American banking terrorists plot next attack (with help from Feds)

4 comments on “American banking terrorists plot next attack (with help from Feds)
  1. Jayme says:

    JPMorgan Chase & Co. (JPM) Chief Executive Officer Jamie Dimon led Wall Street bosses in a closed-door meeting to personally lobby Federal Reserve officials about softening proposed reforms that might crimp their profits.

    Um okay, so a private corporation colludes with another private corporation to soften reforms to boost profits. Hmm, I wonder what the outcome of this ‘rule’ meeting will be for U.S. citizens who have been disenfranchised?

    There was a “give and take,” Dimon told reporters as he left the meeting at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.


    Yeah, banks take and We The People give. Sounds like a plan.

    On his way into the meeting, Dimon told reporters that “everything” was a potential topic.

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  2. niphtrique says:

    Many people are fed up with the usury financial system. I can only say that it can be killed. It only takes a few people but they are hard to find.

    Probably because most people are of the following two types:
    1. people who do not know what the situation is and are going to the slaughterhouse;
    2. people who do know and are trying to make quick buck out of it.

    I think this is how Capitalism works: it is creating sheeple and psychopaths.

    There is a solution, see:

    The example shows that stamp scrip can end the grip of banks, large corporations and centralised governments over the destiny of ordinary people. This money combined with a ban on charging interest creates a more efficient financial system and can help to solve many problems the world is facing today. It can work without a large organisation. One small but committed community like Wörgl can be enough to change the world completely and forever.

    I have a ready-to-go solution including a computer programme to run banks in a worldwide network of similar currencies. If you want to see what the banking system looks like for account holders:

    Everything is ready-to-go. Now I am looking for a village that will try it out.

    I know it is a crazy plan but God is a woman and Jesus was Her husband:

    So… if God is behind this then it may work even though nobody seems to care.

  3. Badsey says:

    Seems like The Federal Reserve “bank stress test” came to JPM, Goldman Sachs last after they got the 0% Federal Reserve loans for years and their taxpayer bailouts. It pays to have that private federal reserve cartel connection it seems.

    Every day I am more happy with my decision to go US Mint physical silver. -the real constitutional currency.

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