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  1. What-me-worry? says:

    Great show with good vibe guest.

    That’s me in the corner: http://preview.tinyurl.com/d3duyqf

  2. What-me-worry? says:


  3. @Max,

    speaking of hockey, i think you should revisit Penticton and come say hi to the general.

  4. Bruman says:

    Ruppert used to have an online website a long time ago where he wrote articles and had the download version of the “Crossing the Rubicon”. His works are very well written and I learned a lot after reading the Crossing the Rubicon. Only thing you may want to know. After many people renewed their online subscription, he dissappeared and closed the website. Nobody knew if he died or what. He did not refund any subscriptions and basically scammed his original following. That being said, Crossing the Rubicon is a great insight tool,

  5. kdt says:

    @max some industrialist from the robber baron era is quoted when asked about the industrial revoloution as stating that ” it is A power revoloution , we have had the tools of industry for the better part of 100 years the difrence is POWER”!
    you need to wach the diffrence between an “energy deficit” and a ‘profitability’ issue like not beeing able to get the “capital” invested back out of the resulting sales and make a profit. the first one has real fixed numbers that tell you if your geting anything back for the “energy’ you put in to it , the second in the curent ZIRPed econimy of TBTF bailout addicted junkie banksters could mean fucking krugmans aiens landed and now live under ground drinking frack juice and farting natural gassssss OR nothing at all

    distilling subsidized corn in to ehtinol IS energy negitive BUT that is POLITICS not an actual atempt to under cut the existing energy dirtribution paradigme.
    “biofuels” encompasses ALL organic matrials NOT just corn , and if you give up the need to refine the fuel in to a liquid before burning it you eliminate a HUGE amout of the input energy(I KNOW way outside the “box” the oil cartel has created). in the prosess you abandon the liquid fuel distribution and control system by definition. what you enable though is the direct conversion of waste to energy. a derry could derive its entire power needs from the cow crap that they have to clean up every day by burning it in a “gasification reactor” and using the resulting ‘producer gas” to generate power (this would effect the power grid cartels ability to control and distribute electricity). using the waste up that way would actualy REDUSE the co2 from the decomp. (one can only hope that the SMELL might be cut down some). burning the “fuel” in a low ox. 1800 degree reactor sequesters the bulk of the carbon by fixing it in “biochar” ash wich can then be sold as a soil additive , benificial microbes LOVE the stuff and that would help to rebuild the topsoil raped to sterility by “big AG.” and there chemical phertalizerz
    cities could do the same with there trash and sell the power to help suport there activities and the same tec. can run cars and trucks. all off of UNREFINED FUELS with little to no energy inputs or considered to be waste , some of wich like vehicle tiers are actuly problimatic to dispose of by ‘dumping’ them they tend to cach on fire above ground and dont like to stay burried! the result is that a cost is carried all the way from cradle to grave to dispose of them ALL that over head and cost could be done away with AND the resulting energy sold in some form using a reaction thought up over 100 years ago and used for long enuff to cause the invention of gas piping , gas lighting and gas ovens wich were ALL in existance when the “natural” gas cartell showed up and under cut the existing providers and monopolized the market . there were even public transit busses with gas bags on there roofs (there are isues with “compressing” producer gas) so they could use the stuff .

    DONT try to tell me “biofuels” dont work they may have slim margens to operate in but they can AND have in FACT “worked” it is just not “low hanging fruit” and we’ll have to actuly WORK at it

  6. trooper dave says:

    Fantastic guest. Trying not to sound hippie, but this guy gives over a great vibe.
    The whole fight the money system is spot on. Yeah dis-engaging from paper with precious metal is great. But stepping away from the system at the same time, or just stepping away is so much better than simply using PM to better your position in a system that is un-natural, predatory, destructive and cannibalistic.

  7. Jayme says:

    Ad Culture to Permaculture – PechaKucha Victoria #10 [6m55s]

  8. Zach O says:

    “Why are we the only species that has to pay to live on the planet?” Yeah Mike…….. all the other animals are just kicking back in hammocks.

  9. Bruman says:

    I need to apologize for the previous comment of a problem with Mr. Ruppert’s integrity. I found a copy of the download on Crossing the Rubicon I received years ago. It was a similar Title. Exact same subject matter of years ago. It was however a different author.

  10. Frans says:

    I totally agree with Mike on not fighting the elites on their territory. Better to “ignore them” and a.o. stop buying non organical foods as much as possible.
    Above link about GMO and the big scam of the food industry.

  11. BB Rebozo says:

    Absolutely brilliant show!
    Max, thanks for having Mike Ruppert on your show. What a hero! He never sold out, he always stuck to his principles, even though hounded into poverty by the CIA.

    He is absolutely dead on for where we need to be headed and how to win against the sickos in power. Ignore the fear mongers, turn off the TV, a get back into permaculture, human communities and share energy, healty food, friendships -well you get it.

    I always hate when news folks too often say, “this an historic day” or, “history in the making”, but, I venture to say that this show will be a very historic record in the times ahead of the great human shift coming.

    Mike Ruppert is a wise elder.

    Hey Mike do you know of this site?


  12. Jayme says:

    @trooper dave

    Watching Food Matters now. If food loses perhaps 60% of its nutritional value by the time it reaches the store shelves, one has to wonder what then is the savings accomplished in big agra that offshores food production and profits off the international markets. I see no value as a consumer. The only value appears to be that extracted by the producer for profit. My health, then, is simply an externality for such a system. Of course I do like some exotic foods that cannot be grown locally but I think that is a different issue.

    The problem I see with the attempt to globalize food ‘standards’ is that Codex Alimentarius is that general overall health will become systemically destroyed like the derivatives markets when subprime loans were permitted: it will be destroyed from within. There will be no ability for any system to recover when its own artificially imposed institutional rules are rigged against and destroy the living organisms (us) that give it purpose and sustain it.

  13. Paul says:

    Umm, that’s not MCR…that’s ‘Tracker of Truth”. That’s what he goes by now, because his shaman named him that and they do ‘fox magic’ together in the woods. And I’m not making that up!
    People seem to like him but let me just list a couple things he has mentioned on his radio show, The Lifeboat Hour, over the last couple weeks:
    1. Darwin evolution has been overturned and is no longer true.
    2. The earth’s magnetic field was altered and it’s spin slowed down during 9/11 because of human emotion
    3. That Tupac Chopra (which is shunned by nearly all leading scientists) is a leader of a new spiritual consciousness.
    4. That quantum physics proves that God exists.
    5. He sees UFOs (allien ones)
    6. That earth is alive and has a personal relationship with the other planets and stars.
    7. Little Grandmother is his spiritual leader and financial adviser
    8. That the threshold for spontaneous transmission of the 100th monkey is exactly “the square root of 1% of the human population.”
    9. That the earth’s poles are shifting because the earth is mad at humans and is trying to kill them (basically saing the earth and the sun are working together to get rid of humans via solar storms and radiation)
    10. The laws of physics have been overturned COMPLETELY

    Also, he got kicked off his rental property for not paying his rent because he said, “I thought my garden, and all the hard work I put into it, would keep my landlord from evicting me. Even though I wasn’t paying my rent.”

    He’s rumored to have a new book out next year called “The Paranoid Narcissist” and the companion video (Say My F–cking Name) is here –> http://www.collapsenet.com/free-resources/collapsenet-public-access/item/2496-say-my-fucking-name

    I could go on but I won’t

  14. BB Rebozo says:


    I don’t know who you are. Mike has put himself out there. He is clearly angry in the above video, but the info he puts out remains. I don’t know where you stand on the above topics you claim that Mike believes in, but I sense a derogatory tone of judgment.

    I’d be the first to acknowledge the importance of knowing all the facts/ the whole story; but, I am also aware of the possibility for one to intend a misrepresentation of someone. I am also very aware of the CIA’s persecution of Mike C. Ruppert for being a real man.

  15. Jayme says:


    That’s an interestingly weird list. 🙂 I’ve noticed a few odd beliefs that Rupert has. I personally don’t believe everything he says but do enjoy his perspective once in a while.

    Do you mean Tupac Chopra or Deepak Chopra? I like Deepak and have read and listened to some of his work but he lays the story telling on a bit thick. No direct comparison intended but I expect that Max is shunned by most leading MSM outlets and economic theorists. Most interesting ideas come from the edges of mainstream belief systems.

    Alex Jones says a lot of ‘looney’ stuff too. I thought Max was looney when I first heard him raging on AJ three years ago or so. Bob Chapman had some odd ideas. Overall, no one should believe any of the stuff anyone else says, unless they can verify it for themselves or feel comfortable with their source to trust what they say and about what they say.

    Most of this stuff is entertainment until one verifies it for themselves or recognizes strengths and weaknesses of the speaker. This is why I like Max’s site. He and Stacy bring in a variety of opinions, each offering some slightly different take on reality.

    I personally also like Alan Moore and Arch Druid John Michael Greer, Terence McKenna, and a host of other wonderfully colorful people though I must say I don’t build my life around their work if it doesn’t make sense to me. I get the sense that Rupert is trying to figure out what is true like many of us. FWIW – I wouldn’t recommend listening to him without checking facts and ultimately any of this information has to be integrated into our own lives anyway.

    John Michael Greer – The Ecotechnic Future [14m]

  16. jischinger says:

    if Exxon could own the sun we’d have solar everything tomorrow

  17. “MOBSANTO”
    That was one of my dear cousin, Andrew Carnegie Rockerfeller’s rackets!…I met Andrew once, he was a lovely quiet natured genrleman. People like that are always the target of racketeers! because they lend a phony veneer of respectability to outrageous criminal activity. “Ire Carnegie, rue the day!”…but we seldom get angry! and generally only if children are injured or harmed. GMO food is making children very sick! Mochael Taylor, former Attourney and Vice President of Mobsanto, knows that drom the 44,000 internal Mobsanto memoranda… The New Movie “Genetic Roulette” spills all the GMO beans on Michael Taylor’s duplicity…. The Sun God Surya’s Son by Queen Kunti, Shri Karna Ji is angry!… CAVEAT!

  18. jischinger says:

    “You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” -R Buckminster Fuller

    Where are all these sustainable pockets in the US?

  19. Jayme says:

    @trooper dave

    thx – It’s been a while since I’ve seen Food Matters. I’ll pass it on.

  20. evolutis says:

    Nothing to believe in … just information. Big transition obstacle property rights.
    Within the monetary religion “laws,” such as property rights, seem to morph when two or more, wealthy entities have a dust up. If you check into the history of politicians [the handmaidens] tinkering with the mermaid, you find that this seems to be the correlative, M.O. With all the global variances and new technological capabilities, impacting their space, dust ups may well look like, Japan’s under water upheavals. We could draw the inference that they are at their weakest and can perhaps be calved out of their tenuous, alliances at such times. A monkey and water opportunity?

  21. jane says:

    I would like to see Peter Joseph on Max Keiser.

  22. BB Rebozo says:

    @ Jayme

    Regarding your John Michael Greer link, the reason we haven’t enjoyed the fruits of our technologies, the reason the “futurists” got it wrong, is because of those who are running the financial and military powers of our world have a different agenda. Einstein said that the industrial revolution was supposed to free humanity from laborious drudgery; but – as we all now know – mechanization has only enriched the owners of corporations and chained the rest of the working class to the inhumane speed of machines and computers. The working class is still chained to labor – or is laid off.

    Here is a video on why the futurist lied or were naive to the Round table folks as to the real agenda.


  23. Dilberta says:

    You asked us on FB who we wanted to hear from and you are definitely on the right track. Permaculture is indeed a great model to follow. It has transformed my life and I can see many revenue streams opening up for people who trade resources. Green shoots are busting out all over the place, and Monsanto can’t stop us.

  24. Hugh Beaumont says:

    Good guest, interesting discussion.

  25. fred says:




    1. Introduction.
    With recognition that the laws of thermodynamics prohibit spontaneous evolution of liquid hydrocarbons in the regime of temperature and pressure characteristic of the crust of the Earth, one should not expect there to exist legitimate scientific evidence that might suggest that such could occur. Indeed, and correctly, there exists no such evidence.

  26. Jayme says:

    @BB Rebozo

    I think the biggest lie, is the lie we tell ourselves. Waking up isn’t so much about becoming aware of what these men (and women) conspire against us in back rooms, so much as what we do with the life we have regardless of what others think – in my humble opinion.

    Thinking and our quest for ‘solutions’ through thought is the problem itself. If we all simply stopped doing today what we did yesterday and do what we know is right rather than conform to a system we know is wrong, even if it meant our individual death, the world would completely transform this moment. If I recall correctly, in John Neihardt’s Black Elk Speaks, Chief Sitting Bull was quoted as having said before going into battle against Custer at little bighorn, ‘today is a good day to die.’

    We get stuck with old ideas or lost in dreams of some promise of future glory but fail to see with clarity what is happening here before us all the time. Our biggest problem is that we are always looking outside ourselves for others to lead us and define a purpose for us and tell us what to think.

    We’re Always Looking For Leaders: Jiddu Krishnamurti

    I think this is the kind of exciting yet delusional thinking about some hopeful future that drives most of us (me anyway) but I like Jason Silva’s work nonetheless:

    The Beginning of Infinity

    Jobs are Obsolete Jason silva

  27. Paul says:


    Agreed. Good points, well taken.
    Although, a lot of people look at MCR as a prophet type and they hang on his every word, taking everything thing he says at face value as fact. I just wanted to point out that while he has some deep knowledge and understanding in some areas, there are also other areas of complete and total ignorance (if not intentional deception). The same goes for most people in media, including AJ and the others you listed.

    The people I get most my info from is the scientific comuminty ( http://www.thesciencenetwork.org is a good place to start). These are the people that are forming the new paradigm shift via research and experimentation. Without science, we’d still be living in caves. People like Chopra and MCR misquote science literature and confuse others with their ignorant perpectives of it and thus mislead them, wether intentional or not, into believing non-sense. And it’s usually done for financial reasons. To give a couple quick examples, Chopra has an entire industry build around him selling t-shirts and mugs with his memes on them. And MCR begs his radio listeners for rent money “so he can keep bringing your this valuable message”. I encourage you to varify this information to see for yourself.

    My main point is only that people should be aware of these things. Do with the information what you like…but we aware of it.

    PS. Yes, I meant Deepak Chopra…where’d I get Topac from? lol

  28. BB Rebozo says:


    The whole money thing is a drag. Many people are out for it in one way or another. Thanks for the info. Just because one may agree with certain topics being discussed by someone, doesn’t necessarily correlate into one worshipping an individual, nor approving or accepting everything they do or say.

    It is of course important to verify the facts in Science; after all, that is what the scientific method is all about; but, people can interpret scientific results incorrectly and can promulgate and mislead people also, leading to a following of misguided groupies in a faith kind of way which mirrors religious followers. People can believe in /follow false paradigms. In quantum physics, the observer can change the outcome of the scientific experiment depending on what they are focusing on / believe in.

    I believe that these ” Awakening types”, “New Age types”, “Multi-dimensional types” are tapping into the belief that human beings are spiritually powerful creators , once freed from the blinders of – fill in the blank- Drugs , Alcohol, TV brain washing, bad chemicals in the food, air and water, interfering wireless radiations from numerous technologies.
    Many now are coming around to the belief, that it is possible that our galaxy is moving into a new plasma circuit that will change how we spiritual beings interact with each other and our environment. In ancient Indian scriptures they speak of four ages : Satya Yuga, Treta Yuga, Davpara Yuga and the last Kali Yuga. In the last age, all hell breaks loose and life is not good. The Satya Yuga is a golden age, an eden kind of life. Every age after that descends into a more negative age until the last age of the Kali Yuga.

    In the end it comes down to belief; and hence, in quantum physics, the outcome.
    Many scientific theories have been revamped and discarded over time, even though they were originally based on the scientific method.

  29. febo says:

    great show

  30. tahoevalleylines says:

    We ran into Mike years ago, once in Sebastopol, CA, another when he was on a triple billing with Richard Heinberg & Julian Darley. Got a few minutes with him each time during the break, and talked some about the railway element through the Oil Interregnum. The moments were cordial, we passed our card over, and he humored us… We mentioned our modest pages in ASPO Newsletters 42 &89, Articles 374 and 1037, to be specific.

    Mike did not have more than a passing interest in a systematic approach to re-orienting transport/distribution /mobility with railway emphasis, but we tried. Christopher C. Swan (see “ELECTRIC WATER” New Society 2007) has researched most California & Northern NV railway lines and proposes renewable energy enhancements with reconnected local rail links, railway post office service etc., as seen circa 1950 & prior decades. Swan uses moniker “Retail Railways” in the web proposals.

    Islamic influence in the Oil Patch is surely going to impact oil flows and may well bring era of sabotage, etc. Books such as George Grant’s “The Blood Of The Moon” and Avi Rifkin’s “The Return To Mecca” offer some insights to the situation. Newsfeed from the Middle East can be seen at

    All hands can obtain US Rail Map Atlas Volumes from spv.co.uk and determine whereabouts of legacy rail lines running or dormant in their respective North American locale. Mike has a large following, and we would like to see him be one of the rail savvy people in the room! Water/agriculture is another concern; the Civil Engineering students here can look at “North American Water And Power Alliance” (NAWAPA) for continental scale water resource and hydropower suite of engineering features.

    Mike Ruppert has the insights, and hopefully still the mental grasp of the things of American legacy to move beyond hideouts and hoarding to investigate/promulgate engineering works and physical Guarantors of Societal and Commercial Cohesion needed to preserve the Union of States. See you down the line, Mr. Ruppert…

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