The ‘Jerry Sandusky’s’ of Capitalism Plot Absurdist Public Theatre Stunt

Americans for Prosperity to gather in Manhattan on Thursday to ‘stand up to these extremists who despise free enterprise’

An activist group funded by the billionaire Koch brothers is planning a rally in New York on Thursday to “stand up to Occupy Wall Street extremists”.

Americans for Prosperity will gather at the Rockefeller Center in midtown Manhattan to demonstrate against Occupy protesters and Barack Obama’s handling of the economy.

You can’t have a free market without a free currency and the U.S. dollar does not qualify. The Koch Brothers have amassed a U.S. dollar fortune by exploiting loopholes in the Dollar system and using the resultant aggregate wealth to influence law makers to expand their favorite loopholes.

Theirs is not an honorable pursuit. It’s deeply shameful and embarrassing for follows of true free markets to be forced to share the same country with tyrannical scum like the Koch Slime.

Obviously, monetized Gold and Silver would be an improvement over the current system, but since the fascist wing of American politics (including the Koch Brothers) have virtually destroyed the system: not even returning to the Gold standard will work now. There is only one solution: Bitcoin. Bitcoin is the currency of the resistense; it fulfills everything Aristotle (and Newton) demanded in a currency and more! I urge all OWS protesters and the entire Global Insurrection Against Banker Occupation (GIABO) to begin accumulating Bitcoins.

27 comments on “The ‘Jerry Sandusky’s’ of Capitalism Plot Absurdist Public Theatre Stunt
  1. Father Ice says:

    That WOULD be a good idea if the US Government wouldn’t have the power to destroy Bitcoin (with a FLAME virus type program). Gold and silver cannot be destroyed. Bitcoin WILL BE (unfortunately for us!)

  2. Gregers Werle says:

    Protesting the protesters? Wow. These monopolists are shameless but one of the reasons they get away with this is that the population at large have given in to severe apathy so there is no going back now.


  3. capt ray says:

    @ Father Ice

    Where is that gold, you say, they can’t destroy?

  4. Tom-Tom says:

    I think that both groups, the Occupy AND the anti-Occupy, are equally clueless about what is really happening.

  5. Pragmatic libertarian says:


    Bitcoin is a cypherpunk invention. The other one you’ve not mentioned is the cypherpunk assassination lottery… Although bitcoin is the first step to enabling this possibility. I wouldn’t mention this on air unless you want to lose your show. Bitcoin will be knocked out by the statists – only a matter of time. I’m predicting it happens within a year.

  6. Father Ice says:

    @ capt ray

    I know where MY GOLD is. That’s enough for me.

  7. Mabs says:

    Social capital is our only hope. That’s why it is so severely attacked.

  8. Mabs says:

    The tactics of the fracking industry are being used universally. Divide and conquer.

  9. Father Ice says:


    That would also be a good idea, but we’re in a bullmarket of stupidity. Social capital won’t work if the mice (peasanta) live in a small box (state control): they will eat each other instead of destroying the box.

  10. Paolo says:

    It seems the Cock Brothers are at the epicentre of disinformation about the crisis. Their methods parallel those used in the ex soviet union countries these days where oligarch politicians hire a bunch of unemployed and bus them to locations to form “spontaneous demonstrations”. Ignorance or/and poverty make it possible and with Fox news playing the role of shepherd on the information highway all the pieces fall so easily into place.
    The Cocks and the Fox need to go.

  11. Danny Cunnington says:

    I like Bitcoin. You can buy physical silver with it. This way you can stash PMs and move through bitcoins. Bitcoin will be very hard to take down because the people that designed the security had already cut their teeth on Pirate sites and the encryption is world class. You can also sell silver for bit coins through E-bay style sites such as Bitmit.

    When you buy silver using any type of bank service including pay-pal you leave a signature which can show the bankers who is buying silver. They might not know whether you bought silver or gold but they do know that you placed an order with a bullion dealer, they know the amount paid and they know your address and who you are.

    When you buy PMs with bitcoin they have no data. The bullion dealer has data like your name and address but they are not obligated to hand information over for any single transaction lower than €11,000 in Europe. The other thing is that bitcoin accepters immediately convert on their books the cash equivalent and it’s marked as a cash sale. They have to do this to fit the transaction into their accounts.

    Whatever the risks surrounding bitcoin and trading with them, the risks of relying on fait paper for purchases using bank transfers are higher. I’m all for holding actual cash outside the banks but if you want to make online purchases you need a different medium.
    The other thing about bitcoin is that in the event of another leg down in the on-going paper collapse, bitcoin will go viral if it becomes the only reliable way to buy stuff online and have it delivered.

    Bit coin stops working when these three things occur: The entire internet is taken down along with the power grid and any parcel delivery services can no longer deliver. If any thinks fait paper or credit & debit cards will still be in business under such conditions then they are delusional.

    Can you get scammed using bitcoin? Yes Can you get scammed using fait paper? Yes. Can you get scammed using credit and debit cards? Yes. Could Bitcoin collapse and go to zero? Yes. Could the same happen to fait paper? Yes. Could you debit or credit card stop working? Yes.

  12. Oky1 says:

    I believe Koch brothers are just another mafia of American hating trash & murder/theft/plunder is part of their trade.

    Anyone who supports them/works for or aids them in anyway is just as guilty as they are!

    If you wish to do more research on those azzholes look below:,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_qf.&fp=3e1960d58e8957d2&biw=1280&bih=887

  13. Mabs says:

    @Father Ice – very well, then, gold, grub & guns & bitcoins it is, not necessarily in that order.

    Our houses built on sand apparently have to fall one at a time…but…with the way things are speeding up, we may all hit the wall at terminal velocity at the same time…gold, grub, guns & bitcoins and all, sans a speck of social capital.

  14. John says:

    @Max/Stacey – Bitcoin instead of PM or as well as?

  15. Mabs says:

    @Danny Cunnington – I would add to your list:

    Could Bitcoin accepters be bought off/intimidated?


    Social capital.

  16. Mabs says:


    Could Bitcoin be infiltrated?


    Social Capital.

  17. gordo says:

    What do you mean by “social capital”?


  18. Rent-a-crowd makes all the sense in the
    Monopoly lives behind an act, the characters
    being people creating programs ostensibly
    serving all manner of constructive purposes but
    really serving demagogues bearing false ideologies
    (opinion/my view only) (see:)

    Don’t see me blame someone else who by my
    agent matches the demonized (opinion/my view only)
    is not simply like the wiz and the witch and their
    munchkins passing on fear but at least according to
    one person would match Hitler’s formula.

    (opinion / my view only.)

    As to that, no one’s doing any oven shoving
    here, on the one hand, but on the other,
    the Nazi’s didn’t mock people who complained
    about slavery.

    All of it: opinion, my view only.

  19. Mabs says:

    @gordo – nothing fancy, really. The kinds of things that make us happier and live longer, the kinds of communities mostly only really old people remember. Thanks for asking.

  20. swell says:

    Cosmopolis probes the soullessness of the 1% with the cinematic equivalent of latex gloves. ~~Justin Chang for Variety

  21. Nat says:

    Occupy should join the rally with placards saying

    Billionaire Koch Brothers say NO to Occupy!

    Just the plain,unconfrontational truth can ruin a protest such as this..

  22. gordo says:



  23. Mabs says:

    @gordo – you’re welcome.

    We’ve had more than our material assets stripped due to the structure of our financial system, now in its endgame.

    If we don’t our humanity back, nothing we do will suffice to preserve a good future for our children, it seems to me.

    Yes, people need to go to prison, I’m sure, but I think we all need to squarely face what this scarcity mentality has taken from us that is more precious than gold.

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