Bitcoin discussed on “Adam vs. The Man”

7 comments on “Bitcoin discussed on “Adam vs. The Man”
  1. jischinger says:

    isn’t the guy who owns paypal a libertarian?

  2. kdt says:

    @jischinger he claims to be does he act like one? NO same as peter shiff in my book he just dont like ‘rules” and regulations HE would NOT like it on libritarian island where any body and every body who wanted to could open there own pay pal and take market share from him

    it would not be anything like what most people expect finished goods that any body can make would be so cheap that no one would manufacture them. vegetables? any body can grow a garden in there yard. chickens = egggs ect. all of it subject to suply gluts that will reduse there value in trade BUT it will be much cheaper to live so effective wages will be higher cities fewer towns smaller and individuals more self sufficient. services would be in a similar patern things that anybody could do would be VERRY cheap skilled work would be more valued and dangerious work would be extreemly expencive to hire out. monoplys would not exist, so corperations and ALL there isues would not either. an individual in that situation pulling crap like they pull would not survive long he would be strung up and left hang as a warning to others!
    would there be poverty? yep, people are lazy and there is no way around that fact. so there will be poor people. BUT no one would be holding the rest back and imo poverty would be redused as SOO many of the poor in our scocity are NOT lazy they are hamstrung handcuffed blindfolded and rendered deaf by there own screams of frustration.

    ahh well enuff of fanticy land WE are NOT headed that direction by any streach of the imagination unless it is on the far side of the coming darkage.

  3. gold bullet says:

    Bitcoin FTW!

  4. Al Kyder says:

    @ Adam
    @gold bullet
    Never seen your show before and all I can say s fck Yeah dude Great stuff, I feel for you but we all have to live in reality.

    [email protected]:)

  5. Alex says:

    Max is turning up the propaganda for bit coin. Its not money, its just a medium of exchange to circumvent the current system. Im trying it out and its a major pain in the ass and I am sure NSA could shut this down and take your coins on a whim.

    Im sure a hawala network could be setup for Julian if he really wanted. Its been around for thousands of years and leaves no trail.

  6. evolutis says:

    See how we struggle with the artificial complexity of an un-needed monetary belief?

    Information and energy do not show up as artificial, complicated, dead end “answers”, to “believe” in.
    Information and energy show up as different … reality, simple, efficient, high knowledge return, pre-exsistant, Algo.

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