[KR285] Keiser Report: Fracking Hell

We discuss the Linda Evangelista of the natural gas market and the fast and furious bubbles popping like Lawrence Welk on frack. In the second half of the show Max talks to award-winning journalist and author, Leah McGrath Goodman, about why the price of gasoline is so high and what next for the oil market.

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  1. evolutis says:

    @microhousehold … Atomic guitars … brilliant! … capabilities far outside the hinderance of money, politics, religion. Thank You.

  2. F. Beard says:



  3. kdt says:

    — Rep. Luis Gutierrez, D-Ill., talking to The Hill about Vice President Joe Biden’s newly expressed support for same-sex marriage.

    The good news for President Obama is that he more than doubled his 2008 primary showing in West Virginia when Hillary Clinton trounced him 67 percent to 26 percent and carried all of the state’s 55 counties.

    The bad news for Obama is that Keith Judd, Inmate No. 11593-051, serving a 210-month sentence at the Beaumont Federal Correctional Institution in Texas, also outperformed the president’s 2008 West Virginia primary showing.

    The real story turned out to be that Obama still has big problems where he’s had them all along: moderate, blue-collar Democrats.

    Judd, who lists himself as a “Rastafarian-Christian” and his career as “Founder, World Peace Through Musical Communications Skills,” took 41 percent of the vote among West Virginia Democrats and carried 10 counties.

    Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2012/05/09/moderate-dems-bail-on-obama-in-primary-votes/#ixzz1uO0T0YpJ


  4. microhousehold says:


    Cheers for the Volker Pispers link.

  5. flicks says:

    F.Beard SilverCondom I here by pronounce you married, may you live in marital bliss


  6. kdt says:

    @silver conundrum i like fbeard ! he is like having our very own paulkrugman punching bag !his posts = solw pich softball (with lotts of beer)

  7. This was a very good interview. The guest was very knowledgeable and articulate.

    She has also done a very good interview on CSPAN available as a video podcast.


  8. Vonda Bra says:

    Jim Willie: “Gold Cover Clause Guidance”

  9. Vonda Bra says:

    from the article – Jim Willie: “Gold Cover Clause Guidance”

    “My firm belief is that a fair equitable gold price will come only after the price goes dark in the normal traditional paper dominated channels. For over a month, the gold market has been operating like within the eye of a hurricane. At work is a new promising dynamic that most in the gold community seem totally unaware of, without solid sourced information. Repeatedly, my gold trader source, who has numerous billionaire clients on three continents, informs that truly gigantic buy orders are sitting between 1600 and 1680, spaced by 10 dollars apart, having greater volume with each lower notched price in an inverted pyramid. The Eastern Coalition is angry and motivated, fitted with well over $50 billion in a war chest, determined to wreck the New York and London bankers and remove them from their corrupt perch. Gigantic buy orders are being filled, the victims being gold cartel member banks themselves. They are highly vulnerable. They are strapped for cash, confirmed by a separate source. They face margin calls on sovereign bonds of Europe, compounded by some bad FOREX positions. To extract themselves from the pinch of the margin calls, the cartel banks are being forced to sell out their precious metals bullion held in reserve, in order to obtain desperately needed cash. This is a new phenomenon, not seen a year ago, in a total reversal used against them, since in the past, the cartel used the same methods against client hedge funds.


  10. flicks says:

    Peter – thanks for that fascinating interview.

    Leah you can improve the way you come across in a video (even more) by using straight diagonals in your cloths and hair style (close to eye), they are very powerful within the context of the rectangle viewing format.

  11. F. Beard says:


    If you’d write shorter comments and use capital letters appropriately so as not to punish anyone who tries to read your comments then I might make the effort to dissect them properly.

    Softballs? I haven’t even seriously pitched at you yet!

  12. F. Beard says:

    “My firm belief is that <b?a fair equitable gold price will come only after the price goes dark in the normal traditional paper dominated channels. Jim (got the?) Willie(s?) [emphasis added]

    “Mommy! Mommy! The markets are not pricing gold fairly! Do something!”

  13. Michel78 says:

    I wish beardo and rubber would just shut up.

  14. Vonda Bra says:

    Nigel Farage – There Will Be an Attempt to Install a Dictatorship

    With escalating fears regarding the stability of the eurozone, today King World News interviewed former LBMA commodities broker and trader and current MEP Nigel Farage to get his take on the situation. Farage told KWN he believes there will be an attempt, within months, to install a dictatorship in Europe. Here is what Farage had to say about the deteriorating situation: “Frankly, the whole thing is falling apart. And in the middle of all of this, Mrs Merkel came out and said, ‘The fiscal treaty cannot be renegotiated, and it must hold.’ So, I suppose, for once, we’ve got the Germans providing the humor, because this thing isn’t going to hold.”

    Nigel Farage continues here:

    Farage had this to say about gold: “I think the short-term speculative market had gotten itself too long of gold, and I’ve been warning about that for some months on your program. Just too many of the weak longs were there and they need to be flushed out of this marketplace. That process is beginning to happen.
    But my goodness me, with everything else I’ve seen over the last 72 hours in Europe, buy gold on dips.”


  15. Badsey says:

    The fiat silver volatility throws the small fiat silver speculators over-board once again. First call fiat silver .0001%ers are making a killing. Speculators declare a silver throwdown throwdown against the stackers.

    =I thought this week was going to be a +2+3 and it became exactly the opposite. I can’t just blame Greece either. The physical silver pressure was gaining steam and now it has been temporarily deflated.

    Expect increased volatility as the stackers attack the rigged fiat silver speculators. You may see entire inventories of phyz silver bought out. May see more countries limit/ban phyz to fiat slaves to try to control this. The phyz silver 2012 battle is on.

  16. Youri Carma says:

    @Vonda Bra

    Tnx for Willie.

  17. evolutis says:

    Value? We seem to have lost it… LOL – Without values we cannot fine our collective ass, even with both ours hands feverishly searching.

    Values based on money, are of no value, when competing with other intelligent life forms in the inherent, unity of natures’ non-market place. Make no mistake “nature gets last bat”.

    Juan Enriguez ….”This is the amoeba dubia. And the amoeba dubia doesn’t look like much, except that each of you has about 3.2 billion letters, which is what makes you you, as far as gene code inside each of your cells, and this little amoeba which, you know, sits in water in hundreds and millions and billions, turns out to have 620 billion base pairs of gene code inside. So, this little thingamajig has a genome that’s 200 times the size of yours.”

    Lol … come on guys, u think this intelligent life forms bother wasting time with a spent piece of chariot trash ??? Economics is not a science! Is it not a False invention at best?

    “if you’re thinking of efficient information storage mechanisms, It may turn out to be something that looks a little like that amoeba.” Don’t you think it is time to take our technology and place the system we were actually designed to use, in the forefront once again?

  18. Vonda Bra says:

    @ Youri Carma | May 9, 2012 at 8:53 pm |

    oh, my pleasure! 🙂 … but is there anything you could say ref. my entry
    >Vonda Bra | May 9, 2012 at 4:12 pm |< … here, above on this site ???
    thanks! 🙂

  19. Mary Genoud says:

    Great show! Fracking is a perfect example of peak natural gas. All US conventionally produced natural gas will be depleted before 2020 when Alaska’s natural gas will be piped-in, worth only several years with current consumption rates. Why does this have to be such a no-brainer for the US?? Slow rights to fracking and thus at least buy some time to have gas 5 years from now. Sarkozy was right not to Frack-France considering the overwhelming evidence its chemicals have on ground water and soil, unfortunately the Ukraine accepted fracking therefore jeopardising the country’s potential to be one of the planet’s bread baskets. We have waste 2 fuels, sequestering carbon techs that can be recycled with algae, fuel cells that are compatible with salt water, and lots more; however we do not have strategies or policies to fairly structure this new age.

  20. Youri Carma says:

    EU’s Barroso willing to consider budget revamp

    Spain markets sink as Bankia nationalization looms

    Schaeuble: EU can’t force Greece to keep euro

    Euro zone may delay Greek bailout payment-report

    European banks willing to pay up significantly for USD funding – LI(E)BOR Friendo’d; European Liquidity Corzined

    Europe’s Stigmatized Banks On The Verge Of Crucifixion
    The banks that need another LTRO (or liquidity) no longer have performing collateral to pledge and other banks that would like liquidity will not take it since they now understand the encumbrance and stigma that is attached to that decision.

  21. Youri Carma says:

    10 Year Treasury Prices At Record Low 1.855%
    A glaring indication of fleeing from all risk and into safe-ish collateral in a world of reyhpothecated junk, will likely send stocks higher .

    Jim Grant: “The Fed Owns The Stock Market”

  22. Vonda Bra says:

    Youri ????

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