Fraud Olympics 2012: Cameron pole jumping into cash

5 comments on “Fraud Olympics 2012: Cameron pole jumping into cash
  1. flicks says:

    Cameron the UK Prime Minister thinks LOL mean’s Lot’s of Love – WTF

  2. Alf says:

    Some odious corporations trying to clean up their image by sponsoring
    the London Olympics…Gives us a £100 million each and we’ll forget

  3. feral says:

    For those that can access it

    ‘Inside the medieval mind’

    Nothing much has changed

  4. Becky says:


    How apt – that was a “fun” little series. Have just watched whole KR – just Brilliant now – Max shouldn’t look so worried, as all his Dreams are coming True! NOW THEY KNOW!
    – or at least People soon will. BRAVO Max & Stacy – and to Everyone, who is helping people “See the Light” – Massive BRAVO.

  5. mbridges says:

    Fukushima, JP Morgan and the Criminal Cabal – All At An End – Ben Fulford

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