[KR324] Keiser Report: Crime, Crooks, Chaos

We discuss jihadi bots gone wild while the President of the United States was pumping and dumping Facebook stock. Max and Stacy also discuss what the first ever Predator droned American may mean to Goldman Sachs’ bottom line as the banks begins collateralizing crime and recidivism. In the second half of the show, Max Keiser interviews burning banks artist Alex Schaefer about his recent arrest for chalking the words, ‘crooks,’ ‘crime’ and ‘chaos’ in front of a Chase Bank in Downtown Los Angeles. The eight hours in jail means that the artist Alex Schaefer has done more time than any bankster since the financial crisis began.

Alex Schaefer’s Original Crime, Crooks, Chaos, Chalk . . .

113 comments on “[KR324] Keiser Report: Crime, Crooks, Chaos
  1. jarrollin says:

    the all start as freedom fighters ronron

  2. Jayme says:

    ronron @ Lyster

    Atlanta Rhythm Section – So Into You

  3. Youri Carma says:

    AJS – Steve Pieczneck Interview 2012.08.08: Is The CIA Director Mitt Romney’s VP Choice? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4uXKvstvuAM

    Frankly, looking back at the AJS – Steve Pieczneck interview, there is one particular movie scene which comes to mind in which is said: Listen, I am tired of your chickenshit games! I don’t want hints! I need to know what you know.” :) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NVNU5jkOwzU

    It’s from All the President’s Men (1976): http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0074119/ The movie handles Nixon’s “Watergate affair” and especially about the role the Washington post journalist played there in. A very big one. One of the journalists has to meet his ‘Deep Throat’ source in some abandoned concrete story parking garage.

  4. Youri Carma says:

    Dr. Steve Pieczenik: “Let’s address now the thing that are going on now” and I think are important: Cyberwar/China/Issue of Christianity, say Steve Pieczenik, “In a sober and systematic way.”

    Who is Steve Pieczenik? I think he’s also a middleman used by the NWO with very ol school Chicago ideas about how the US should ‘behave’ itself. Essentially the ol Machiavellian school tactics of divide and conquer, false flags and the enemy of my enemy is my friend and so on so forth. Playing out against each other the Sunnis and the Shiites, using the Kurds to divide and cause mayhem in Turkey, Syria, Iraq and Iran. Steve Pieczenik not only finds it perfectly allright but even argues strongly for general Petraeus to maintain a covert war. He must maintain covert operations between the Sunnis and the Shiites. CIA, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Qatar are funding and using Al-Qaeda/Salafis and the Muslim Brotherhood.

    We must understand that Pieczenik is also a very cynical man, “In this world you can’t choose the good guys and the bad guys”, he says. “We have to choose from the better of the worst.” This ‘Lesser of two evil’ view is a very cynical one in my opinion. Steve Pieczenik was involved in bringing in Mubarak after Sadad but “Mubarak is a corrupt individual” he says at the same time. This double think and talk isn’t the way to go either in my opinion next to a very selfdestructive cynical view of serving evil for evil because it won’t work that way in the end.

    Pieczenik isn’t completely accurate about his ‘who invented the internet’ assessment saying it was only DARPA and the CIA who brought forth the internet because later it was given to the Universities who brought internet into it’s maturity. Believing in Superman (read the secret services) fixed it all stories maybe uplifting for some but doesn’t serve reality.

    People really need each other and are in general very nice to each other if it wasn’t for the banksters creating all these wars. So how for heavens sake can Pieczenik say it’s not about banksters? In my humble opinion it’s all about the banksters and less about cyber wars like Pieczenik suggests. He does provide us with some clues to further investigate the 911 case.

  5. Youri Carma says:

    To look into the ’911 Who did it!?’ question Steve Pieczenik suggests to have a further look into:

    - Neocons/NSA (crazies from the basement)
    - General Michael Hayden monitored everybody during 911
    - 911 false flag for aligning FEMA/FEE
    - The airforce who was in charge of the airforce during 911 (Cheney had direct commant of NORAD during 911 and ordered the army planes to stand down)
    - What the false flags were that day
    - Who were the generals at time (the general staff of Bush/Cheney)
    - Bush-Junior
    - Cheney (who is liar and a alcoholic)
    - Hadley Chieff of staff
    - CIA (which is not a monolithic organisation)
    - Sadie’s
    - Mossad

  6. Steven Rowlandson says:

    When they have webpages like the one below you just know the end is near and the powers that be are clutching at straws to protect their crimes against investors in particular and humanity in general.

  7. Neville Bartos says:

    An appropriate use of force for such heinous acts


  8. Flopot says:

    Israeli Insanity Update

    “Israel’s plan to evict Palestinians from their West Bank homes to make way for army training zones aims at “evacuating the Palestinians from their land,” Palestinian Prime Minister Salam Fayyad said Wednesday. ”


    I think that a fifth of the West Bank is being cordoned off for IDF military training. A prelude to ethnic cleansing or, more accurately a ramping up of existing ethnic cleansing policies?

    Even ordinary Israelis are waking up to the chimera of the West Bank settlements and realise their government is fighting a low intensity war against the Palestinian people. If you think things are bad now what do you think will happen if a regional war breaks out? War radicalises politics and ethnic cleansing of the remaining Palestinians would be deemed acceptable.

    Ethnic cleansing in agonising slow motion. That is Israel’s Palestinian policy.

  9. Flopot says:


    Yeh, that article is not worth even commen….

  10. swell says:


    Pieczenik does bring a great deal of baggage to his arguments. Of course, General David Petraeus would make a fine vice president, he would lend much missing credibility to Romney. Romney has but a dirth of political options for a running mate. Rubio, for instance, is already a rabid tin-horn demagogue, and Huffingtonpost blasts the banner headline, ROMNEY AD: OBAMA HAS DECLARED ‘WAR ON RELIGION’ . Religious wars are clearly on the way. That pesky Constitution so gets in their way. But even Democrat Andrew Cuomo did his own damnedest to kill the Internet, maliciously savaging Usenet all while working shakedowns of ISPs. Pols in general are suspiciously tools of the elites.

    Yet Romney would probably actually be better served by choosing some declared supporter, like say, just for instance, Clint Eastwood or Jenna Jameson, than a dyed-in-the-wool politician.

    Huffingtonpost reports Wall Street has all but deserted Obama and Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan are fully throwing in with Romney, so apparently, for them, it’s do or die now.

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