8 comments on “SARK BALLS
  1. james chen says:

    Ha Ha….. wery funny


  2. Michael says:

    LOL… let not get into “Super Debt”, lets get into “Ludicrous Debt”!!!

  3. AgShaman says:

    Ludicrous Speed…sure to follow within a year.

    Sarkozy: “I wonder if there’s an open post at the Goldman Sachs?”

  4. SilverCondom says:

    Au revoir Napoleon midget.

    Adieu Chihuahua.


  5. Ramon Llull says:

    In the meantime, business-as-usual in the fascist EU think tank Bruegel. Their plans for a fiscal/ banking/ debt union in Europe obviously do not seem to be impacted by this weekends events:

    Note: Jean-Claude Trichet is Chairman of this fascist banker outpost!

    Max, it would be good if you could cast a regular eye on what this leading EU banker think-tank is spewing out. This is dangerous and undemocratic stuff indeed.

  6. I_Cant_Believe_Its_Just_a_Dip says:

    Merkel: [alarmed] The Emperor’s coming here?
    Sarkozy: That is correct, Commander, and he is most displeased with your apparent lack of progress.
    Merkel: We shall double our efforts.
    Sarkozy: I hope so, Commander, for your sake. The Emperor is not as forgiving as I am.

  7. giggler says:

    spaceball’s now that’s a movie i’ve not seen in sometime…

  8. dave says:

    ‘Did you see anything?’

    ‘No, I didn’t see you playing with your dolls again sir.’

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