1. F. Beard says:

    – what do you say to the people who say it will enforce discipline – flicks

    It’s a fascist way to do it. The proper way to enforce discipline is the allowance of coexisting private money supplies, good only for private debts per Matthew 22:16-22. As for government debts, inexpensive fiat is the ONLY ethical money form though fiat should only be legal tender for government debts, not private ones.

  2. Youri Carma says:

    @Alastair Carnegie

    It seems that in the UK gGambling debts are legally enforceable now

    In the US however courts would not enforce gambling debts

    “Professor Lynn Stout, a deeply principled Republican capitalist who teaches corporate law at the University of California, Los Angeles, raised this issue at a conference where we both spoke about the 2008 Wall Street meltdown.

    “Derivatives are gambling,” she said, referring to credit default swaps, at the University of Missouri-Kansas City law school conference on the financial crisis. “They are a zero-sum game in which one side loses the bet and one side wins,” Stout said.

    Actually they are worse than that, since the hefty fees Wall Street pockets for arranging the bets result in a less-than-zero-sum game.”

  3. Youri Carma says:

    @Alastair Carnegie

    The Tulip Mania finally ended with individuals stuck with the bulbs they held at the end of the crash—no court would enforce payment of a contract, since judges regarded the debts as contracted through gambling, and thus not enforceable by law.

    From: Why not the Tulip Mania solution? by Youri Carma 29 April 2010 (FPP)

  4. JonnyJames says:

    @Youri Carma
    Can’t argue with that. FBeard conflates the medium with the institutionl corruption and criminality of the ruling classes. Gold (or any other sutiable medium) could theoretically be used as long as the intitutions and legal system were not corrupt. Metal is not evil, corrupt people are.

    I never read Jesus speak out against gold/silver money. He did chase the money changers out of the temple. He (a Jewish Rabbi) did speak out against the hypocrisy of the Jewish religious establishment and the corruption of the Roman authorities. That’s why he was executed. You mess with the money changers, you get executed.

    Don’t hate the gold, hate da playa

  5. Youri Carma says:

    @[email protected] Beard

    Gold standard or not people have to get out of “We’ve got to pay these fraudulent debts” paradigm so we can start with a clean sheet and then discuss which money system fits us best.

    First things first …

  6. Robert Mockan says:

    Justice? Too little too late. Years too late.
    Like Celente says what ever happens it will be all for the benefit of “JUST US”, and the TBTF. Time approaching for more multi- trillion dollar bailouts. The bribe money has to come from somewhere, and it certainly will not be from the bonus pay of corporate CO oligarch followers. The insane oligarchs are laughing themselves silly over the latest bunch of peons running around in a tizzy thinking (?) that finally change will happen. In their eyes the antics are more proof that the “useless eaters” need to be culled.
    One course of action would stop this idiocy.


  7. Youri Carma says:


    Yeah, any system is as good as the people who work in that system. You can have a perfect law system but if the people in it are corrupt as hell you’ll live in hell regardless which law system.

  8. pm says:

    I am against a gold standard! F. Beard


    @ Youri Carma

    Yes well, perhaps we are all not really in disagreement and arguing cross purposes. My personal belief is that the debt slavery matrix is best solved by a currency that is a pure interest free fiat issued by a national bank. The monetary policy i have in mind are like those proposed by Ellen Brown, Bill Still and perhaps Maurice Allais.

  9. MirrorMirror says:


    The final death throes of the euro

    Some good points made !

    e.g. The EU would hate Greece to leave the Euro and become successful afterwards ( like Iceland was ) !

    Good read !

  10. gold bullet says:

    ”German Pirate Party Wins in Key State Election”

    ”The German Pirate Party won several seats in the North Rhine-Westphalia state election today.

    For the fourth time in a row the Pirate Party broke the 5% threshold which is needed to enter parliament.

    According to the latest exit polls the Pirates received 7.5% of the total vote which translates into 18 parliament seats.

    Today’s win is perhaps the most important of all as North Rhine-Westphalia has the largest population of all German states.”

    While the political establishment is asking itself ”WTF?!”, Pirates are winning fucking elections!!! 😀

  11. F. Beard says:

    Don’t hate the gold, hate da playa JJ

    Inexpensive fiat is the ONLY ethical money form for government debts.

    The ONLY ethical place for gold as money is for private debts only (assuming people would take it).

  12. Youri Carma says:


    Frankly I don’t know yet which money system I want.

    The problems we’re in today are caused by massive fraud and not necessarily by the fiat money system alone altough you can’t store wealth in that system over a longer period of time since it based on 2% inflation while in reality there always has bin a lot more inflation but hidden by fudging the numbers.

    The giant money printing in this fiat system will and in fact already is causing problems. Maybe a fiat system with the goal of zero inflation would be better if you really want it to be a source of storing wealth over longer periods of time. But for the time being only silver and gold fullfill that promise I am afraid. Otherwise you have to be a savvy investor which is a day task on it’s own and not everybody can do that.

    Don’t have all the answers yet …

  13. evolutis says:

    All on these pages know that oligarchs give us
    money is divisive
    politics is divisive
    religion is divisive

    and the the consensus is … let’s use money … and let’s use politics … and we need religion , now don’t we? My, My My! “You boys sure do build nice livestock pens for your oligarchs to put you in!” … The Apache grins and just closes the gate

  14. Youri Carma says:

    @gold bullet – “According to the latest exit polls the Pirates received 7.5% of the total vote which translates into 18 parliament seats.”

    YESSsssssssss!!!!! ‘We Are The Champions’

  15. JonnyJames says:

    Why don’t you address the substance of my posts instead of ignoring it and merely repeating your usual statement?

    Since you ignored it the first time, here it is again:

    FBeard conflates the medium with the institutional corruption and criminality of the ruling classes. Gold (or any other sutiable medium) could theoretically be used as long as the intitutions and legal system were not corrupt. Metal is not evil, corrupt people are.

    I never read Jesus speak out against gold/silver money. He did chase the money changers out of the temple. He (a Jewish Rabbi) did speak out against the hypocrisy of the Jewish religious establishment and the corruption of the Roman authorities. That’s why he was executed. You mess with the money changers, you get executed.

  16. Youri Carma says:

    LOlz Partystimmung im Nerdmobil

    Party Mood in Nerdmobil

    And indeedy 18 sitze-seats in he national parliament Der Spiegel says.

  17. sovereigntea says:

    Mass Consent of the “We The People” Is Required to Empower the Shadow Govt

    It is important to note that the survival and continuance of any state or govt system including the Secret Shadow Govt basically depends on the use of secret intel and/or a secret police system, a strong military and loyalty or compliance within such entities. Such loyalty has classically required boundaries or separation from the sheeple. This is typically done by use of advanced training methods (eg mindkontrol, reculturalization, esprit de corps., etc.).

    If the intel and military starts doubting their mission and losing its esprit de corps, they begin to have a General Smedley Butler moment. Various influences are used to keep the military and intel in line ranging from bribes, transfers, death threats against self or family members,

    trumped up phoney criminal charges, illegal incarceration in hell holes like Vacaville, and various other methods using fear and control. Up until recently, these methods have been very successful. Lately they have been failing and senior high level intel have been sandbagging (obstructing their missions), and leaking secret information to damage and loosen the Shadow Govt’s grip. What are the reasons for this apparent breakdown in control?

  18. MirrorMirror says:

    Oh Dear,

    a “conservative” German savings bank is in the News … dor selling CDS to “conservative” house buyers .

    “Sparkasse” is a “safe” savings bank .
    17,000 of them in Germany … the Bread & Butter of German Banking.

    Skandal-Bank schon wieder in den Schlagzeilen

    Also, it seems that the German Parliament want the Bundesbank to come clean on where the German Gold is .. and bring it back :

    Bundestag will deutsches Gold zurück

    Mross ( I presume ) says the article will appear in Monday’s “Bild” Newspaper ( the “Sun” of Germany )


  19. SilverPorno says:


    Why don’t you address the substance of my posts instead of ignoring it and merely repeating your usual statement? ”


    JonnyJames – meet FBeard

    Nothing changes. Beer’d is permanently pissed. He can’t hear a word others are saying.

  20. MirrorMirror says:

    EURO down under 1.29 versus USD : 1.28926

  21. Flopot says:

    Yeh, Jamie Dimon will meet the same fate as Jon Corzine…oh wait…

    Hey, I’m a pessimist okay!

  22. Reformed Broker says he’s holding on to his JPM stock. Guess he’s not “reformed” enough.

  23. F. Beard says:

    Metal is not evil, corrupt people are. JJ

    Government enforced or backed money monopolies for private debts are evil! Government has no business using anything but inexpensive fiat for government debts or should the government buy platinum commodes too? As for private money, the government has no business specifying what that is.

  24. I’m getting a Unicorn Hedge tattoo on my ass.

  25. Catalyst says:

    When crap hits the fan some how the CEOs aka Corzine and Dimon never seem to
    know what the hell is going on in their company, like really!
    The whitewash that the suppose it congressional or senate committees that are going to investigate are going to receive a nice check from JPMorons into their Swiss bank accounts to cover up the mess. Is business as usual.
    OK, Bernanke start printing the bailout.

  26. MirrorMirror says:

    Golem ( ) has excellent reports IMO :

    The fog of burning acidic financial lies that have been rained down on us for four solid years is finally meeting political reality and opposition.

    The Momentum of Lies


  27. Youri Carma says:


    Yeah, just like that badass Steve Pieczenik

    Interviewed on the AJS he’s on our side now.

  28. Youri Carma says:

    @ronron – “post this one”

    Mmmmmmm …. don’t think so. Not ‘fundamental’ enough. If it was Jemy the Pemy Daimon or Blith it would be a different story.

    TnX anywayz …

  29. KARATE KID says:

    ill take the gold
    and give you paper ok buwahahahahahahhh

  30. Youri Carma says:


    What Was Not Said During Jamie Dimon’s Media PR Campaign

  31. KARATE KID says:

    greece might exit the euro
    buwahahahha say it aint so
    already knew this 3 years ago
    spain will exit and italy
    the euro will slide and the dollar

    and guess what fbeard
    china will back its yuan in gold
    wont matter the percentage will cause world panic
    and the dollar will slide to the bottom like the titanic and the euro will be in the toilet

    1 quadrillion derivative market
    unfunded liabilites
    and no mark to market around the world not just usa
    this will slide into oblivion overnight your dollars will be worthless

    simplistic it is and few words needed
    good luck you will need it
    you must unlearn what you have learned
    gold will enter the world stage and take its rightful place as currencey

    19 forward

  32. Youri Carma says:

    Sources Inside Bilderberg Spill Cabal’s Secret Plans

    NY Times openly admits domestic terror plots masterminded by the FBI

    Shortfall in California’s Budget Swells to $16 Billion

  33. Youri Carma says:

    For newbees on the 911 topic – A MUST SEE:

    9/11 Loose Change – Full Documentary

  34. kdt says:


  35. Youri Carma says:

    1/3 5/9/2012 Webbot Clif High on Redice Radio (Mass global arrest)

    2/3 5/9/2012 Webbot Clif High on Redice Radio (Mass global arrest)

    3/3 5/9/2012 Webbot Clif High on Redice Radio (Mass global arrest)

  36. Youri Carma says:

    12.5.2012 – 1/4 – Earth Changes

    12.5.2012 – 2/4 – Earth Changes

    12.5.2012 – 3/4 – Earth Changes

    12.5.2012 – 4/4 – Earth Changes

  37. Youri Carma says:

    G4T: People Are Starting To Lose It

  38. kdt says:

    so , after that last post /outburst(sryforthecaps) and questioning why i was so bothered in the first place. i went out on the back porch for some air, as im standing there , i relize that somthing is going on with the hawks that have been fighting for control of the medow across the creek from the house. there has been one pair and an interloper that has been fighting with the male every day. but this felt difrent as EVERY other living thing i could see was scattering in a panic quail squirls bluejays even the dogs seemed to be hiding as these two rivals chased from tree to tree screaming and screaching like banshees for over five min. round and round from tree to tree then they seemed to settel down, and (cant make this stuff up) a humming bird swooped down to hit the feeder right next to my head and startled me. we looked at each other, and i moved back but he flew off. i had totaly lost the hawks at this point so i scaned the medow, and spoted one on top of a dead tree perched. i had no more than spoted him then i saw the second one stooping in from the first ones blind side totaly silent now then they were both falling a good 20′ to the ground so quick i was not even quite shure what i had just seen! but as i looked (im higher than the creek and meadow) i could see just past the creek wings floping around! still questioning what i had just witnessed i walked down to the creek, as the screeching started up again then cut off SHARPLY, as i aproched the mashed down spot they were fighting in, the one was on top of the other and saw me coming but did not take off insted it ducked down below the ring of grass out of sight for the moment as i came closer it tucked its head under it’s wing its its “victim’s” throat in its talons i reached towards them and stoped, as the victors head came out from hiding and looked at me “who was i to judge there buisness?” seemed to ring in my head , i rembered that the “pair” had eggs that had just hached some where, wich probly touched off the fight to the death, and then relized i had no clue wich was wich. and again “who am i to judge?” that all went by in a flash , my hand came back , the victom was slowly sliping away. not beeing the goulish type i turned and went back to the house leaving them to there buisness………………………….still digesting the whole thing

  39. Robert Mockan says:

    If JD is let go, we should have some bets going about his severance package. Obviously he will not resign, since then no severance package.

    The winner is who is closest. I say his severance package will be worth at least,

    200 million.

    Any other guesses?

  40. kdt says:

    lmao and now the dogs have tangled with a skunk it’s 90 degrees in the house , i had to close all the windows and i was too late to keep it out !! so i supose that is some instacarma for yelling at the group lesson learned yikes! i may need to leave for the night holy crap this is geting thick.

  41. Michel78 says:

    I’ll say $120 million.

  42. flicks says:

    The Condems are panicking – they know they are finished after a drubbing in recent local elections, so why not terrorize the population. LOL. Still plenty of fines for all those rich French who might allow their doggies to poo the place up and maybe another petol scare to scam a few billion and burn the stupid.


    Looks like this Ina Drew is on her bike, wonder if she will start talking some where down the line ?

  43. flicks says:

    Not on the front page of the Guardian and no comments allowed – so much for the center left. The Condems are still toast and we will remember how the Guardian the BBC, Blair and Brown behaved.

    I say no disability (mental) benefits (trillions) for insane banksters and the clink for politicians who fund them after being greased up by their slimey subprime/derivative deals.

  44. MirrorMirror says:

    In the Name of Global Warming :

    200 Million Tons of Aluminum Aerosol Chemtrail Poisoning All Life!
    Scientific Proof!

    10 mins.

    Aluminium & Barium nanoparticles … to reflect sunlight .

    Hey … so they admit the Sun has an effect ( when it suits them ) ?
    Disgusting Idiots .


  45. MirrorMirror says:

    Kuala Lumpur Commission for War Crimes :

    Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld found guilty of torture as well as various crimes against the Geneva Convention .

    Says … there will be no direct consequences except that the Protocol of the 5-day Court Session will be handed over to the Hague War Crimes Court as well as the UN.


  46. gold bullet says:

    ”Why Are People Resigning Before The Copyright Industries’ Will?”

    New article by Rick Falkvinge for TorrentFreak.

  47. flicks says:

    So Pento is blabbing away on KWN that we’re all loonies for wanting strong banking regulation. Oh dear oh dear.
    The truth is you all (bankster/hedgefund) crave disaster and hence human misery for your up and down chart spikes for your greed; narcissism; selfishness and that very much includes the media. And that’s about it really – ‘austerity’ hell for a chart spike. Yeah ‘fuck you’ is what the people are saying.

  48. Total Collapse Has Put Together Some Czech Gas Mask Family 4 Packs W/ IOSAT Radiation Tabs and MayDay Emergency Water Pouches…

    Prepare for Total Collapse!!!

  49. flicks says:

    The BBC News commentators now blabbing nonsense about Greece – ‘throwing money in a bottemless pit’ . Why BBC dont you inform the public that it’s made up digital money going to bust banks (having made crazy derivatives bets, no doubt helped out of London’s financial services complete with naked shorting and rehypothication) not meaningful ways to growth for Greece. Tell us in what way is ‘austerity’ meaningful to people ?

  50. Mini US says:

    I would just like to wish all those waiting fit the bottom of gold and silver all the best. Max and Stacy can we have a pick the bottom competition?
    They are both getting the ‘deflationary liquidity squeeze’ now. Guests of KWN are scurrying for the ‘I said this would happen’ lines.
    AUD under USD parity now.
    So, if Rickards is correct QE should be upon us soonish.
    Peace out y’all 😉

  51. Tamir says:


    Now is the moment to reinvigorate the “Crash JP Morgan buy silver” campaign!
    There are in a bad position, weak, heads role etc.

    “Crash JP Morgan buy silver” !!!

  52. trooper dave says:

    @flicks You’re right on the button. The BBC and all MSM are delivering utter garbage and calling it news or information.
    JPM’s problems have only just started!
    This should alert people that the real story is THEIR problems are going to get worse and worse. JPM et al, will simply push the problems onto the people via gubberments. I am more and more shocked, daily, that there is not more unrest or disquiet from the people as the route of the “problems” is becoming more and more obvious. YET, MSM around the world are still pushing “it is all your fault” on the people and “we have to save the system or you(the people) are all doomed.” They never tell it straight ” that to keep the privileged, parasitical elite in the cushy life they have enjoyed for centuries, you the people, have to become even more of a slave. SO MUCH of a slave that many of you will starve and many will be shackled and tied to grind stones to toil for gruel. And others will fight and kill each other, all to the amusement of the powerful elite. BUT rejoice, your IMPOSED sacrifice will ensure that lords will be able to continue to enjoy champagne, truffles and walled country manor estates” Oh, This blessed plot, this earth, this realm, this England.

  53. flicks says:

    Alf – already happened with Chris Patton which means Boris is talking bollocks, but then since when didn’t he ?

  54. Alf says:

    Now Cameron desperately blames UK businesses for stagnation and lack of growth
    in the economy…well, he’s blamed everything else!

    …Will someone tell him, its his Chancellor George Osborne’s continuing economic
    policy of ‘AUSTERITY’ which is choking off growth in the economy.

  55. gold bullet says:

    ”Musicians Realizing They Don’t Need Major Labels Anymore”

    Goodbye, copyright cartel! And good riddance!

  56. flicks says:

    Alf – Cameron – lots of love – they just can’t stop talking bollocks can they

  57. flicks says:

    trooper dave – “The BBC and all MSM are delivering utter garbage and calling it news or information.” And if you don’t pay for your slave brainwashing by mega well paid talking blab heads you get a fine, don’t pay that and you go to jail.

  58. gold bullet says:

    ”Pirate Bay Founder Takes Case To European Court”

    ”Having being found guilty of copyright infringement offenses and subsequently denied the opportunity to be heard by Sweden’s Supreme Court, one of the founders of The Pirate Bay is taking his case to the European Court. The lawyer of Fredrik Neij believes that the function of The Pirate Bay is protected by the Convention for the Protection of Human Rights.”

  59. MirrorMirror says:


    CIA Allowed To Sustain Cover-up Of Bay Of Pigs History

    Interesting Website …. Main language is Spanish .

    Good to see the truth being reached across all borders.

  60. flicks says:

    “The authorities have instigated a COMPLETE ban on all demonstration from 16-19 May in Frankfurt.”

  61. gold bullet says:

    Yet another day, yet another Guardian eurozone crisis live blog:

    ”Eurozone crisis live: Markets slide as Greek euro exit looms”

  62. Flopot says:

    Okey dokey. Lets sift through the Guardian’s stance on the EU crisis. Oops, straight in there with the fear mongering quotes…

    “one senior former official in the outgoing government speaking of “massive food shortages, petrol rations and run on Greek banks..””

    “Greece would descend into “civil war” if it left the euro zone and reverted to the drachma.”

    Fairenoughski. I assume if I continue reading the blog I will stumble across the much vaunted Guardian leftish, progressive, democratic pov…

    “Speaking to a local radio station earlier today, Michalis Chrysohoidis, the minister for citizen protection in the outgoing government, chose to be more outspoken. He predicted that Greece would descend into “civil war” it if left the euro zone and reverted to the drachma.”

    “If Greece cannot meet its obligations and serve its debt the pain will be great,” Chrysohoidis, a senior member of the socialist Pasok party, told Flash radio. “What do we have to lose more than we have lost already? Our freedom,” he said. “What will prevail are armed gangs with kalashnikovs and which one has the greatest number of Kalashnikovs will count … we will end up in civil war.”

    Lol. A socialist suggesting that Greece will lose its freedom if it exits the neoliberal strangle hold of the Troika deal. How brainf**ked is that? How topsy-turvy.

    The markets are falling! It is like the sky is falling. Ahhhhhhh!

    LMAO. The Guardian can go to hell: an establishment rag worse than the others because it pretends to be a voice of the so-called left.

  63. MirrorMirror says:

    Bill Black Interview / TheRealNews

    13 mins.

  64. gold bullet says:

    @Flopot | May 14, 2012 at 3:19 pm |

    Brilliant post!!! LMAO! 😆

    Yeah, no surprise from The Guardian, just another load of hogwash!

  65. Tamir says:

    American “capitalism” Jihadis update
    I have just experienced the lies, the deceptions, the fear mongering of a “nice” American engineering company. A bunch of assholes that LIE to their own countrymen (not us) for money (but they do have a long term business plan of course…).
    Scum, lying pieces of shit. Ho, the manager of the defrauded company (our client) is responsible for bringing them in, so we cannot call him a stupid idiot asshole that he is.
    Oh, yeah.

  66. Youri Carma says:


    So these hawks fight euhh ….

    Where was that, what kinda area? Ok, a meadow but the rest?

  67. Youri Carma says:

    @kdt I meant …

  68. Youri Carma says:

    Time Cover on Breastfeeding Sparks Controversy 5/11/2012 4:43:24 PM

    Jon Friedman and Allison Lichter discuss the controversy over the current Time magazine cover showing a mother breastfeeding a three-year old child. Photo: Time.

  69. Tamir says:

    Ho by the way that fucking consultancy that I mentioned above applied a BRAIN DEAD design, but AGAIN we cannot say anything due to business considerations.
    The bigger the company, the more American it is, the more STUPID it is. Believe me, I’m saying this with a lot of pain…
    Land of idiots!

  70. Youri Carma says:

    @mbridges – “The Elephant Whisperer”

    It started whit the horse whisperer then the dog whisperer and now the elephant. Why do they always whisper?

    I will start a new school The Dog Shouter! I think dogs like shouting more than whispering, makes them not feel alone, the only ones who bark noise.

  71. Youri Carma says:


    What kinda engineering business we’re talkin about here?

  72. Youri Carma says:


    My father worked as an engineer round the globe (pipes). He liked to work with Germans and Americans. He didn’t like to work with Brits.

  73. Youri Carma says:


    Altough he had fun with one Brit who got into an argument about which car, a British Mini Cooper or an American car, would accelerate faster. Think the Mini won.

  74. Youri Carma says:

    Coast to Coast AM 3.5.2012 – Hitler’s Escape

    Coast to Coast AM 11.5.2012 – Mayans
    Coast to Coast AM 12.5.2012 – Earth Change
    Webbot Clif High on Redice Radio 5/9/2012 – Mass global arrest

  75. Youri Carma says:

    Bill Black: Corporate Media and the Austerity Campaign – The Real News

  76. Youri Carma says:

    America has long gone!:

    Police Hunt Man for Sport

    Cop Accused of Beating Unarmed Teen Says “I Was Afraid”

    Cop Kicks Pregnant Woman In The Stomach; Superiors Approve

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