Jamie Dimon Broadway debut: ‘Pick a pocket or two’ story

54 comments on “Jamie Dimon Broadway debut: ‘Pick a pocket or two’ story
  1. bit chin says:

    Ha ha ha!!

    Very good πŸ™‚

  2. bit chin says:

    We’re waiting for the sequel to ‘The Producers’ (where Dimon’s silver plan backfires as hundreds of thousands of citizens take possession of the silver supply due to artificial price suppression) I’ve heard the working title is ‘operation: twist-the-knife’. You get to see Jamie in cuffs… and wearing orange!

  3. Apocalypto says:

    lol πŸ™‚

  4. I_Cant_Believe_Its_Just_a_Dip says:

    Blythe would of course go down for her Masters’ if neccessary.
    Bye bye pirate bay, it was good while it lasted.

  5. @Max,

    hhahahahahaha … .where the hell did you find that “voice?”

  6. bit chin says:


    Don’t worry about TPB if you’re UK based. Access it with a proxy or with TOR. Download/upload the torrent that way.

  7. gold bullet says:


    And I came here to post that news. I’ll do it anyways:

    ”UK ISPs Must Censor The Pirate Bay, High Court Rules”


    ”The High Court has ruled that several UK ISPs including Sky, Everything Everywhere, TalkTalk, O2 and Virgin Media must censor The Pirate Bay website. This means that millions of Internet users will be prevented from accessing the popular BitTorrent site in the weeks to come. The Pirate Bay say they aren’t concerned by yet another court-ordered blockade, and point out that there are plenty of ways to circumvent such censorship.”

    There are ways to circumvent this censorship. Let thousands of proxies bloom!

  8. Riesling says:

    Stacey, I love your new look!

  9. Riesling says:

    Sorry – *Stacy*

  10. kdt says:

    @ms sherbert
    banks have NEVER claimed be A FRIEND to the working man in order to gain there trust only to end up SELLING them to the people they were claiming to protect them from!
    i can respect that more that a proven extortion racket!! wich is what AMERICAN orgainized labor is(you forigeners can keep yours if it floats your boat) and that is at the core btw of why “may day ” is a forigan holiday marking somthing that happened here in america , the victims(other than the cops) were forigen workers every one of whom was taking work from or undercutting the wages of a native worker so when the shit went down they were seen by those who could vote as having gotten what they deserved for coming here and swamping what the pioneers had paid cash (blood) to build! the entire thing from the factories to the workers imported to work in them were IMPOSED on the accual CITIZINS of these united states. every sweat shop that burned down killing all the workers inside had displaced how many small “weavers” who had been making there living at AND PERFECTING there trade craft over 100 of years ? the people who made up this population originaly, MADE NO DISTINTION between employment(wage slavery) and chattle slavery they are MORALY the same thing (wich is where all the power trips in the workplace get there start.) to an american of the time those people need to grubstake a homested and build up there OWN buisnesses , the same way they had! they could not relate to people DEMANDING the right to be SLAVES to the owners of what they saw as a blight on the land. what they wanted was for them ALL to go HOME and leave us in peace!! and the fact that the mexicans are now doing exactly that (that is where they have sent all there cash why would they stay here now that things are falling apart?) says every thing you need to know about migrant workers!! they are nothing but 7 year locusts , an invation of grasshoppers come to eat wile the eating is good then off to the next boom area or back home to hibernate!!leaving hollowed out local econimies in there wake when some one tells me, BUTBUTBUT americans won’t DO those jobs(maybe we dont want some of them done AT ALL has that ever occurred to any one?) i tell them about my first boss a WHITE AS WHITE GET’S guy of german desent who took a summer job in highschool planting tomatos the hispanics chased him off becaus he was working to fast and kept getting out a head of the rest of the workers (made them look slow) i have had the same thing happento me hand loading a truck at veggi freezer. the fork lift guys acculy told us to slow down that we were working too fast! as a wet behind the ears kid of 18 having a superviser tell me somting like that was shocking to say the least! so much for that argument ! people will do what ever work is available as long as it is worth it to them to do it , and that is dependent on local conditions. when the positions go unfilled it is becaus the job is not paying enuff . and this top down idea that workers need to live within the wages availabl in there “suply chain math” is horse shit THAT is SLAVERY pure and simple! the worst part of this is that there will always be people willing to take that abuse it is a chicken and egg puzzle do the bankers acctivitys draw them in or are the bankers taking advantage of there existance? oh well it is a moot point now the life boat is swamped and sinking under the load now it comes down to who can swim to shore

  11. I_Cant_Believe_Its_Just_a_Dip says:

    @GB (and bit chin), I was thinking of you when I posted that lol. This non-lobotomized poster suspects the file sharing clients are next, and Tor or no Tor-large blocks of data exchanged in such a way are very easy for servers to spot if they wish so..

  12. gold bullet says:

    Here is something interesting: An interview with Kevin Shields, leader of the pioneering UK shoegaze band My Bloody Valentine, where he talks about his fight against ”psychopathic entities” (major record labels) during the process of remastering his back catalog:



    I agree with you. And BTW, TOR doesn’t protect or hide you if you use torrent clients to download stuff, TOR only makes sure that you can surf sites anonymously.

  13. Dilberta says:

    If the rest of the broadcast is half as entertaining, it will be time well spent.

  14. jambo says:

    Trader chooses family over fat bank account
    or in his own words
    changes from “an empty, greedy, piece of s…….”

  15. kdt says:

    lol it has always bothered me why the government imported all theose emergrents then sudenly stoped!! posting all that rubbed my nose in it . it was the PURSSIAN SCHOOL SYSTEM at that time americans were still EDUCATING there kids as oposed to the indoctrination going on over in europ following the nepolonic wars. prussion schooling was/is intended to produce slaves for the german/everybodies war machine/s both soldiers and workers who would/will DO as there told with out questioning ATHORITY . in the united states this system was not started till much later giving europ a head start in the new slavery so “properly’ trained workers need to be brought here to work at jobs that americans (rightly)refused to do becaus it went against every thing they had learned, never having been subjected to the buzzers , bell curves and absolute athority (bullieing) of the prussion system!

  16. F. Beard says:


    Stacy’s shirt.


    Me too.

  17. bit chin says:

    @gold bullet

    Of course, TOR is not useful for much more than downloading (or uploading) the torrent hash file which contains the tracker info etc which will then launch the BT client. If the IP’s in the UK ban TPB then one can easily get around this by grabbing the hash file they are after through TOR (providing, of course, that TOR doesn’t route a path through UK IP’s – as it randomly generates a location based on existing networks in The Onion Router) And yes, TOR isn’t much help in remaining anonymous if you are running other web browsers and programs in the background (including BT clients)

    Back on topic… WB7’s pic of Bernank as ‘The Bearded Crank’ looked a lot like Fagin. Could he have a re-written script saying ‘Gotta print a penny or two’?

  18. ronron says:


  19. Kevin Eshbach says:

    Jamie Dimon better get the US to take down this site before they expose him. πŸ™‚


  20. F. Beard says:

    Max’s shirt seemed tight around the collar. I was afeared for his safety.

    Maybe a subtle assassination attempt?

  21. Youri Carma says:

    Since we getting into X-maz spheres here with David Copperfield – Recap from 25 December 2009: Happy X-mas and 2010 – 2011 predictions , by Youri Carma (FPP) http://forum.prisonplanet.com/index.php?topic=153175.0

  22. Al Kyder says:


  23. Vonda Bra says:

    $50,000,000 Each in Federal Money for RNC & DNC Police State Security: http://youtu.be/24FnMMlISd0

  24. OlympiaLogger says:


  25. Happy Dick says:

    U nailed it keiser … Hahahahahaha

  26. Mini US says:

    Well Max,
    I am reviewing the situation….


  27. Bruce says:

    Effing gold!

  28. SilverPorno says:

    I’ve just watched BBC Newsnight.

    Antonio Borges, the director of the IMF for Europe up to 2011 was being interviewed.

    Jeremy Paxman asked him “What’s the way out of the Euro crisis?”

    He replied: “The Euro is fine. As a currency the Euro is strong, it’s stable. It commands a lot of confidence”.

    Got silver? Got gold?

  29. I_Cant_Believe_Its_Just_a_Dip says:

    @OlympiaLogger, blame the windfarms for 1C warming effect–utter rubbish–the conservation of energy law stipulates no new energy is created so how then is there global warming–who funded this diatribe nonsense? what next, blame tidal power for the oceans getting warmer perhaps? Its merely propaganda to sell more oil and make people hate wind farms thats all. At 36 per day the Chinese seem to like them, hmmm then again the Chinese seem to like precious metals as well.

  30. Mini US says:

    Jimmy Cagney, Don’t Fence Me In.


  31. Mini US says:

    Hi Silver Porno.

    Jim Rickards makes an important distinction between the ‘Euro’ and members of the Euro Zone. They are completely different things. The PIIGS can all collapse if they want.
    “The Euro is a political currency, not an economic currency”.


    Don’t let that annoying advertising thingy put you off watching this πŸ™‚

  32. Someone make a “Pick a Pocket or Two” mash up music video, stat!

  33. OlympiaLogger says:

    @Mini US
    Great clip!
    Just about my favorite song.
    You’re one of my favorite people now!

    Love those camera angles that made him look taller than a garden gnome.

  34. OlympiaLogger says:


  35. SilverPorno says:

    Mini US

    Ok, watched it.

    Antonio Borges was talking about the Euro as the currency, not the Eurozone. Yes, different things.

    What’s your point?

  36. Mini US says:

    Hi Silver Porno.

    My point is that the technocrats don’t give a damn about the member states of the Eurozone, they only care about a politicised currency they created and are funding from debt from other bankrupt nations such as Japan.

    Unfortunately you didn’t post a link to the BBC interview you talk about so I haven’t seen that one. Will look it up now, sounds interesting πŸ™‚

  37. Mini US says:


    ‘Don’t fence me in’ is my anthem πŸ™‚

    If you like that maybe try ‘The Singing Detective’.

    This is another favorite…


  38. kanseki says:

    Aside from everything else, Max is also a great actor….is it Lenny ?…is it Artaud ? check this one out for sure

  39. matt says:

    oh my god….listen to paul krugman @ 32 second mark


  40. Michel78 says:

    @: SilverPorno

    Got food?

  41. Mini US says:

    @ matt

    Hahaha, yes.
    Krugman is part of the Fed PR machine.

  42. Mini US says:

    Australian Central Bank today cut base interest rates by .50

    My work fell off a cliff 3 weeks ago.

  43. gold bullet says:

    ”USTR Releases Ridiculous ‘Naughty’ Special 301 List For Countries Who Don’t Pass Silly Laws Hollywood Wants”


  44. Carmen says:

    I thought the vacant building was a fitting backdrop. Otherwise love this set. The weathered post disappeared though. Down home NYC? Stay safe. Stacy NYC becomes you. Is it the hilarity that ensues inside the hologram?

  45. Al Kyder says:

    @ MiniUS

    I was devastated to see them rob the savers once again to give us arse holes on the Nth Beaches some relief from our crazy over priced mortgages.

    I punched the window of the car when I heard it. Looks like we’ll be having a Dicken’s of a time in Oz very soon.

    p.s. Happy May Day

  46. Mattdog says:

    @kdt, “the hispanics chased him off because he was working to fast and kept getting out ahead of the rest of the workers”
    Had that happen to me on an excavation job site once, nearly got skewered by a long piece of rebar by two of the crew (I was the only whitey on the site among twenty or so other laborers). Luckily, for me, a foreman saw what transpired and sent me to another work site. Won’t forget that one. Makes you think very hard about things and about being in the wrong place at the wrong time and how to avoid it.

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