[KR294] Keiser Report: Asymmetric Accounting

We discuss ‘asymmetric accounting,’ flatulent dark market clubs in austerity London and the $72 trillion claim against Limewire, while President Obama settles for $26 billion for widescale, systemic mortgage fraud. In the second half of the show Max talks to Jan Skoyles of TheRealAsset.co.uk about her campaign to Buy Britain’s Gold Back.

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  1. Al Kyder says:

    TEHRAN (FNA)- Iran announced plans to boost production of Euro-5 quality gasoline to 8 million liters once new units in the countries’ Shazand refinery start operation.

    When in full swing, the second phase of the refinery will be Iran’s first petroleum refinery unit which can produce up to 7,500 barrels of propylene per day.

    Iran exported 123,000 tons of gasoline to different world countries in 2011, showing a 100% growth compared with the previous year.

    Iran exported 123,000 tons of benzene, worth some 134 million US dollars in the year 2011, which was twice its exports of that fuel in the year 2010,” Moscow’s state-run Voice of Russia radio said earlier this month.

    “Afghanistan was the top importer of Iran’s fuel in 2011, importing gas worth $51.6 million,” the report added.

    According to the report, Armenia, the United Arab Emirates, Iraq and Oman are the other major importers of the Iranian benzene.

    Afghanistan is the main buyer of Iranian gasoline. Iran’s gasoline exports to Afghanistan hit $51.6mln last year. The UAE’s import reached $46.6mln, Iraq’s portion hit $27.1mln and Oman’s share totaled $6.6mln.

    Iran which is the world’s fourth-biggest crude oil exporter long depended on imported gasoline for 30 to 40 percent of its consumption, but has now become a net exporter.
    Repsol’s Decision Smokes Out Cuba’s Oil Ambitions

    The chief executive officer of Repsol, Antonio Brufau, has confirmed that the Spanish company and its partners are abandoning drilling offshore Cuba, representing a major blow to the island’s long held ambitions to secure oil self-sufficiency.
    Kuwait to Fight $2B Dow Chemical Award

    Kuwait has vowed to fight a verdict that ordered it to pay more than US$2 billion (Dh7.34bn) to Dow Chemical, one of the largest corporate arbitration awards, over its failure to go ahead with a petrochemical venture with the US company.

  2. Alf says:

    @flopot…I agree, its similar to how Gerald Celente describes the U.S system;
    ‘A three headed one party snake.’
    Re: Last nights Krugman statement on Newsnight, even my old mate the Artist
    Taxi Driver picked -up on it.

  3. TJ says:

    Iz it coz I’z black Stacy?

    You deleted my comment ;-(

    on the other thread

  4. The Gonch says:

    Meanwhile in Ireland ……
    Just came back from the polling station, it was next to empty. It looks like TPTB will get the EU Treaty passed with but a handful of faithful cronies. There will be a new King of Europe in the morning I fear. Then it will all come hard and fast.
    Feck sake….. WAKE UP

  5. Alf says:

    KR guest Luke Rudkowski live coverage of the Occupy Bilderberg…


  6. gold bullet says:

    ”News Corp. Wonders If There Could Possibly Be Any Arguments Against Anti-Piracy Efforts”


    Murdoch’s criminal enterprise vomits yet more bullshit.

  7. Alf says:

    An expert analysis of Krugman’s ‘shrink the state’ accusation 😉 …


  8. Youri Carma says:

    U.S. Jobless Claims Rose by 10,000 to 383,000 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QbJNHcRW34U

  9. MirrorMirror says:


    Could it be clearer … Wolferl ? 😆

    Fed told U.S. funds to pull money out of Europe
    Monday, May 28, 2012



  10. I_Cant_Believe_Its_Just_a_Dip says:

    Live splash down of dragon spaceship any minute guys-chutes already deployed…

  11. MirrorMirror says:

    @Vonda .. you’ve probably seen this , but still :

    Ihr lernt das, was Ihr wissen dürft, und nicht das, was Ihr nicht wissen solltet. Ganz einfach!


    He’s doing a great job of explaining the “cumulative interest” game to teh German audience.
    How the rich stay rich and the poor stay poor.

    2 hours


  12. SAO says:

    Bill Black on being “disinvited” to brief Congress because he might “bash the banks


  13. MirrorMirror says:


    Pastor Sentenced To 2 Years In Prison For Teaching That Parents Should Spank Their Children


  14. MirrorMirror says:


    As if by Magic ( never waste a good Crisis ) :

    ECB’s Draghi calls for banking union


    I thought Holland , Finland & Germany already said NO ? 😆

    Oh .. they only need 12 of 17 to say Yes … just a shame that 14 of 17 need the money of the other 3 that said NO !

  15. What-me-worry? says:

    Pirate My Life Blair Twitch Project “……….making us feel like someone just coming to terms with their years in a Japanese prisoner-of-war camp and then the bloke who used to electrocute us every morning comes on daytime television, justifying himself and leaving us screaming and dribbling….” brilliantly funny, sort of.

    Read more: http://www.belfasttelegraph.co.uk/opinion/columnists/mark-steel/mark-steel-only-a-conspiracy-theorist-would-suggest-there-was-a-deal-between-blair-and-murdoch-obviously-16166490.html#ixzz1wN3zNuOd

  16. Youri Carma says:

    OFFICIAL Bilderberg Meetings, Chantilly, Virginia, USA, 31 May-3 June 2012
    Final List of Participants

  17. I_Cant_Believe_Its_Just_a_Dip says:

    Beam me up Scotty!
    ”Teleportation is ultra-secure as there are no photons travelling through space to intercept. The next step would be to teleport with a satellite, for global teleportation, says team member Yuao Chen. That might even lead to a quantum internet.”

  18. GoinFawr says:

    Oooer Stacey you and Max are breaking the first two rules of Fart Club.

  19. Youri Carma says:

    Live Video from Bilderberg 2012 http://www.infowars.com/bilderberg2012/

  20. F. Beard says:

    2. Forbid national debt. Governments don’t have to borrow. We’ve been faked out by banks. via Mirror^2

    It’s true that governments don’t have to borrow. But they SHOULD deficit spend. Why? Because deficit spending is the source of new government money into an economy. SOME new money creation is good.

  21. Danny Cunnington says:

    Off topic: I somehow got this thing called “Mackeeper” on my computer which I see advertised everywhere on the internet. It made an icon but keeps telling me in a pop up that it needs “administers privileges” to perform security.

    There’s no way I would give code and passwords to anyone on my MacBook. Has anyone come across this? Basically they are saying that in order to protect me I should hand over complete control of my computer to them.

  22. Youri Carma says:

    Danny Cunnington

    First find out more about this Mackeeper progg, see what people write about it. Is it on or off line?

    Indeed a security program needs the highset level of rights but these progs I use (PC) never ask me that they just do it but so do the virsuses even in the root of my windows. Spend a lot of time fighting these mal and hackware.

  23. Apocalypto says:

    Danny, use Google.

    Do not install MacKeeper
    by Klaus1
    Somerset, UK

  24. MirrorMirror says:


    Irish Referendum :

    Voter turnout in fiscal treaty referendum below 25%



  25. Vonda Bra says:

    @MirrorMirror | May 31, 2012 at 5:40 pm |

    Thanks! I think I have seen it, but not sure at the moment 🙂
    I will check it out!!!

  26. feral says:

    Day 5 – Acclimatization to Manchester

    Frank Sidebottom – R.I.P.


  27. Vonda Bra says:

    @ Danny Cunnington | May 31, 2012 at 7:21 pm |

    I´ve seen it too, its everywhere!!!
    My “inner voice” said NO! … so I´m no longer paying attention to this …
    its trap, I´m sure, but I could´t explain why 🙂

  28. nama rama says:


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