minister Akis Tsohatzopoulos in massive money laundering allegations.



    Unfortunately the last article about Ferrostaal in Indonesia is in german

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