Twitter to Feds: Fuck You

7 comments on “Twitter to Feds: Fuck You
  1. SilverCondom says:

    I don’t trust Twitter or any corporation for that matter.

    I don’t have any account on those big “social” networks.

  2. SpaceMonkey says:

    Twitter’s days are numbered then…

  3. Mark says:

    No, Twitter’s day’s aren’t numbered. At least those who operate Twitter are standing up for the people. If Twitter isn’t an idea of a favorite “social network” for some, than that’s too bad. Don’t comment on it if you don’t lose it.

    The Fed’s don’t have any power over you until you give it to them. When are people going to figure that out? If they never do figure it out, than this nation is doomed.

    Too many people are giving their lives away without a battle. However, I strongly project that this is going to change. Particularly as we watch “net value” of the people go down to “0” net worth, or even negative territory.

    Hell, everyone should be supporting Twitter, not the idiots attacking Twitter. Figure it out. What if the dumb ass Feds came knocking at your door?

    Get a fucking clue, people. Those of us that are sick and tired of events taking place in this world that do not coordinate with the fundamental principles of this nation are all armed. Why do you think that guns were one of the best selling items (along with ammunition) in this country over the past year? I’ll tell you why. . .groups are setting themselves up to make a statement to those governing our states and the Federal Government.

    This is no joke. Ted Nugent is one of the most outspoken people on gun rights. He makes more sense when he speaks than Barack Obama will ever be able to figure out. Barack Obama is a total fake, and the people have figured it out. He has held back on proving his citizenship and provided falsified information to governing panels of the nation. He also avoids providing transcripts from the academic institututions he attended. Why? B ecause he’s a fake. Anyone that is not a fake would just say, “Okay ~ here is my birth certificate and here are my transcripts.” I wonder how anyone even makes it into office or has to ability to run for office without that information readily available for qualification to the board who determines who can run for office. Stupid mistake we made with that fellow. Very stupid.

    People had better begin thinking, and they had better start thinking FAST. Anyone group that tries to stifle a person from their freedom of speech should be …SH”OT.



  4. Eric says:

    Twitter’s days are numbered then…

    Yup, Twitter as we know it is toast. The principals will be found guilty of consensual sex with unknown domestic terrorists and extradited to Guantanamo. If Mittens gets elected we might even see a return to people accused of satanic and/or pagan broom ridding.

    But – knowing the nature of the internet – Chats and BBS will pop up like mushrooms. Heck! we might even go back to using UUNET using cell phones as repeaters. Toss in some PGP encryption and the neo-stasi can go back to taking down lemonade stands and SWAT raiding intramural cup-cake sales.

  5. chris m says:

    Good on you, Twitter.

    Pity though that I still dont trust them.

  6. The Silver Junkie says:

    “The Fed’s don’t have any power over you until you give it to them.”
    The Fed has the power. Here is how they got it by are consent.
    Season of Treason Full

    A bit long, but well worth the info.

  7. Apocalypto says:


    You would do better to exclude Ted Nugent from your argumentation when you’re trying to establish who is and who isn’t “fake”. Nugent – for all his loud talk about patriotism – is a weakling and a fraud.

    You are aware that he spent days soiling himself in preparation for his draft hearing to avoid going to Vietnam? Is that patriotic?

    I’ve brought this information to forums where some people loudly support Nugent and the best retort they could come up with was “You’re thinking of Frank Zappa, dumbass” (not true, it was Nugent) and “Well, Vietnam wasn’t a war worth fighting for!” (That one really made me laugh.)

    War is great with Nugent as long as it isn’t HIM DOING THE FIGHTING. Some patriot. Fuck him.

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