Private prison owner agrees to buy prisons from the government if the government can guarantee a 90% occupancy rate (by arresting and imprisoning people).

The $250 million proposal, circulated by the Nashville-based Corrections Corporation of America to prison officials in 48 states, has been blasted by some state officials who suggest such a program could pressure criminal justice officials to seek harsher sentences to maintain the contractually required occupancy rates.

This is a good example of fake Libertarianism. Libertarians argue that markets do a better job than governments allocating resources. They would argue in favor of Corrections Corp. of America – in this case; the ‘market’ – as doing a better job allocating and managing prisoners – and ignore the fact – that Corrections Corp. is not allocating but transforming the market and society – so that prisoners are viewed as the optimal outcome of economic actively (instead of an externalized cost). Conversely, Libertarians argue that government should always be minimized. But clearly, in the case of Corrections Corp., the role of government as ‘buyer of first resort’ in economies-of-scale, commodity-type, undifferentiated goods and services: prisons, health care, education, infrastructure is ignored with the result being – a predatory monopolist transforming the legal system to fill prisons at a much higher cost. A real Libertarian would be lobbying to get rid of Corrections Corp.: a pox on the free market. But fake Libertarians ignore this cancer and continue with their fundamentalist ideologies and cult think.

53 comments on “Private prison owner agrees to buy prisons from the government if the government can guarantee a 90% occupancy rate (by arresting and imprisoning people).
  1. swell says:

    Same exact moral depravity as the kids for cash scandal. But on a scale vastly way horrifically larger:

  2. febo says:

    Max, you can get a free Tom Woods book if you sign up for one of his courses. Offer runs out soon so hurry along now.

  3. Part time lover says:

    For profit tyranny LOL!!

  4. Part time lover says:

    For profit tyranny LOL!

  5. Ian McGhee says:

    No to this idea.
    BUT – I will give you $280 million if you can guarantee a 90% reduction in overall crime
    in my state.

  6. unknown says:

    Well,at least MK((ultra?) is’nt a fake libertarian, nor is he a fake communist, he’s just a fake….

  7. Ilia says:

    These Tom Woods libertarians are so arrogant and annoying. Listen to them talk about anything other than their beloved ‘wealth creation’. The environment, the arts, health, education, science, are all just vehicles for wealth creation. Anything you cannot measure in dollars is worthless. Greed and selfishness is what created the world we live in, and now we will fix everything by degenerating to even more extreme greed and selfishness? Definitely ‘American school’.

  8. Tamir says:

    Excellent commentary, Max !

  9. Christophe says:

    Libertarianism is a non-solution that tries to prolong the debunked left-right divide.

    Our problem isn’t getting more or less government, but rather dealing with corruption and things like systemic child abuse by our elites or propaganda-based mob manipulation.

    And it’s not like it’s that hard to deal with corruption:
    – replace the MSM with citizen / independent journalism
    – use the internet to bring light to all governmental actions (eg: publish all expenses, no matter how small, let citizens examine the fine print and detail of bills before they are voted on, etc.)
    – implement direct democracy or pick people randomly to represent us
    – etc.

    Libertarianism is a dialog that ignores the elephant in the room: it speaks as if oligarch corruption were any less effective on private ‘markets’ than on government, as if ‘markets’ can exist without a governmental framework (ie: a set of rules imposed and enforced).

    They use straw-man arguments, suggesting that if you aren’t for libertarianism then you are for big government (ie: sophistic Hegelian dialectic), when in fact smart thinkers are looking way beyond either one of those.

  10. Danny Cunnington says:

    Private prisons are a total conflict of public and private interests. It’s supposed to be a correction facility paid for by the state upholding the law. As soon as you get private corporations you have socialized costs and private profits. Recidivism (repeat offenders) are the biggest source of inmates so immediately you see that the private corporation has a vested interest in not doing any rehabilitation which is actually directly leading to more crime when these prisoners are released.

    The purpose of a jail is to reduce criminals committing crime on the outside but under this arrangement the jail operators want crime to increase which increases their profits and not only increase taxpayer costs but also the widespread damage and costs that a high crime country has to deal with.

    The highest prison populations in the developed world are the US and the UK which are both countries with a large private prison system. Both these nations have very high recidivism rates because preventing crime has been replaced by profiting from crime at the nation’s expense.

    If you want real libertarian policy you should take a look at how and under what circumstances corporations were charted in the 19th century in the US before the fascist network of corrupt judges started gutting the restrictions. Basically the definition of a corporation was “an entity produced from laws to serve the common good”. You couldn’t start a corporation until you could show this or you couldn’t get a charter. Even then many corporation were for a specific project only and the corporation couldn’t engage in other activities. They were also subject to time limits and their charter could be revoked if it was judged that they were no longer serving the public good.

    Also cross shareholding was largely prohibited apart from certain exceptions.

    All this was because it was recognized that misplaced power in the hands of a few undermined democracy and the US republic. You can see how the fascists have completely gutted the very purpose of corporations over more than a century.

    Now you have fascists claiming that corporations are people (although this is based on switching the definition of a person into legalese whilst forgetting to mention that you are using the legalese definition of the word person which is basically a legal fiction (Blacks law 2nd edition).

    Not so much libertarianism but more corporate fascism where the incentives are in direct conflict with the purpose jails offer.

  11. In Case you haven’t decerned the message this isn’t about civil liberty rights
    this is about YOUR LIFE just because it happens to be someone least in our society
    being a business man myself I always want to MAXIMiSE my Profits!
    some things gotta change here ..
    My website is just one voice about this very nature and there are some very good solutions.

  12. febo says:

    @Ilia @Christophe
    Libertarianism is about live and let live. I want to live, I want to let you live. Stop letting the idiots on this site confuse you.
    Max is attacking “fake libertarianism” – BY HIS OWN DEFINITION he is talking about something that is not Libertarianism. He’s actually defending Libertarianism.
    Woo hoo!

  13. Tom-Tom says:

    MK is 110% right on this issue. I’m waiting for the chock-a-block full of socialism Fire Depts. of America to be turned over to the free market. Which means these Fire Depts. gotta get their money directly from the people. Which means if you don’t send your monthly fire dept. payment in you’ll have to put that fire out YOURSELF.

  14. Al Kyder says:

    @ Christophe- “And it’s not like it’s that hard to deal with corruption:
    – replace the MSM with citizen / independent journalism
    – use the internet to bring light to all governmental actions (eg: publish all expenses, no matter how small, let citizens examine the fine print and detail of bills before they are voted on, etc.)
    – implement direct democracy or pick people randomly to represent us
    – etc.
    Sounds like part of a libertine manifesto to me.

  15. Al Kyder says:

    @ Danny Cunnington – Thanks for that history lesson.

  16. arclight2011 says:

    hi max and stacy
    found a little info on jersey concerning you recent video and old TB badger killer is lurking with his PR team

    Leah McGrath Goodman, Tony Blair and issues on torture (with added radiation)

    anyone know who is his PR company contact? WPP perhaps?

    who are they going to fill the prisons with? yikes!
    sorry tony! 🙂

  17. arclight2011 says:

    sorry to make that last post more on topic..

    radioactive food and tobacco coming to a prison system near you soon via the WTO… 🙁

  18. GoldMember says:

    @Tom-Tom most fire departments are volunteer…so there goes that.

    And as far as Max’s rant about this topic, the very title of the linked article is “Gov’t Guarantees 90% Occupancy Rate In Private Prisons” – so the GOV is guaranteeing occupancy rates. If the gov didn’t guarantee anything like that this wouldn’t even be an issue.

    How hard is it for people to realize that most people in positions of power and with a chance at profit will abuse such; be it private or public?

  19. Al Kyder says:

    @ Ilia – Then destroy the capital entirely. The four great enemies of humanity, the earth, and Anarcho-Syndicalism are capitalism, authoritarian religions, Marxism-Leninism, and industrialism.

    Capitalism, as rationalized by the Neo-Liberal philosophy, takes two primitive and usually harmless phenomena, the benefits of trading and the benefits of accumulation, and elevates them to the status of icons (gods). These two gods prop up the great god Capital, which the capitalists believe gives them the right to rule over other people, steal with impunity, destroy the environment, and in general do whatever they want without regard to anyone’s needs but their own. Capitalists like to pretend that theirs is an ideology of honest work and productivity, but it is really an ideology of theft and special privilege. The destruction of the environment by capitalism threatens all humanity. Capitalism cannot reform itself because it is a theology based on lies; liars will lie to themselves rather than see the reality confronting the world today. Capitalists are in denial. They are out of touch with reality, a condition psychologists call insanity. They tell the truth on occasion only to further their general practice of lying. The earth is becoming one vast toxic dump for their pesticides; they are eating every blade of grass, turning the whole world into a desert.

    Industrialism is the ideology of production, the theory that more production is better for the world. It is subscribed to by both capitalists and Leninists.

  20. arclight2011 says:

    last post i promise but its for a really good cause.. many thanks for lettting me post as uk resistance websites are a bit thin on the ground,, peace

    UK petition to support Chernobyl children’s recuperative holidays

  21. Christophe says:

    @febo: “Libertarianism is about live and let live. I want to live, I want to let you live.”
    -> asking naively for liberty nets you slavery, since the satanic oligarchs are very well organized and what they want, above all, is for us to be disorganized and powerless.

    They want us not to have unions, not to have representative government, not to unite, but instead to simply be consumers and workers, trusting in ‘the markets’ to make everything right…

    And FWIW, if unions are almost universally corrupt institutions, that’s because none of them leverage the internet and direct representation (ie: it’s another example of bogus democratic processes wherein pathological liars manipulate and abuse their constituency).
    => ie: just because unions and government are built to fail doesn’t mean that they can’t be built to succeed.

    You will never get anything in life unless you actively and consistently fight for it. Libertarian ‘freedom’ is absurdly naive since it ignores the brutal struggle that has been a CONSTANT factor between elites and the people, since the dawn of civilization.

    In fact, most libertarians seem no different to me than the silly flower-power peacenicks of the 60’s…


    @Al Kyder: “Sounds like part of a libertine manifesto to me”
    -> if libertarians made anti-corruption their #1 priority, then I would have much more consideration for their propositions. Why is it that I never hear libertarians talk about this stuff? Why do they always whine against government and for things like privatizations?

    Clearly, the movement is rife with paid counter-insurgents who do their best to make sure such ideas remain marginal and forgotten, but even looking at the near totality of libertarian comments online, talk of PRIORITIZING the fight against corruption is not what I ever hear from them…

  22. Tom-Tom says:



    Since NEITHER tax payer funded fire departments NOR volunteer fire departments are free market enterprises (you could say that the former is socialism and that the latter is outright communism), my point is STILL VALID. Totally free-market fire departments would be just like totally free-market health care — there would be 10 or so fire department companies in Los Angeles and they’d each just put out the fires of their own customers. And the nearest one of YOUR fire department would probably be 10 miles away.

  23. Michael says:

    Don’t know ANY Libertarian that isn’t passionately against this corruption between corporation and Gov’t. Don’t know anyone who understands even the most basic elements of Libertarianism who could make such a ridiculous stretch as to suggest any comparison between this and “free markets” in any way, shape, or form.

    But at least we can all agree on “fake” Libertarianism, however bizarre it is that this point needed to be made? Thanks Max (golf clap), “we don’t need no stinkin’ FAKE Libertarians. hear, hear”

  24. Al Kyder says:

    @ Christophe – You answer your own question in part, the rest is that these positions from where the corruption occurs would cease to exist with Syndicalism. The corrupt would cease to exist because their power base would be obliterated.

    “Why do they always whine against government and for things like privatizations?”

    Dont know either, but these people are not Libertarians. The Libertarian groups I associate with are not anti-state, but they are A -Political, they would never ever be for privatisation as in some huge chunk of capital buying up something like a utility. In fact the concept of privatisation should be alien to libertarians as the workers / producers would be the owners.

    Privatisation implies slavery, because you are buying the workforce (people) as well as the assets. This is the opposite of Libertarianism.

  25. Silver Phoenix says:

    > Libertarians argue that markets do a better job than governments allocating resources.

    True, they would.

    >They would argue in favor of Corrections Corp. of America – in this case; the ‘market’ – as doing a better job allocating and managing prisoners

    There are fake libertarians, but I don’t imagine the likes of Tom Woods who you put in that category would agree with a marriage with government and an arranged market. It isn’t free market and such a promise of government ensuring 90% imprisonment would necessarily break the non aggression principle and be blatant tyranny.

  26. Jayme says:

    I wonder if it would be a conflict of interest for a prisoner to own stock in correction corps of america? 😉

  27. Chris says:

    Max your going to have to face the fact someday that libertarians are not setting up for profit prisons. The people in control now are not libertarians. I don’t see how you can make that connection. It seems like you have a chip on your shoulder for some reason.

  28. Flopot says:

    Fake libertarianism is all about attacking the state whilst simultaneously exploiting the power of the state, i.e. neoliberals in disguise.

    Recall the old Transformers cartoon…

    “LIBERTARDS – neolibs in disguise!

    LIBERTARDS – more than meets the eye!”

    Billy Banzai of the 7th Dimension could make a poster about that!

    Note: I do like the challenge that Libertarians present – the idea that there must be some way (or an alternative) of preventing the state becoming corrupted every frickin’ time. However I am equally fed up with fake kind.

  29. kdt says:

    real libritarians know ALL corperations are operating under the chaters and protections of central government and as sush have no place in a libritatian scocity what so ever
    @swell the fact that the judge in those cases in now doing a 28 year streach and will NEVER be allowed to even argue a case in court EVER again even if he survives all those butrapes and beatings will imo put some what of a check on judges in the future doing the same ………… one wonders if the state is paying for his stay? if they are they should quit and make housing his ass part of settling with the prison operator who instagated the mess in the first place

  30. Robert Mockan says:

    LOL! The government to guarantee prison occupancy? That should be easy since it makes everything a crime. Government is force. Now we can add another layer to how the force is applied. What will it take to get people awake?


  31. kdt says:

    it is also good to point out that libritarians are oposed to all or most of the laws that 99% of prisoners are convicted of and there for there would be NO prison over crowding and there for no marrket for an entrepreneur intrested in “prisons” to attempt to exploit in the first place.
    IMHO incarceration of dangerious criminals is WELL with in the scope of activities that REQUIRE government (nessery EVIL that it is) like common defence in fact it is part of THAT same governmental duty and as such they have NO buisness subcontracting it out WTF are we paying THEM for!!!! it AIN’T so they can take a cut and then pay sombody elese to do it for them!!! that is BULL shit!!! and if your gardener did it you (if you have half a brain) would FIRE his ass and hire the guy who is ACTULY doing the work at less cost!

  32. Tom-Tom says:

    In the future, we will probably have to start calling American prisons by a more appropriate name — GULAGS.

  33. Zach O says:

    This a good example of socialists looking at fascists and for some reason calling them “fake libertarians” for the sole purposes of wasting time and obscuring an issue.

  34. evolutis says:

    @ Al Kyder … You[we all] are part of a group. “Nothing causes a group to galvanize like an external enemy.” [Clay Shirky]
    Like the seasons, there is always another one to join… “Polyanna’s for ethical monetary reform” will soon show up to challenge capitalism, authoritarian religions, Marxism-Leninism, and industrialism. libertarians, or whatever … please feel free to join, so you too can become tomorrow’s “external enemy.” All well intentioned; we line up to go crazy. We replace one divisive monetary system with another and expect a different result.

    A barb wire fence is a dead object that people often get entangled with so you do not see many in our cities. A wise move. Contrast the “wise move” the ongoing and frivolous identification and vilification, of external enemies acting out, within the monetary entanglement … perhaps efforts to replace the fence would be time well spent.

    Even though. like a, Trojan Horse, it is quite obvious the “enemy is the” system” and it resides “within” and facilitates captions like “Private prison owner agrees to buy prisons from the government if the government can guarantee a 90% occupancy rate” … far outside the monetary fence this headline is empty and meaningless … the monetary.hinderance to solving real problems disappears.

  35. kdt says:

    @Christophe democratic prosess is it’s self fake!! it has NEVER resulted in stable government EVER not one example exists!! (infact EVERY example has caused the complete and TOTAL FAILURE of every culture that has historicly used it , and EVERY single modern ‘democratic state on the planet has as predicted by marx slid in to scocialisim wich in europ is now aproching comunisim. by going clear back to greece you cant help but conclude that we are NOT doing it wrong!! IT DON”T fucking WORK as advertized !!! GET OVER IT!!! the USA was some what stable for a time BUT it was NOT nor ever was it EVER intended to funtion at the federal level AS a “democracy” it was a republic whose DIRECT members were the states themselves who as members were expected to comply with the bill of rights at minium , and to wich every citizen had DIRECT democratic acess to and control of. it was the epitome of decentralized control. wich Alexander Hamilton and his control freak bankster cronies in NEW YORK rebeled against and subverted by IMPORTING voters in to the north east. the south pushed back and fought it as long as there numbers allowed them to , then at the civil war they were over powered in congress (even at this point lincolin had to emplace a police state in the north to get the MAJORITY of even the northerners to go along and IMOPRTED irish “volinteres” who’s ONLY reason for coming here was to fight the south in order to aquire citizenship! once in control and after duping lincolin in to giving the government “policing powers”(wich are still to this day un FUCKING constutional and the basis allowing for the existance of EVERY acronym designated group of natizies that are curently terrorizing this planet , or at least the american ones) they then killed his stupid ass befor the ink was even dry on the document!! after all that they had free reign to “democratize” the US along the same lines as the UK . and now after 200+ years of work they (think) they have contained there escaped “yoman pesants” , forgeting that we were all raised to the “peerage”when our ansestors survived the ponzischeme that sent them here! sence then we have delt with and survived the natives who wanted us dead and gone , the wars fought over “controling” us (french /indian war , the revoloution , the war of 1812,) , the direct atempt to genocidaly rid the planet of us (the civil war) and multiple famins and untold hardships during the “manifest destiny”/refugee migration to the west ………call it WTF ever you want “libritarianisim , clasic librialisim , sovereignty of the individual …………we are like cockroaches WE will survive and be the only ones standing at the end of this cycle of idiocy! and once all the lemmings have run off the cliff we will look at each other and go WTF was that all about? and then go right back to producing in order to survive(sorry but life goes on) and selling things to each other using mutaly agreeable meidiums of exchange. the bubbles of order that will evolve arounnd such ativities will then form the basis of a new golden age. and the seeds of new nation states. THIS is how scocity had to”evolve” ORIGINALY , and how the curent run of “states” got there start after the LAST major bankster enginered econimic colapse / depopulation event during during the 1340s , and it is EXACTLY what WILL be hapening when we hit bottom AGAIN and the existing order is fully disrupted, and by definition NOTHING can be “orginized” to stop the prosess as it WILL not survive the crash or its consequences, BUT as pointed out by suporters and detractors both , libritarianisim seeks to depend on human natures “rules of the road” so to speak . and so IT’S structure will survive basicly intact as long as there are people alive to feel act.

    odd is it not that golden ages mostly seem to fall in and have there peaks between imperial expantions? given that WE are constantly told that central control is required for such activities to happen at all , and yet impires can historicly be seen as SHITTING all over any such thing they find till it DIES then looking for the next victim.

  36. Flopot says:


    Not all activities that involve the allocation of resources will yield a profit.

  37. Flopot says:


    Ancient Athenians would probably call the US state an Oligarchy. True that.

  38. Silver Phoenix says:


    What is your comment a addressing?

  39. Randyrocker says:

    On FOX News today 9/15/12, they were discussing that the Prison Industries of the United States were closing companies and putting people on the streets out of their jobs of manufacturing and making Military clothing and other such Military gear, by having the prisoners doing the job instead. This is the new workforce being touted in the United States on the airwaves, and to increase their labor force to continue making goods for the Military, they will have to arrest and imprison more of the US population on trumped up charges, so it will come down soon to an edict by the government of the United States, that if you refuse to accept their Food Stamps from their JP Morgan run Food Stamp program, you will be arrested and thrown into an American prison, to be used as free labor to manufacture outfits for the US Military Industrial Complex or else.
    You better watch out, you’d better not pout, cause your local cop on his beat out to meet his quota of arrests, won’t pick you up. The new ‘Made in America’ labels should honestly be read as, the new ‘Made In the Prisons of the United States’ instead.
    Soon they will literally be dragging anyone they please off of the streets to work for the Prison System, and it could be you next. As it is now, no one’s listening, nor does anyone even care. Caught you! Do you know where your kids are? Has your son or daughter gone missing, well just maybe, they could be working in their new job, as young slave workers for the government in the new government run manufacturing prisons of the United States. Competing against all and any businesses that they may be up against, and likely through government intervention, shutting down, those nasty little free enterprisers.
    Obamanomics 101

  40. JonnyJames says:

    @AlKyder: Whose definition do we use. Slippery and loaded “ism” terms need to be defined and agreed upon first and then a clear discussion can proceed.

    My quick and dirty description of the US govt. and power elite: authoritarian, inverted-totalitarian, neo-Feudal, kleptocratic, plutocratic, oligarchy, neo-fascist, tyrannical, Kafka-esque, Orwellian, slow motion train wreck dystopia.

  41. evolutis says:

    @Randyrocker … Not that it matters since politics is a bad joke however
    … Damon Hininger / CEO/Director/President, Corrections Corporation of America… Billionaire / Donates to … Republicans/ perhaps it is Romeyoffshoreeconomics 303 ??

  42. JonnyJames says:

    These are huge terms and concepts with different interpretations in different places at different times. Using a commonly accepted general source we can see large “overlaps” in these:

  43. evolutis says:

    @ JonnyJames … all right!- great, accurate description, without a single ism!

  44. evolutis says:

    The life of an Oligarch/ is generally defined, as opposing authority or hierarchical organization in the conduct of human relations. Proponents of oligarchs , known as “oligarchy”, advocate stateless societies based on non-hierarchical / voluntary associations. For “them” not, the rest of us.

  45. Al Kyder says:

    @ evolutis – “We replace one divisive monetary system with another and expect a different result.”

    @ JonnyJames – Whose definition do we use. Slippery and loaded “ism”
    The Term “ism” is just older and had more time to be corrupted, Like Colonialism becomes Industrialisation, the ism’s v’s the isa’s, same game different name.

    Revolutionary Syndicalism now called Anarcho-Syndicalism (to make it look bad) has been around a long time, For example, when Americans used to engage in communal barn building. At barn raisings the entire community would come and help out, often erecting an entire barn in a single day. This is syndicalism in the real world.

    Naturally wage slaves want to improve their conditions and not accept their sad fate as natural. The four major political trends that attracted those who hoped to act as a community to escape wage slavery were reformism, democratic socialism (both Marxist and non-Marxist), authoritarian socialism (Marxism-Leninism), and anarcho-syndicalism.

    Reformism sought improvements within the existing political and economic framework. Reformists sought to blunt the hard edges of capitalist exploitation; people were to become better-paid wage slaves. Democratic socialists sought to gain control of the government through the electoral process and then have government own major industries; the workers would own their industries through the medium of a democratically elected government. Authoritarian socialists wanted to gain the same ends through armed revolution followed by a dictatorship which would own the factories in the name of the working people. Anarcho-syndicalists wanted to abolish the government as well as wage slavery. They sought to create a society in which the workers owned their own farms and factories; functions formerly carried out by government could be done by various factory and farm groups working cooperatively together.

  46. kdt says:

    @flow pot tell your self all you want BUT plato was defending the sophistic atack on the greek state by socrates for wich he was exicuted. so the dilect isues were already in play even at that early stage and if you REALY read what the “greeks” were saying it was a libritarian vs. scocialisim argument to put it in modern terms , and PLATO’s opinion was that scocialisim was the only way for democracy to funtion. then we jump forward and marx states that democracy is the road to scocialisim…………… so no plato would see the cutent trend exactly as marx would see it as “democracy” working through to it’s natural and EXPECTED conclusion. what after all was the comunist parties control of the solvet union if not an Oligarchy?

  47. evolutis says:

    @kdt … great investigation … thank you.
    @Al Kyder … crisp layout of the historical progression / back ground of “politically ” motivated trends. “political” in the very best sense of the word. Thank you. My question did all these adaptations center around , money, politics, and religion?

    Clay Shirky … “the power of organizing, without organizations .

    Given, what looks to be a large population with fewer ” jobs for money” it looks like we need to design something far different or depopulate in ways we do not like to contemplate.

  48. Up_to_it_InSilver says:


  49. kdt says:

    So this is interesting aperently a new requirement of “obama care” is a set of questions to be asked of medicare patients 2 sets actualy first for a standard patient: do you own a gun? if so why? if so where is it kept?
    to a regestered concealed carry permit holder : do you feel threatened ? do you feel like hurting your self? do you feel like hurting others? this person was then told that a yes to any of those three questions would have cost him his permit and triggered a home land security notification.

    this is in an email circulating among the gun owning public containing discriptions by several diffrent people claiming to have been recently asked one or the other of these series of questions by there doctors and or nursing staff at regular visits . and advizing null answers be given to any such questions as asking them is unconstutional to say the least. but even more important, armed or not YOU don’t want THAT info out there to ANYBODY!

  50. evolutis says:

    @KDT … for anybody interested in truth v.s /BS … linkage between health care and questions that are believable only for those who want to believe such propaganda …check the real source … then vote or not, for whoever.

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