Bill Gross: ‘Buy Gold, Bitchez!’

Lots of fun as presenters are visibly shaken by Gross’ analysis: “…gold is limited, paper assets are unlimited. Gold is a store of value, paper money is not. When central banks write checks for trillions of dollars, you have to own physical assets. This IS NOT a crowded trade.”

11 comments on “Bill Gross: ‘Buy Gold, Bitchez!’
  1. @Max,

    sorry Billie. just because you found religion after Bernanke lynched you after you tried to short US treasuries and left your hide out to dry doesn’t absolve you of your criminal collusion to keep interest rates artificially low for all those years with the Bush admin.

    you’re STILL going to pay me….BIG ! get your affairs in order.

  2. not_me says:

    Borrowing by monetary sovereigns is “corporate welfare” according to Professor Bill Mitchel.

    So Bill Gross is a rich guy living off government welfare. Kinda low, isn’t that?

    So now he’s expecting some more government welfare – a return to the gold standard?

  3. Wiggins says:

    Everybody loves Gold. Rappers love gold. The Catholic Church loves gold. Queen Elizabeth II loves gold. Spanish Conquistadors love gold. Ron Paul loves gold. Bilderbergers secretly love gold. Electronics and future scientific instruments and components love and will love gold. Wasted college kids drink booze with gold in it. Sultans, Viziers, Shieks, and Caliphs love gold. China loves gold. India loves gold. World War Two vets keep gold in their fake legs in nursing homes while looking out the window over the highway at a billboard that says “We Buy Gold”.

  4. not_me says:

    Gold is a con perpetuated over the centuries by the usury and counterfeiting class.

  5. Jasha Blanka says:

    Stephen Leeb on CA w/ LL,”Gold is up because it jig is up”

  6. Jayme says:

    Bill Gross makes sense.

  7. steve says:

    Bill Goss still cannot afford to mention buying physical gold and silver as he would be out of business- I dont believe he is much of a reliable source.

  8. steve says:

    To ‘not me’- gold is not a con – paper is the con that is why we are in the mess we are in

  9. ZORRO LONDON says:

    but darling Bill here is promoting ETFs not physical, and the sheeple need to understand that only phizz will save them!


  10. jischinger says:

    out of curiosity – if the FED moves back to a gold standard what’s to stop them from confiscating your gold?

    I’d like to hash this out a bit – even if it means playing devils advocate

  11. not_me says:

    Fiat is not a con but “fiat gold” would be.

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