Germany to ‘save’ euro, endgame gold

3 comments on “Germany to ‘save’ euro, endgame gold
  1. MirrorMirror says:

    Nice little Clip … posted elsewhere already !

    A Blueprint to Kill JP Morgan’s Alleged Massive Manipulative Position in the Silver Futures Market

    from J.S. Kim’s-alleged-massive-manipulative-position-silver-futur


  2. Modern Money Mechanics says:

    Max & Stacy,
    Congratulations on your nuptials!

    I’m watching Max and Hugo in Greece. May I suggest it would be more clear if you made a distinction to you audience between value and price. Value is what can be traded with a given ounce of silver while price is not the value of silver (which is constant) but the momentary value of the local paper currency.

    In other words, the world is upside down. Most things are constant in value, including labor, but the value of paper currency is always changing.

    You know this of course, but if this frame of reference could be seen more clearly by your audience I think it would make a more powerful message.

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