Teaser time! Self-feeding vicious loop of energy production!

15 comments on “Teaser time! Self-feeding vicious loop of energy production!
  1. kdt says:

    yea but is decreseing suply the main driver, or is it inflation? to me the suply should not be falling this fast (even with “peak oil”) as consumption is falling like a rock as unimployment reduses demand, this has already been observed in the market and the new unimployment numbers say it is continuing . this is the efect of free mony seeking goods(imo) these people are beting that the krugmans of the world are corect and all this cheap cash will cause growth wich will suport there bets. PONZI!!!!!!

  2. Tritone says:

    Now that Japan has 30% more energy to import, as a result of quake,
    will this put inflationary pressures on energy ?
    Will Japan & China (booming economy) buy all USA coal & natural gas
    and leave all the ” gringos” out in the cold?

  3. kdt says:

    @vonda bra http://ireport.cnn.com/docs/DOC-786725?hpt=us_bn2
    ok our boy R.P. has EVERY body freaking out at this point!! WTF are his ACCUAL numbers?? between his SANDBAGGING and the gop’s spin o’matic media control i cant figure it out. and if anybody would have ANY clue on his score it should be your self so SPILL IT! (please)

  4. @Max, Stacy

    hey! i sent that story to you guys. glad you liked it and used it.

  5. Vonda Bra says:

    @ kdt | May 7, 2012 at 5:25 pm |

    Sorry, I am just as clueless as anybody!? I´m not that much into it, to follow the daily see-saw of that obviously extremely complicated procedure of delegate count ;-), that not even the fully involved ones seem to understand, or end up struggling over “rules”…. and constant cheating, fighting and GOP-threatening …
    its a complete mess to me and too much of a FARCE!!! to keep up with … especially given the complete MSM-blackout on this/or propaganda LIES everywhere… papers show different numbers all the time, or are not updated etc. etc. … I gave up.
    I just try to keep informed in general … sending good vibes to those fighting for justice in this battle ….
    too much still seems to hang at poise or can change every day ????

    I´ll post it, if I happen to find some “accurate” numbers 😉 😀

    This revolution IS NOT being televised! 🙂

  6. Vonda Bra says:

    @ kdt

    you may want to watch this:
    Reality check – Ben Swann – 5/3/12

    ? 😀

  7. A pendulum is mounted on a bearing that is free to move downward by 10 mm. it is held up by a weak spring/rubber band. The pendulum arm is 500 mm. long, and at the end is an arc segment of steel, subtending say 45 degrees angle. Attached to each side of this steel arc segment, are three 10 mm wide arc stripes of magnet, N-S-N on one side, S-N-S on the other side. The pendulum swings between two similar but longer arc segments, say from 2 o-clock to 7 o-clock. These tracks are also 10 mm wide, but only a dual track. At 2 o-clock the polarity is N-S, and S-N on the other side, this alligns perfectly with the lower S-N and N-S tracks of the pendulum arc segment. When the pendulum is stationed at launch position 12 o-clock, there is a strong magnetic attractive force wanting to pull the pendulum into the ‘stator’ arc gap at 2 o-clock.

    Releasing the pendulum, the motion is clockwise, and the pendulum rapidly shoots into the gap with strong acceleration. But when the pendulum reaches about 5 o-clock, the extremely strong force of centripetal acceleration, combined with the additional force of gravity, start to overcome the restraining force of the bearing spring/rubber band. Also the force is sufficient to make the magnets shift 10 mm. so by 6 0-clock of rotation, we have like polarity on both sides of pendulum and stator tracks. S-N meets S-N on one side, and N-S meets N-S on the other. Now the pendulum arc segment wants to escape! and so accelerates out of the gap with attitude!

    If there were no magnets, and the pendulum was launched from the 12 o-clock position, it would not quite make it back to 12 o-clock. So it would oscillate back and forth till exhausted….But, with the strong acceleration imparted by the magnetic tracks described above, the pendulum has no problem returning to 12 o-clock with plenty of spare angular velocity to spare! Don’t please argue! MAKE IT! DO IT! FIND OUT! BY EMPIRICAL EXPERIMENT! that is the scientific method!

    CAVEAT!…DANGER!…BEWARE!…There is a Quote:-
    “Self-feeding vicious loop of energy production!”

    The next rotation of the pendulum has a head start, and a greater and greater head start with eack revolution….SO PLEASE ONLY EXPERIMENT WITH CHEAP, WEAK FERRITE MAGNETS….Do NOT experiment with high power Neodymium magnets, because you just might kill somebody or even youirself! As added safety allow a decent sized gap between rotor segment and stator tracks. You can always narrow the gap by adjustment later….Have fun folks!

  8. Dpyan says:

    Oh jeez, i thought it said “Taser time” for a second.

  9. Anonymous Coward says:

    Stacy should be congratulated on the colour of her blouse. Full marks. Keep up the good work.

    Some oil companies own the natural gas sources that they use to make steam to extract the heavy oil from underground. It isn’t as expensive in terms of energy use as you think and some Canadian oil companies own more than enough gas to extract all their heavy oil.

  10. I_Cant_Believe_Its_Just_a_Dip says:

    @M&S, engineers call it a positive feedback loop, and by their very nature are usually exponentially unstable unless filtered or dampened in some way
    @Alastair Carnegie, sounds interesting but can you give a link for that – it would help make it clearer, thanks.

  11. Daidalos says:

    It is INDUCED Peak Oil. Fake, fraud, Etc… It is not real.

    It’s Peak Coke around here… I bought my petrol this week for £1.47 per litre. The 15 year old Range Rover (I live in the sticks and drink a lot) takes around £100 to fill.
    Our lass asked me to get her a can of coke, so I did- 330ml (A third of a litre) cost me £1.10
    They now want me to drink Gasoline? Is this gonna be the next minimum price per unit of alcohol but in hydrocarbons?

  12. Basil says:

    The Tar Sands are an inefficient energy source. The story is EROEI, where the return is about 1.5 to 1 ie. it takes 1 unit of energy to produce 1.5 units of energy. When it reaches 1 to 1 you have what is referred to as an energy sink and the production ends. The Tar Sands are effectively an operation that turns natural gas into gasoline, while polluting the land, air and water.
    However, our owners are making a fortune on this insanity and assure us there is no alternative. Yeah right.

  13. Jayme says:

    Republican Delegate Tally

    Ron Paul is picking up delegates but it doesn’t look like enough to prevent Romney from getting the nomination. If the strategy is to help prepare the soil for the next election, he may be successful. By that time, the economy will be under Romney’s control and ready for change.

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