[KR343] Keiser Report: World Flash Clash Center

We discuss flash crashes, reputation woes on the U.S. exchanges and sheep screaming at all the fraud. Max also talks to one of the Queen’s sheep for its opinion on quantitative easing. In the second half of the show, Max Keiser talks to Jim Rickards, author of Currency Wars, about QE to infinity, the dollar, the euro and a gold standard.

143 comments on “[KR343] Keiser Report: World Flash Clash Center
  1. I_Cant_Believe_Its_Just_a_Dip says:

    ‘GMOs may be creating an entire generation of cancer victims who have a frighteningly heightened risk of growing massive mammary gland tumors caused by the consumption of GM foods’
    ‘These seeds, some of which grow their own toxic pesticides right inside the grain’

  2. I_Cant_Believe_Its_Just_a_Dip says:

    ‘counterparty risk takes off like a pinball machine’, talking about a chain reaction in derivatives.

  3. microhousehold says:

    And the horror show continues…

    More images of deformed butterflies after Fukushima — Wings folded over, rumpled, much different sizes (PHOTOS)


  4. microhousehold says:

    (UPDATED) Just In: Steel Frame Dropped into #Fukushima Reactor 3 Spent Fuel Pool by Accident


  5. microhousehold says:

    And to finish off the horror show updates:

    Japan offers vague, weak nuclear exit by 2040 that could have reactors chugging decades beyond deadline


    Japan backtracks on 2040 nuclear phase out plan


    (…I think I prefer a black out more than this backout..)

  6. I_Cant_Believe_Its_Just_a_Dip says:

    @micro, while Mr and Mrs Fleecy are distracted by terrorists that dont exist at the same time denying everything and calling us names for scarmongering, we watch in horror as the world destroys itself in a myriad of fresh and innovative ways that might have repucussions for eternity upon this fragile world.

  7. microhousehold says:


    I would think that by now most people and even some sheople see the
    war on terror for what it is.
    But then it seems that there are still plenty who seem to believe the lies.

  8. Harry says:

    @Dutch girl: Haren is in the news because of Facebook and stupidty, as well als hooligans.
    Netherlands is ruled by sheeple that do not read the regulations they have to vote on, e.g. see the fascist ESM. They do not understand politics, monetary policy, money or other important things and do not look farther than the next elections.
    That is why we have the AOW and pensioen-ponzi because of which ‘suddenly’ everyone is getting oh so old. I could not start paying pension until I was 25. So why now extend the age to be eligible for pension?
    Why not let me arrange my own pension? Choose my own pension fund, way to make money using that fund,etc?
    No, they use us as slaves: 2% more VAT, zero percent increase in wages and they help the banks.
    How fucked up is that? We could be on our way to recovery by now…!

  9. Neville Bartos says:

    ‘Lehman Brothers ordered to pay compensation’


    A group of Australian councils, charities and churches has won a Federal Court case against defunct investment bank Lehman Brothers in a case which could have global ramifications.

    The judgment is considered a test case as it is the first in the world to look at the conduct of an investment bank, on both legal and ethical grounds, in the lead-up to the global financial crisis and how they behaved in the aftermath.

    The class action involved 72 councils, churches and charities who sued Lehman Brothers for around $250 million, claiming it breached contracts and engaged in misleading and negligent conduct.

    Justice Steven Rares has ruled that the parties are entitled to compensation but the amount has yet to be finalised.

    *strokes beardy chin*

  10. Patman says:

    Psssst . . .
    Stacy Herbert is cute as a button.
    Pass it on.

    Great show.

  11. Harry says:

    @Patman: we know… (any local Stacy lookalikes?)

  12. snoop diddy says:

    Chris Hedges speech in Canada.
    The speech is similar to most of his lately but the Q&A is always worth a look.
    Mentions ‘careerism’ in the nazis – they don’t believe any of it but it is their vehicle for power basically.
    Nice quote after 1:08:50 -.’if america was taken over by nazis 60% of the Harvard faculty would happily give the nazi salute at the start of classes the next day.’
    Like Orwell says ‘the object of power is power’
    It’s not like Obama, Romney, Dimon, Clinton et al believe any of the BS they push.

  13. Mary Genoud says:

    The problem with Richard’s analysis is that there is No Proof that Fort Knox or the NY Federal Reserve holds 800,000 tons of gold, which has never been audited in spite of the 1964 Gold Finger movie. Of course these vaults could be a great storage area for confiscated, GPS found wealth. We need to do a GPS analysis on these vaults before they are filled up with normal people’s holdings and wealth.

  14. Flopot says:

    Haha. Just had a fun afternoon with friends and family. We just started talking about our belief systems and some people started going on and on about a subject that felt vaguely familiar to me. I kept muttering to myself, “Now where the feck have I heard this sort of thing before”.

    After a few more minutes listening I suddenly realized that the room was full of Anarcho-Syndicalists. Fecking Al-Kyder in my living room. I tried explaining this to them but I cannot even pronounce the word never mind articulate its meaning, “You guys should check out Anarcho-Syndi…Syndic…it’s not Anarcho-Capitalism its Syn…”

    Anyway, it seems everyone is becoming some sort of f’ing libertartian now. Even those who don’t realize it.

  15. stacyherbert says:

    @Patman – hey, I just passed that on to loads of people in Shoreditch . . . they looked confused but if I go down there again next weekend and tell them again, maybe it will sink in!

    @spacehoppa – yep, Max is really enjoying himself; it’s also fantastic to have a full studio with cameramen, director, facilities manager . . . we literally had not one of those in Paris!

    @Neville Bartos – yeah I saw that; I don’t know if some poxie little court in Australia will have any sort of global ramification on a bankrupt US Not-Quite-Big-Enough-To-NOT-Fail; American cronies won’t be paying out to nobody!

  16. Flopot says:


    So long as you don’t have Producers coming along and informing you of “unofficial” editorial policies, if you know what I mean Oo

  17. Mabs says:

    Re: All. That. Gold. (Or gilded tungsten, as the case may be…)

    What’s the remedy for Too Big To Trust?

  18. MirrorMirror says:


    Very interesting Documentary ( 2 hrs ) – 2nd. Half :

    The Trap- What Happened to Our Dream of Freedom [Part 2- The Lonely Robot]Adam Curtis – (2007)

    Democracy is inefficient

    Game Theory

    1992 – CEO of CITICORP – Book: “The Twilight of Sovereignty”
    “Markets are the only true voting machine”

    The Market would take over from Politics

    The Bankers were to make this happen

    Greenspan & Rubin to Clinton “his” plans were impossible
    … let the Market do everything !



  19. kdt says:


    Rand Paul on the senate floor telling it like it is on forigen aid !

  20. feral says:

    Anarcho – syndicalist 101. . .

    Info on who and what they are….


  21. Mabs says:

    @stacyherbert – who knows but what the gentle flap of a butterfly’s wing in OZ might spark a Velvet Revolution?!

    One can’t plan these things, but one can remain open and optimistic! 🙂

  22. Jayme says:

    Re: Trust Gap

    The only way to restore trust is to turn away from the deceit and confront the lies and ignorance in one’s self. Institutions don’t exist outside the minds of people. The best trust is to be true ones self.

    U. Utah Phillips – Voting with your…[40sec]

    I thought this is essentially a good mythological representation of what must be done. We must essentially stop giving our shadow the energy it demands from us.

    Unable to vanquish Merlin, Mab mocks him and tells him that he and his human followers can’t destroy her, but Merlin knows that there are few people that believe in the Old Ways. He turns his back on her telling her that everyone will forget her, and in forgetting, she will no longer exist. Everyone leaves, ignoring Mab’s furious calls, and soon, she fades away into nothing, just the way she had feared from the beginning.


    In the end, we are all just facing our own shadow. If we can’t trust ourselves, we can never really trust any institution who demands our trust by decree and threat of force.

    To Where Our Oppositional Culture Takes Us

  23. kdt says:

    ok some thoughts on rand paul
    1)he is NOT worried about aliences in the senate
    2) he is not in the least afraid of the GOP
    3) he is PISSED OFF and it goes WAY beond “forigen aid” he is seething at times and contemptuous (refering to the senates learning curve as flat at one point)
    4)he is actualy speaking to “the people”not the senate
    5)anybody who thinks this guy is NOT for real is nutz! he is shaping up as every bit the ‘statesman” his old man has been and continues to be

    @flopot Anyway, it seems everyone is becoming some sort of f’ing libertartian now. Even those who don’t realize it.

    what do i hammer on ad nauseum about libertartian philosophy ? that it seeks to CONFORM to human nature rather than imposing an artificial structure on it.

    about your friends , as the curent system fails , and the curtains get pulled back on it’s fradulent nature. people are FORCED to think for themselves as the indoctrination provided by the prussian schooling we all receive fails to provide REAL answers and reality slaps the population across the face. this brings out the inner libertartian/cave man in every individual. funny how that works when it coms right down to it when the scocial contract gets streched to the point of ripping apart people snap right back to individualistic behavior like it is hard wired in to our brains or somthing.

  24. Jayme says:

    Essentially, the ‘gold standard’ is an attempt to reach out into the world and grasp something one can trust. Although the material properties of gold certainly exist, the lies and deceit of those who would define any ‘standard’ around themselves and their ability to impose usurious fees will not bring back trust for any enduring period of time. It seems to me that a fiat gold standard will be no better than the attempted re-inflation of the French fiat currency in the 1600’s.

    Fiat money inflation in France – Part 1: John Law

  25. Mabs says:

    @Jayme – ooh…you should talk more! Now I’m gonna check out your links – thanks! 🙂

    The only thing that makes life possible is permanent, intolerable uncertainty; not knowing what comes next.
    –Ursula K. Le Guin

  26. Mabs says:

    @kdt – well, it’s refreshing to see someone come out and admit libertarianism is about “our inner cavemen.”

    Regarding things “hardwired in our brains,” thankfully, our understanding of neuroplasticity has arrived, and not a minute too soon!

    But Mises Institute still sells this, for those who prefer the 19th century:

  27. Mabs says:

    But, at least.”the rich are goodnatured!”


  28. Jayme says:

    Sorry for bad info, it wasn’t 1600’s it was 16th century (1715 and later).

  29. Jayme says:

    I’m screwing up – it was 1715 and later. 🙁

  30. Flopot says:


    “The Market would take over from Politics”

    Lol. Yeh, sure, on whose terms?

  31. Mabs says:

    On whose terms?

    The good-natured rich people’s terms.


    They’re good & we’re bad…or somethin’……

  32. Flopot says:


    I’ll read that link although my gut is telling me I will not like it.

  33. Mabs says:

    Yeah…it’s only been the last few weeks that I’ve realized how elitist libertarians are.

    I always had a vague sense of unease about them, but if you can’t stand the two main parties……

  34. Mabs says:

    The “Hidden Hand” is really the good-naturedness of the rich towards what Rothbard calls the “unwashed masses,” it seems……

  35. Mabs says:

    …’course…Nature being what it is, lots of those unwashed masses will prove to be not viable, but you can’t argue with Mother.

  36. Mabs says:

    Libertarianism tends toward dictatorship.

    I’m new at this, please tell me how I’m wrong.


  37. Mabs says:

    From the Preface of Mark Twain’s The Gilded Age:

    “In a State where there is no fever of speculation, no inflamed desire for sudden wealth, where the poor are all simple-minded and contented, and the rich are all honest and generous, where society is in a condition of primitive purity, and politics is the occupation of only the capable and the patriotic, there are necessarily no materials for such a history as we have constructed.”

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