Packing a Punch: Fist fights the norm in Ukraine’s parliament

18 comments on “Packing a Punch: Fist fights the norm in Ukraine’s parliament
  1. Tamir says:

    What the fuck is this?!?!

  2. flicks says:

    Definately Lendl has been a considerable plus for Murray. On the important points he couldn’t get the first serve in, anxiety is the cause and Lendl needs to find a way to help him ajust for it. All in all he did very well and improved from last year.
    They should take them lot and put um into the banks next time they fuck us over.

  3. Jayme says:

    LOL – “democracy in action” and civilization in reality.

    Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr’s Duel

  4. Paul says:

    My first reaction was ‘wow, look at these little kids pretending to be world leaders’.

    But by the end of the video I started to think ‘how come our government officials aren’t this passionate about the rule of law?’. I mean, you’d never see our phony a$$ polititians show any passion in our fake political system. Just one time I’d like to see Ron Paul or Denis Kussinich run up to Nancy ‘skeletor’ Pelosi or John Boner and give em one of these –>

    Aside from that, I’m sure our leaders watch videos like this one and say to themselves ‘we’re too civilized and professional to act like that’ and then they turn to sign a law that’ll transfer billions of dollars of wealth from the poor and middle class, through various skeems of ‘legal’ fraud, into the hands of the rich…just so they can be re-elected to another term of office from campaign donations paid to them by the same people that the bill helped to enrich.

  5. Tritone says:

    You got to fight for your right to Party!

  6. kdt says:

    @jayme andrew jackson fought duels on the white house lawn and got shot by an assin wile in office so the burr hamilton thing was NOT the last by a LONG shot! the charges against arron burr were political and hamilton was a traitor and DESERVED what he got we need that kind on ‘accountabillity” BACK in politics

  7. John Robb says:

    AGW deniers are everywhere, even in Ukraine’s parliment. Whether it’s in NYC or Kiev, the thing to do is give them guns, let them murder each other quickly, let these killing sprees run their course sooner than later. The sooner these guys annihilate each other, the sooner the planet will be saved.

    I’m sitting here in the midwest of USA. It’s hot in my house as I have no air conditioner. A denier friend called and invited me for a game of poker at his air conditioned house. I had to turn down the game as it was too much guilt for me to deal with. I chose to go swimming instead. Before I got out the door to hit the lake another friend called to invite me for chess at his air conditioned house. He’s a believer and a really nice guy. He’s so nice that he offered to come over in his car just to pick me up and give me a ride since it is Sunday and there is no bus service [I have no car]. He beat me in four moves and then dropped me at the beach.

    Yes, let parliments issue loaded guns. Git ‘er done!

    Once we remove the deniers from the airplanes we can fly in peace.

  8. youthinasia says:

    I’d love to see Grandma Pelosi sucker punch Eric Cantor. lol

  9. Barry Soetero says:

    Fisticuffs. . . so tame. Why not allow the US Senators and Representatives to open carry firearms. Think of it!. . .allowing legislators to have shoot-outs OK Corral style.
    Lock all doors while they are in session, only opening them once the shooting stops. C-Span shootouts! Now that’s entertainment. Theme music from “Fist Full of Dollars”.
    Survivors then use their firearms to shake down potential donors. YaaaaaHooooo!

  10. OlympiaLogger says:

    See… the Wild West didn’t die, it just shifted to the Ukraine.

    Even Micks hardly have the passion for a good Donnybrook anymore.

    If you don’t have this kind of heart for your cause, and aren’t willing to put it on the line to kick the opponent’s ass up between his shoulder blades, you’re just another limp-wristed brain washed pussy.

    YeeeHaaaa!!! (seriously)

  11. OlympiaLogger says:

    Bare knuckles or nothin’.

    Whoever suggested guns should convert to Muslimism forthwith.
    That’s for cowards and cavemen with car keys.

  12. Hegelian Dialectic says:

    So, ya think CSPAN will go all PPV on your ass now?

  13. OlympiaLogger says:


    Naw, that would trivialize it eventually.
    As good as it is, most of them don’t have real blood-in-their-eye game let alone the moves.

    On Friday the two best performer should be picked and have the damned holy hell promoted out of them through Saturday and the big HBO throwdown on Sunday.
    A good Marketing firm… uh… like ours for instance, could keep life breathed into that model for many seasons.

  14. OlympiaLogger says:

    “Merkel will give them two sets up and serve underarm…
    …she’ll still thrash them I might say.”

    “Yeah, well I could have beaten the Irish.”

    “Oh yeah, who’s the owner?”

  15. Ukrainians are very tollerant people. I used to receive exasperated bulletis from “1st Battalion Scotts Guards Colour Sergeant, Nori, who used to settle in the new Diplomatic Protection Squad arrivals from UK. Col.Sgt. Nori had to deal with Tony Blair’s young Diplomats, who lampooned the Ceremonial Guaard at the War Memorial Annual Wreath laying ceremony. They immitated John Cleese’s Ministry of Silly Walks, Monty Python commedy sketch, and laughed and giggled throughout the ceremony. Such exemplary Diplomatic conduct NOT! The Tony Blair’s Ambassador ran a mariage bureau from the British Embassy, which was the laughing stock of every bar in Ukraine. Poor Col. Sgt. Nori nearly had a nervous breakdown over it all.

  16. mike says:

    Vitali Klitschko, World Heavyweight Champion, is about to be elected to Ukraine’s parliament in October. He had the highest knockout record of any Heavyweight Champion in history. Maybe then we can see some clean KO’s on Parliament TV.

  17. snotglue says:

    Is there a betting line?

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