Steve Keen’s discussion of parallel currencies gaining currency

11 comments on “Steve Keen’s discussion of parallel currencies gaining currency
  1. johnseattle says:

    He said he did not understand why they are repeating the economic disaster of the 1930’s that led to WW2. Well it may not be accidental but intentional!

  2. MrJones says:

    This waiting game is killing me. Can we just crash and get it over with.

  3. Robert Mockan says:

    Here is an interesting article on how to make gold from tungsten.

    Will gold bugs be squashed? Will the insane oligarchs let people buy gold now that it will become worthless (and people do not know it yet)?

    Can I have gold chalices, plates, and dinnerware?

    Stay tuned for more important announcements about the world the insane oligarchs have created.

  4. Kevin Eshbach says:

    Any guesses on how many pair of Depends the host went through?

  5. chris m says:

    i too have a cunning plan is a map for your planned circumnavigation of the globe
    2. but its blank
    3. i know, we would like you to fill in the details as you go

    ps my name is Baldrick

  6. User2323 says:

    Just make a corporation with special privileges (call it the Greece Redevelopment Authority). Then make a political party that gives people democratic access to it.

    Then accept commitments/donations from people (labor, other currencies, things like that) and then give them tradeable chunks (shares, options, whatever) of this corporation in return, valuing things in a way that is likely to build things that attract foreign investment in the long run. Eventually pay back the Euros that are owed in the form of this new currency.

    After that is done and the new corporation has a lot of foreign ownership, change up the yardsticks via the party to put it back on par with any other corporation (with no special privileges), or even squeeze it out of existence entirely.

  7. User2323 says:

    Making another pure fiat currency is such a bad idea. Buiilding everything into the exchange-rate-by-fiat is going to result in China-style problems since it is a China-style solution. There will be some weird overhang somewhere; I don’t know why Ireland would want that.

  8. Capt. Ray says:

    Exchange one Fiat for one Fiat, and you’ll get another Fiat. (‘what’s the point…). I see plural currencies more like coupons. but that’s another story…


    I owe you,
    You owe me.

    Substitute with giving,
    And peace will be.

    me – just now.

  9. Tritone says:

    This would never work because the citizens of ” Lucky Charm Land” would not
    be able to afford a nice satisfying grease ” Big Mac” from the ” The Mc’s”
    it would be an interesting dilemma to observe,
    ” Lucky Charms People” vs. ” The Mc’s” those “Big Whacks” are good, mighty indeed!

  10. Billy says:

    @Johnseattle. I totally agree with you.

    Greeks are fed up. 50+ ages are sacred and will vote for ND to assure we stay in the euro. 50- will vote Tsipras or other party. 50+ care not to lose what they have left. 50- do not care as they have nothing….

    EU propoganda machine on the greek citizens doing the right thing and staying in the euro and voting for austerity, otherwise argentina and worse. Greeks are fed up all together and change will come through greece as in all conflicts in the past. If change does not occur and euro bond is not created the eu will fall apart just like in WW2.

    Honestly, i am logical person but i am personally fed up with Junker, Dragi, Merkle. not to mention some our own greek leaders. they all need a bullet to the head, as they have not pro-activally sat down to consider what living on 30 euro’s a month means. even 750 euro which it was up to at 2009 was difficult. either that or they just don’t give a shit. if it is the second then they are no worse than the tyrrants of ww2 or the dark ages of europe.

  11. I remember a different conversation:-
    STEVE KEEN: Level of assets have got three letters at the front ASS. I think we should take them importantly. Assets can collapse in value overnight, as we’ve seen today, you’re liabilities remain there, and it’s liabilities that are driving this debt crisis.

    They’ve got totally out of hand, and you, mate there may not be a magical level of debt, but when you have it going from 45 per cent of GDP to 300 per cent that is a runaway exponential growth process that can’t be sustained. And when it broke that’s what caused the financial crisis.

    And we’re now in a permanent stage of deleveraging until we get back down to similar levels, about 100 per cent of GDP.

    Hmmm??? “PAGE NOT FOUND” Only the ‘Sanitized” version available now.

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