The Occupy Wall Street organizers say they are planning to hold hundreds of rallies, strikes, and sit-ins in 120 cities


9 comments on “The Occupy Wall Street organizers say they are planning to hold hundreds of rallies, strikes, and sit-ins in 120 cities
  1. OlympiaLogger says:

    LOOK at THIS !!!
    THIS is a MUST SEE !!!!!


  2. OlympiaLogger says:


  3. SilverCondom says:

    OWS movement is full of hot air.
    If 99% of US population in the streets: game over for the banksters and their NWO.
    It does NOT happen.

  4. @M&S,

    CAT is on strike? but how are Israelis going to bulldoze Palestinian homes and murder innocent people?

  5. OlympiaLogger says:

    Yeah, but it would really be neat if it did !!!

  6. Sandra says:

    Go OWS!

    Here’s one small example of why they are protesting the corporate takeover of America.

    Susie Cagle claims that in the US, “county jails have outsourced their health services for years, to the tune of more than $30 million each year.” Susie, a journalist who was arrested while reporting on the general strike in Oakland, contends that private corporations now dictate the policies of those services. She claims that in Alameda County, where there are allegations of sexual harassment concerning the searches of women, arrested women have been forced to pee into cups, in open cells for pregnancy tests mandated by a private health care provider corporation.

  7. Mark says:

    Who are the organizers of this proclaimed OWS movement? They are like the Tea Party Movement, neither of them has found a real leader. I like Sarah Palin but she’s not a leader. She didn’t even show up to the Tea Party event in Henderson, Las Vegas. That was the second Tea Party event after the Searchlight event.

    Max, why don’t you try and encourage these people to occupy the White House? We need an OWH movement, not OWS movement. There are plenty of middle class people that can find jobs that can help lead the others. More and more people are feeling their pain. What they are doing is standing up and trying to say they have had enough. They have had enough of watching Barack Obama and his wife dining at 35,000 dollar meal parties to raise capital for their next fiasco. They have had enough about hearing how he plays golf while they go out and hope to have a job the next day that will support them and their family. What is happening right now (as happened during the past two administrations in the US) is the biggest hoax in American history. This joke could go back prior to the Kennedy administration. You should all know what I’m talking about.

    Until we get people to be representatives of the people by dressing up and leading by example, none of these OWD movements or Tea Party movments will work. When I was at the Tea Party in Henderson, some jokester went up on stage. He bragged about his daughter being accepted at Stanford University. I wanted to puke. He was promoting the exact problem we have right now ~ Ivy League idiots occupy the White House. Until that changes, nothing is going to change for this country.

    Tell me, who amongst you all believes that the military action the United States has performed against foreign nations we are not associated with has done any bit of good for our country. Tell me. That’s the biggest bunch of crap I have ever seen in my life. Throwing bombs at camels and children of another nation. How did that work in Afghanistan, Iraq and the neighboring countries? How is it going to work with Iran? For the benefit of oil? Yes, come on, tell me the truth.

    Listen to me, Osama bin Laden was dead a LONG time before Barack Obama professes to have captured him, and killed him. I don’t give a shit what the Navy Seals say, he has been dead for years. Between Bob Moriarty, myself and a couple of other writers, we had the documentation online for years! What in the hell was the world doing, sleeping?

    Wake up America! Fast! You are getting screwed, and the way in which you are getting screwed doesn’t feel good.



  8. Sandra says:

    Another possible corporate issue for OWS (and everyone else standing up for liberty and justice)

    Zuckerberg has announced a Facebook initiative for members to specify whether they are organ donors on their profile page. This would be fabulous news if Zuckerbergs claims of its altruistic motives were accurate.

    However unlikley it might appear, a more sinister intention, though, might be apparent to some after reading the quotes below from the, “Sweet Liberty,” site,

    “The National Organ Transplant Act, approved by Congress in 1984, banned profits from the sale of tissue. But no company or tissue bank has been prosecuted. “The law has never been tested in court. Nobody has ever decided what is selling and what isn’t,”


    “Companies and tissue banks step around the law by charging marked-up fees to handle and process the body parts. They avoid billing for the tissue itself. The law allows for reasonable fees to cover processing costs without defining reasonable. ”

    and lastly

    “The two largest for-profit companies in the tissue industry recorded a combined $142.3 million in sales last year, and each pays its chief executives more than $460,000 annually, records show. The nation’s four largest nonprofit tissue banks say they will generate a total of $261 million in sales this year. And prices are rising. ”

    If CISPA becomes reality, our Facebook profiles will become available to dubious and shady entities (In fact lets face it we all believe they already are.) The question is if and when the police state becomes even more established, will a situation arise where.

    1. A disoroportionate number of Facebook organ donors will be killed in car accidents
    2. A disproportinate number of Facebook recorded organ donors will be arrested on trumped up charges or certified insane and mysteriously die in custody or in asylums
    3. A disproportionate number of Facebook organ donors will diappear to FEMA camps or on the grounds of the NDAA and never be seen again.

    etc. etc.

    But maybe I just have an overactive imagination or am hyper-cynical. Do note, though that similar concerns have been reported with regard to China.

    I am just waiting for the next tiptoe progression where Facebook is asking donors to record blood and tissue type. Then the potential for us to be harvested to order will truly become a reality.

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