Wall St. Journal covers gold and silver manipulation

Here we are covering the story 4 years ago:

11 comments on “Wall St. Journal covers gold and silver manipulation
  1. Mike says:

    Right, it was a mistake. Because people never check twice before making $1.2 billion transactions.

  2. Evolutis says:

    Manipulation by the one, or the many … How many fat fingers does it take to pick up on oblivious sport of a monetary religion?

  3. LinuxLiberal says:

    Central Banks are now purchasing precious metals because they know first hand the writing is on the wall. But before they purchase, they make sure to put it on sale for themselves! The bounceback is them re-buying.

  4. Bernanke said it in Congress, the Fed will print however many $$$ quadrillions of $$$ dollars it takes. The Fed can finance the dumping of a cubic lightyear of paper silver/paper gold onto the market, and nobody cares a hoot….It’s a ‘complicated trade!’…Only the wise can understand.

  5. Evolutis says:

    @Allastair Carnegie … When it’s last callones there just one vulture standing in the room, drying it’s wings?

  6. Evolutis says:

    Callones ?? The fat finger strikes again … Sorry, Should read …. Last call. Is there just one vulture

  7. Thinker says:

    this is not a fat fingure or a huge trade by some trader nor the banks trading, its plain and simple but no one seems to look at it this way,, it’s simply a manipulations/editing of the prices/numbers from the main data sources, they’re simply changing numbers in the source feeds it’s done in FX and i know i was one of the main platform mt4 programmers that brokers used to send their clients prices, we could do anything with the feeds and trust me that did .. get me data from the sources and ill prove it but thats the 10000000 dollar question, were are the main feeds originating from? cme? then its time to audit sources tecknolagy . think out of the box. or better yet, f the banks and the cme paper destorted sources lets put together a true free market source feeder, we could get all the retail bullion dealers on and start form their.

  8. Jeff says:

    Hey!!! Sssshhh!! Stop frickin complaining about the manipulation and the slam downs they’re gggggreat! It’s a win win for everyone who knows what’s going on. Those manipulating the price understand where Gold and Silver are gonna end up; us lot that’s buying physical know where Gold and Silver’s going, they get their outcome (a false reality that’s conning the sheeple into believing that everything’s all right in the paper economy) and we get to buy physical at depressed prices! What’s not to love! Why do you want the manipulation to end! Then Gold and silver will sky rocket and we won’t be ale to buy any more. Don’t let the cat out of the bag too soon.

  9. Evolutis says:

    @Thinker … Thanks for the must needed jolt … Fine tune tour idea … Sounds like it has some promise.

  10. Chris says:

    A mere $9 trillion US debt ceiling? Ah, those were the days.

    I love seeing Stacy in the gambling scene. That is Stacy, right?

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