Vendetta for Clegg


3 comments on “Vendetta for Clegg
  1. sovereigntea says:

    lying seditious europhile Common purpose traitor Clegg deserves a very sticky end indeed.

    Take note of the whitewashed corruption in his Sheffield constituency . excerpt follows.

    Yesterday’s UK Column Live investigated allegations of institutional and financial corruption within Sheffield City Council that has swallowed ¬£millions of public money and defrauded ordinary taxpayers.

    OLAF, the European Fraud Office, not only failed to tackle financial abuses, but also assisted in the cover-up.

    It was alleged Sheffield Chief Executive Bob Kerslake, now head of the Civil Service, assisted this dirty process.

    Not only has the Audit Commission failed to clean up the city, they have acted with a common purpose to protect the Council and key people – including implicated Common Purpose graduates.

  2. Dilberta says:

    Looking for guests?

    This guy was a leader of the successful student protest in Quebec AND went on to win a seat in the provincial election. The tuition fees issue was a big part of the reason the liberals lost, so he may have some pointers for British students.

  3. Titus says:

    Cool, I love the way they have sampled Chunky Mark the Taxi driver on that ‘Vendetta for Clegg’ vid, its well put together and funny. If you go to the original Libdem Youtube posting of the apology , you will have fun reading the comments. Its very cathartic, I’ve personally posted about 15 messages. Ranging from’Cunt!’ to more articulate expressions of my rage regarding this souless puddle of shit excuse for a human being. There is so much rage bein posted on there, its great.

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