Max Goes BALLISTIC!! on Al Jazeera: Barclays, Libor, Bob Diamond, Bank of England and Cameron

139 comments on “Max Goes BALLISTIC!! on Al Jazeera: Barclays, Libor, Bob Diamond, Bank of England and Cameron
  1. Mini US says:


    Hello mate.
    I was in Byron about two months ago.
    Don’t tell me you boy is there now?
    Ah, missed him again???

  2. Mini US says:

    These guys are just more Status Quo Dwellers.
    They are all benefitting from the status quo and, as such, will not argue against it.
    Love your work Max.

  3. TheTribster says:

    My hero! You, Max are my hero. Cesspool, what a perfect description of London and the state of financial regulation. That guy is nothing more than a stem, a pinhead or even a fucknut. Max is one of the only people that actually vents appropriately on these shows, you have to love it. Its a shame we can’t get Max on American television somehow, RT just doesn’t have the distribution (yet). Would love to see Max on CNBC for one day, I would absolutely pay money to watch that. I can see ripping Steve Leisman’s head off (talk about a fucknut!). How about ignorant, arrogant Joe Kernan? Or better yet, even the biggest shill Kramer. Wow, what a thing to watch. Max would destroy these guys in seconds, and they all need it to happen. Unfortunately they would never have Max on but they do occasionally have Peter Schiff. If CNBC wants to get the viewers back and then some, give Max a show at primetime – kill Kramer’s comedy hour and replace with Max. I’m ABSOLUTELY sure that CNBC rating would go through the roof! I know it would get me to actually watch the channel. Think of the integrity boost to CNBC, think of the lost interviews, think of the Wall Street shunning they would get 🙂
    I love it, they have to turn off his microphone 🙂 Your the man Max, no doubt. I wish there was some way to get more Americans exposed to you and others like you (truth tellers). As you know, America is all but lost to the financial monkeys on Wall Street. Our society now measures someone by the size of their wallet, intellect, integrity, honesty and all the other classic metrics have been disregarded. The financial terrorism being deployed over the last 20 years has destroyed everything in our society, our jobs, our family structure, our wealth and most of all our future! and the future of generations of Americans. I know this is a global conspiracy and Europe is on the front line but its pretty clear that ultimately it the fault of America – we are responsible (more than less) for the state of the world. All we export now is war, weapons and financial terrorism. Hard to believe that a country I was so proud to be part of is now, to me, the most disgusting place on Earth. Our politicians at every level are corrupt, our corporations right the laws and regulations to suit them and screw us, the middle class. Unfortunately, I’m convinced it will take a global revolution to change things, one that requires the majority of the populace to be active and involved if it is to be successful. I do think they will push us far enough for it to happen.
    I watch everything you put on the net Max and Stacy! You both are so fantastic at and for doing this. BTW, CONGRATULATIONS on getting engaged – I would love to come to your wedding (hopefully in Paris!)

  4. asif says:

    Max you should write a book exposing wall street, the combination of your humour and knowledge of the way wall street operates would make it a must read!!!!

  5. OlympiaLogger says:

    Well… “Brits” have one less thing to be sanctimonious about.

    Formerly unarmed english cops are being issued Canadian made M-4’s.
    30,000 of them.

    The London Olympics will just be the best Olympics ever…

  6. proxyoflove says:

    They term it a ‘regulatory underlap’
    With a ‘millon paragraphs’ of crap
    Used to peddle these lies
    While capitalism dies
    To your truth Max I doff my cap

  7. jischinger says:

    S FX – would have been great if max came through the tube and grabbed the guy by his tie…

    say, anyone here really into Tarpley?

  8. Terry says:

    Bang Bang Max’s silver hammer come down upon their heads.
    Bang Bang Max’s silver hammer made sure they were dead.
    Way to go Max, keep saying what needs to be said. You are saving lives not just ours theirs as well. The mood from the public is getting all medievil from this shitstorm of crime.

  9. proxyoflove says:

    @ Alf, yep, right on. I tend to write first and read comments after cos I like the sound of my own blah, but you said it already 😉

  10. proxyoflove says:


    I’ll be the first to call myself a bit of a twat, it’s easier that way, so if we agree why are we fighting? It takes all kinds to make a world so I can accept you have some crackerjack opinions that I don’t share. xx

  11. Silver Phoenix says:

    > “respectable demeanour”
    Makes your skin crawl. Here’s an example of that in spades while they spew nonsense:

  12. Vonda Bra says:

    Jul 4, 2012 by silver futurist

    No independence

    Who ever controls your life support controls you. Who will be your master?

    “When we get piled upon one another in large cities, as in Europe, we shall become as corrupt as Europe” – Thomas Jefferson

  13. Jayme says:

    @Mark Lytle – cool/dark music video.

    @Mini US – “Ex-Barclays CEO claims rivals also rigged Libor” 😆 – exactly what Max was saying. This thing should have been ring fenced a long time ago.

  14. proxyoflove says:

    Y’know I can’t help think that as the program reached it’s final word on ‘what should be done’, I can’t be arsed to quote, but the other two underlined their wishy-washy views with more intangible bollocks seemingly hoping their next interview might be taking notice of their lack of any firm stance. Making them agreeable with superficial concern yet palatable with vanilla banality.

    As pointed out by ours truly, it’s a choice of whether you want capitalism and free market price discovery; unfettered competition, or communism by another name; command and control by the status quo. Certainly ‘meritocracy’ has a chance of developing in the former. The latter is serfdom. Any other commentary is apologist to the status quo as we have just seen.

  15. My name is “ALASTAIR ROBERT CARNEGIE” In 1974 I was interviewed by “Major GERALD ENDERBY-SMITH” then Managing Director of The Fuji Bank, London, to fill the vacancy of “Diplomatic Protection” I had recently been Ordained as a R.M.P.T.A. Military Chaplain. William (Bill) Shevelin O.B.E., R.A.F. (Head of Security, The London Hilton Hotel) had put my name forward. Bill lived with Gerald and Daphne Enderby-Smith at 2B The Mansions, Earls Court, London, and was not as fit as former days.

    I was honoured to receive the appointment…I well remember one incident when Gerry returned from work (He was appointed to the Fuji Bank, by our UK Foreign Office under the terms of Japan’s surrender) …he said for the first time “Let’s go for a drink!”, and Gerry lead the way to a nearbye Public House that overlooked Brompton Cemetry.

    “Alastair, I had to shoot somebody today!”….Gerry confessed. “But you work in an ‘open-plan’ office Gerry, how? why?….” Gerry then explained the situation, he was a man of few words, and very precice! the “how?” question was answered by telling me he always kept a loaded service revolver in his desk!..the why question took a bit longer to answer.

    When Mrs. Thatcher first came to office, Gerry received a call from No 10 Downing Street…She wanted Gerry to become “Governor of The Bank of England”…we discussed that proposition at length over another pint of beer, I asked Gerry to do what his heart told him NOT his head… “In that case I will stay in my post, Richard Hiscox and Simon Halford need a lot more training to fill my shoes! ” …Good!” was my response, then Gerry asked me “What should I tell Mrs. Thatcher if she asks me what I would have done first, if I had have accepeted the post? it’s a standard question Alastair” …Without hesitation, I responded “She is going to need to lift Police Moral, if she is to implement her manifesto promises to rein in the Unions, I wouls suggest a “PAY RISE!” …Gerry was pleased with my answer! “That’s perfect Alastair!”

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  16. Youri Carma says:


    The London Olympics will be the biggest satantic fest ever. And as on every satanic event there will be sacrifices. Hope your ass will not be sacrificed by these lunatics.

    Media Blackout: Olympic False Flag Attempt Revealed

    Whistleblower Reveals Plan To Evacuate London During Olympics

  17. kdt says:
    roid rage at the olimpic trials in france check this out grown man assaults track mascott(14year old girl) after WINING?

  18. karate kid says:

    the penny stop makeing it?
    the delusion is the dollar has any worth the dollar itself is worthless

  19. karate kid says:

    on this 4 july

    why is not everyone freaking out about all the coruption!1!

    the ball and the bat

    you see when the bat swings the masses yell and sigh

    so the day is comin the ball is hit out of the ball park
    the corruption reaches a critical mass and a complete collpase
    and the reset
    the reset is gold is king and dollar is worthless
    no big deal no skin off your bones

    unless you are holding the the bat and not the gold

    get your gold beeches

    fbeard was last seen jumping off of big ben i guess those paper stocks failed him

  20. evolutis says:

    Ever get the feeling that nature is about to throw the switch on the homo sapiens, concept of cell division and go with life forms that actually look after one another? … For well over 2 million years a support system not only of the hairless ape but all life.

    We chucked it all … for a progression of headlines about an artificial malignancy ,,, “Barclays, Libor, Bob Diamond, Bank of England and Cameron” … REALLY!! Rich and poor alike is this what we have pushing our buttons?? The functional obsolescence, just jumps right out at you, if you a pay, even a little. attention and make the distinctions. Next headline!

    We can only hope that we respect this gathering of natural phenomena. We need a very big dose of humility in front of nature. We are designed to thrive within nature. anything else is a false, unsustainable environment.

  21. OlympiaLogger says:

    @Youri Carma,

    Yes, I know.
    And thanks for your hope.
    Each of my days is already a living sacrifice and resurrection.
    Each of my days is already a little more and a little more, death to Self.
    My way is narrow and God continues to make it narrower.
    Nothing I do will be snatched out of God’s hand and into Satan’s… can’t be done, won’t be done.

    You might be interested in this… remember this is the usual internet jumble of ideas. You’ll have to take some of this with a grain of salt.

  22. OlympiaLogger says:

    Somethings though are outside the outer space ozone zone.
    Like the first on the scene pilots seeing ignition patterns, seldom if ever seen.
    And surgical-like fire damage. That point was too obvious to be overlooked and made it onto Fox31 here.

    SCREW “Global Warming” the fires were SET !!!!!

    Global Warming Hoaxters are INSANE. …period…

  23. Sir David Rottentrousers says:

    Only read a few of the early comments but @kdt, are you a numbskull???

    Why would Max need a vacation when he’s obviously having fun yelling at these idiots? Not only that… THIS WHY WE ALL COME HERE TO SEE MAX… HE’S DOING WHAT WE ALL CANNOT DO!!!!!

  24. the ipud says:

    Why does the guy doing the introduction say “lee-bore”? What the fuck is with these British fags and their alternate pronunciations? Please exterminate all British fags as promptly as possible!

  25. jarrollin says:

    Quick question: What has happened to all the protests, specifically Occupy WS, that, as of last fall, everybody said would be going crazy by now? I see absolutely no reporting or mention of them.

  26. Sirius Black says:

    That Philip whatsisname guy wasn’t trying so much to say “there was no manipulation” as to say “blah blah blah…this is all very complicated and boring, let us handle it…blah blah blah…” Max cut through all the hoohaw and told it like it is: fraud, racketeering and corruption on the scale of many trillions of dollars. Like someone above said, this is not an occasion for speaking calmly, it is an occasion for heads to roll, handcuffs to click shut, and Savile Row suits to be exchanged for orange jumpsuits.

  27. Stevef says:

    But Max, don’t the crooks all need to go to jail to restore confidence in Capitalism?

  28. Capt. Ray says:

    this interview ends with this: [@25:00]
    “…that the authoreties were trying to make sure that precicely the people who use the financional system were able to benefit from the improved credit supply that was comming to the bank…”.

    …nuff said!

  29. Bonn says:

    Nothin like In – House – Anglo – Saxon – Fighting…….As long as somethin keeps you occupied from invadin another Country
    Hic 😉

  30. Bonn says:

    That guy almost pissed in his Pants
    Hic 😉

  31. TinaW says:

    I am a female Max Keiser. Nobody wants to listen to the truth, but I will not stop speaking the truth.
    I am persecuted. Oh, well.
    I am still learning about this whole economic house of cards.

  32. flicks says:

    £50bn UK QE Today ?

    Watching Diamond yesterday it became even more clear that nailing these people will be difficult, the guy was full of himself pleading ignorance of the matter or ducking and diving while blaming everyone else.

    They try to demarcate the manipulation from traders doing it for themselves and then again in 2008 with the inference of Labour instigation. It’s one long continuous manipulation of a load of markets. But it’s only manipulation when someone on high decides and then how the cards are going to be delt using mainmedia/regulation and timing for any wider political manoeuvers.

    When King and Co at the BoE spoke late last week I’m sure they expected Diamond to go within seconds – he held on and clearly another ‘chat’ was necessary. The fact that he didn’t even get that he had been delt an ace of spades from MSM; BoE; FSA speaks volumes.

    We have yet to realise that we can’t regulate the psychopathy that is at the root of all this, we have to screen/remove it and stop pretending we need these hateful insidious creatures.

  33. Huge Mungus says:

    Max, you OWNED those knuckleheads today. You knocked them off-balance, forced them to address crime and fraud, and took control of the narrative.

  34. Alf says:

    @evolutis…’functional obsolescence’…these two words encompass everything
    people are trying to say about the whole financial system…maybe not just the
    financial system?

  35. Lord Justice says:

    Keiser for King. God save the King.

  36. We are deep deep down the “Rabbit Hole” and there are some very unhappy bunnies at The Tavistock Institute!….Damascus and most of Syria was supposed to be a smoking pile of rubble by now. Nooz would have been censored under emergency war powers… TV & Press would be only allowed to cover “Our Heroes” in action, and returning home in Flag-draped coffins!

  37. evolutis says:

    Based on the evidence as it presents – The take away

    “The largest rigging

    of prices

    in the HISTORY

    of the world,

    by many orders of magnitude” [Bill Black]

    Brood about that … is there not something very wrong with something you seriously believed in? Have we hit a “flat earth” moment? Moreover, you have the data, so once you have the data, we should be able to do the right thing, by thinking of ways to move forward, “outside the environment” that entangles, your every move.

    Reactive: Punishments, are not solutions just [feel good] non-solution practices, that reinforce the environment, repeat cycle that imprisons us all. Punishment is what the environment is all about … we need not ratchet up the violence … we have a surplus.

    Proactive:The monetary religion is not a science. Is it not time we went back to a natural system that we were designed to highly, function within. No panacea just high function.

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