Weather 2.0. “It’s A New Atmosphere Floating Overhead.”

Stacy Summary: A Republican, christian, conservative meteorologist speaks out; but, alas, as a deeply partisan issues, this is now a matter of tribal identity. Much harder to deal with rationally.

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  1. Brent Anarchyteez says:

    July 5th, John Galt day!

    Nobody goes to work or spends any money!

    Equals no taxes paid.

  2. F. Beard says:

    What’s his face stands to profit via his windmill company. And where is he on such Biblically relevant topics such as usury, debt-forgiveness, restitution for theft and profit taking?

    Beware of overtly “Christian” businessmen.

  3. Jayme says:

    I’m sure Congress will pass a law and slip in a few more benefits for their cronies.

  4. kdt says:

    he is a weather man ….. he has made his living spouting crap he has been told all his career and has had no need to be more right than ………. the weather man who this morning told me that it was partly clowdy today(no kidding) but fear not it will be MOSTLY sunny tomorow(please explain the difrence)

  5. Happy Dick says:

    Interesting article …. always a bias to ones personal beliefs. My concern is, what level of damage has resulted in the upper protective layers, of our planets atmosphere. Industrializations accelerated pace, imo, has harmed more than the surface we inhabit.
    Chapter 2? China, India, … the inherited pillagers of our planets ecosystem. Anyone see “light at the end of the tunnel”? In addition, there are solar energy aspects which also play into earths climate cycles.
    A balance exits in a healthy system. Example, A healthy fit man/women eats a balanced diet. Change that diet by adding starches and fat, (only 2 of many possibilities) … the man/women will change.
    Try to imagine the amount of unnatural by-products that have been absorbed by Earths 100 mile/160km, thin protective coating, within the last 100 years, due to human consumption needs.

  6. t-rex says:

    no comment………..

  7. Visit my environmental/climate channel for reports and documentaries explaining how the multiple weather, wind and seas patterns all generate- and learn more besides that…

    Try breathing without oxygen. The rainforest being chopped down will help you suffocate.
    Try fishing with poisonous gases coming up from the sea because of the collapse of tje ocean conveyor.
    Try living in the Northern Hemisphere when in 30 years time the climate will be 10 degrees warmer and British plant and crop life will be halted, rivers dried up and drough ridden.

    But hey- chances are you are a climate change denier like that twat Alex Jones of, and you’ll just twist this information into a rant about the New World Order and not offer any solutions or empathy, much like the loudmouth twat Alex Jones who thinks his shit doesn’t stink, when in reality he’s one redneck, oil-industry loving, money making, sick and twisted fart from the by-gone era of white political dominance.

  8. Sir Halibut says:

    this article rather fails to explain the global warming being observed on Saturn, Jupiter, Pluto, Neptune and Triton

    the sun could blow us all away in a heartbeat and nobody really understands how it works

  9. Youri Carma says:

    Pento – Global Recession, Monetary Madness & Gold


    Spending increased by 0.8% in February, the most in seven months but incomes only increased by 0.2%. More importantly, real disposable income declined by 0.1%, which was the third such decrease in the last four months .

    As a consequence, the savings rate fell out of bed to 3.7% from 4.3%, which was the lowest level since August 2009. Therefore, the small rebound in manufacturing and huge increase in spending by the consumer is ersatz and unsustainable in nature. The problem is that consumer debt has now started to increase once again, at a time when it desperately needs to contract.

  10. twixtandtween says:

    @Russell So what are your solutions?

  11. Watch says:

    It’s Not Over: Government Plans for the Worst: Forced Evacuation of Tokyo….
    “There is no way to contain the radiation.”
    ” the government to evacuate the nearly 10 million residents of Tokyo and surrounding areas…”
    ” Leading Japanese newspaper The Mainichi Daily News reports: ”


  12. User2323 says:

    The “Silicon Valley of energy” thing is a great idea. Unfortunately big oil has a comfortable relationship with the creators of money.

    Long story short, the people are traumatized by a century and a half of rigged arbitration/problem-solving techniques. This is exactly the sort of problem that requires people to come together and find and equitable solution for, which is exactly why specific groups of people (“tribal identity” indeed!) want to make absolutely sure that can never happen.

  13. Karsten Hansen says:

    Jolly Jumper a Christian Republican Weather man,i go belly up every time this words comes around:Cristian,so he is a n underdog of Blankfein,selfproclaimed God,then there is no need to worry,just ask Wimp Frankenstien to do one of his wonders,he took a life from a Greek 04-04 2012,may this man never be forgotten,then let him do things right by changing the weather:
    Remember(actually i was not around,(I Con U/FeZ) when Noa was told by Blankfein,go pick one of every spieces,and build a boat,ill send you right to Egypt on a dreamliner called MF Global.
    Question:Who Let the Co2 out that day?Blankfein?Or just one of these days where the all mighty God was anoyed,with his own creation,free pick on all shelfs!
    And the nightmare goes on!

  14. Karsten Hansen says:

    Boa noite para voces todos!

  15. Youri Carma says:

    Alex Jones Marc Faber what’s happening around the world! 4.apr.2012



  16. kdt says:

    @twixtandtween aperently he has none

  17. Youri Carma says:

    FULL: Alex Jones Show: Wednesday (4-4-12) – Bob Fletcher & Marc Faber

  18. hosereh says:

    I think concern for the environment comes from nations with a population who doesn’t have to worry about their next meal and whom sleeps in a warm bed! With our current inflation and impending deflation and ultimate hyperinflation that will all change. You think people will worry about what they burn to keep warm? You will loose sight of the road by all the smoky cars in this deflationary period! Your average man will be worrisome about day to day life during this time and if that means burning government cheese packaging and dumping the rest of his garbage in the nearby stream so be it! Lets get are nations prosperous again and the environment will improve with mans forward looking thought!

  19. MrJones says:

    Thanks Stacy, I enjoyed that. It was like WOW! Paul Douglas, I haven’t seen him in a few years. He did the weather here in Minneapolis for many years. I enjoyed him, he was one of the few who had a sense of humor and he could even laugh at himself when he messed up. He worked with anchor named Paul Majors (now he’s in LA) and these two would razz each other on the air. It was good. He is right on in this article. Nothing new but good to see a new face speaking the obvious.

  20. MrJones says:

    @hosereh. I agree, but before nations are prosperous mother nature will shake a couple billion flees off her back first. Maybe more. At the current rate of consumption, this planet can not sustain 6 billion people, let alone the fast approaching 7 billion. Nature will have its day and level the playing field.

  21. User2323 says:

    This is a unique moment in history. Usually the people were pitted against each other like it’s cockfighting. Now, the powers-that-be would rather see humanity literally underwater, literally fry, literally collapse — rather than give up any power at all!

  22. MrJones says:

    @Idaho Silver That video you linked to is sooooooooooooo lame. I want my seven minutes back. Its all text, what is the point of having a video if its all text? No body wants to read text on a YouTube video, No body. I was waiting for something to happen, then I fast forward, still nothing, all text to the very end.

  23. Keehotee says:

    Shut up Mr Jones, or you won’t be relocated to the safe zone. Don’t you know that all channeling is real?

  24. Idaho Silver says:

    MrJones–I apologize. It truly is more fun to be entertained.

  25. Danny Cunnington says:

    Hmmm, Mr weatherman seems to be heavily invested in wind energy. A sort of leveraged belief system. The problem is that he is talking about weather which is highly variable and mainly dictated by jet streams which have a seasonal pattern. What’s lacking here in some “science” that can show man made C02 affects global jet streams.

    Of course if no such “science” exists you would have to spin out a piece with vague assertions, wrap it all up in a US flag. (John Mc Cain is my personal hero) and have it bearing a cross (“I’m a Christian”).

    Hopefully this will work as being financially crucified on a windmill doesn’t sound like fun.

  26. Rorschach's journal says:

    Stil strawmanning idiots i see, well you can take the american out of america.
    Dont get a better tribal identity than having a degree, i know ive got one, doubt you have unless its in some micky mouse media studies.
    “I have a degree FEAR ME”

  27. Rorschach's journal says:

    Just point any “Expert” at humanity as though it were the problem and start the clock. Time how long it takes them to come up with the solution to human life being human death!

    How long did it take you guys to come up with that solution? What moment did it strike you, exactly?

  28. MirrorMirror says:


    Further evidence of a warming adulterated in the IPCC temperature data set McKitrick and Michaels were right!

    The supposed gold standard for temperature data at the bottom of the Univ. of East Anglia created so-called record of CRUTem3 . There was always a latent suspicion among the skeptics, that a certain part of the official IPCC temperature records contain a certain level of residual alleged warming as a result of the heat island effect of cities UHI. Many published studies have confirmed these suspicions over the years more and more.

    German original :

  29. stacyherbert says:

    @Sir Halibut – sorry to tell you this, but you’ve demonstrated for all your profound ignorance on the difference between weather and climate; climate is decades of weather; as Neptune’s orbit around the sun is 165 years and a season lasts 40 years and we humans have at most observed part of just one season on Neptune; so it’s a highly embarrassing mistake for you to make to suggest that you can make any observations about its climate, in fact, you won’t be able to do so for several hundred years from now; similarly with all the other planets you claim are warming up, check out the time it takes to orbit the sun; because you’ve made such an elementary the earth is flat sort of mistake, I can’t take any of your statements seriously

  30. stacyherbert says:

    @Danny Cunnington – hey, I believe the monetary system is going to collapse and have invested accordingly; I also believe the climate system is going to collapse and will invest accordingly; his investments are more optimistic that somehow Americans will overcome their ignorance and primitive superstitious beliefs and want to do something, I think he is wrong to be so optimistic . . . for America at least; it would be more bizarre to me if someone believes something is about to happen but does nothing to either stop it or protect himself; so it’s odd, that you think someone should be a passive in the face of their seeing such events unfolding

  31. Mother Earth says:

    Good post.

    “A cap on carbon emissions designed to limit warming to 2 degrees C. will mean sovereign states and public (red. ?) corporations must strand 80% of their $27 trillion of proven (global) reserves and related assets, a loss exceeding $20 trillion”

    The carbon/credit system in action..

  32. Mother Earth says:

    @Stacey, are you ready to partner and invest in one of my concepts? Let me come to Paris to explain and take your pick! I am dying for a real investor and the testing ground can be in France..

  33. Harry says:

    @Mother Earth: could your plan be financed PirateMyWhatever style? be helped with volunteers?

  34. stacyherbert says:

    @hosereh – your statement is demonstrably wrong; China leads the way in environmental protests – there are over 90,000 such protests each year; and Bolivia, one of the poorest nations on Earth, is also one of the most independent and aggressive in introducing climate legislation, the country relies on the water provided by the glaciers that are now melting rapidly; here are some photos of the disappearing glaciers of Bolivia:

    Oh yes, just a hoax perpetrated by a cabal of scientists and presumably some graphics designers who have removed the glaciers from the images?

    Only last year, Bolivia held an alternative climate conference to the one being hosted by rich countries in which mega corporations controlled the politicians and, therefore, the agenda and the weak policies that emerge: This Bolivian alternative conference was attended by the poorest nations on earth, none of the rich ones bothered to show up for the conference that sought real responses and solutions to the climate crisis.

  35. Mother Earth says:


    Yes, I could but it would need to have a organization to be the core, so people can take part officially and coown the results according to the rules. The concepts are low tech disruptive for energy security and ecological restauration. If I had 5.000 USD I’d be convincingly be able to demonstrate one of the concepts. I’m not going to one of those kicksterter things because you can wait forever to get funded and the carbon/credit interests know everything you are up to..So this needs to be a big bang private thing. The key is to make things that people can understand and decide to make. That lets the genie out of the bottle..

    – Some money towards adequate organization and a participation model
    – Development schedule of three concepts (open source)
    – Your financial participation and expertise.

  36. Harry says:

    @Mother Earth: Ask Max/Stacy if they see a way to help you proceed, if not we should brainstorm with a group of interested people on IRC or so?

  37. Bisphenol A says:

    Really smug looking photo like he’s been brain f***** by an Intelligence agency

  38. phutcheson says:

    @stacyherbert: The disappearance of the Bolivian glacier is unfortunate, but the temperature records there actually show a decrease in temperature (see, and that the disappearance is more likely due to a reduction in low-level cloud cover.

  39. stacyherbert says:

    @phutcheson – um, you have one opinion piece which concludes with, “so the meteorologist’s hunch is likely to be correct.”

    Puhleez. Do refrain from presenting such work as peer reviewed science; if anyone else here is interested in actual science regarding Bolivia, here are some actual scientific papers which provide more than just

    University of Potsdam notes that there are few reliable temperature stations over a long term in the Bolivian antiplano but what they do have shows a marked increase in temperatures since 1936 when local temperature records began, they also note that, in fact, there has not been much change in precipitation, only a small decrease, but not one that would account from the 80% loss in glacial cover;

    Here is the 1990 – 2010 satellite temperature data from NASA and their precision satellite data confirms the temperature data provided in the above link I provide; the NASA data shows an increase in temperatures of between 0.2 and 0.5 degrees for Bolivia in the period 1990 – 2010; while not as great as the temperature increases in the northern hempisphere, there is still warming happening almost everywhere but a few isolated pockets around the world:

    And, regardless, even your bogus opinion piece you presented as evidence, you demonstrate a total lack of elementary understanding of climate – it is not just temperatures that make up a climate, in fact, if you read any of the forecasts for climate change patterns, precipitation patterns are equally as important to the change that will happen; we will see INCREASED precipitation in some places and DECREASED precipitation in others; precipitation by definition, by the way, also includes snow; many morons run wildly through the streets screeching that snow disproves climate change, when obviously they just as embarrassingly wrong as those who shrieked about a flat earth or an earth at the center of the universe; nevertheless, if the Bolivian glaciers had, indeed, been retreating due to decreased precipitation, that would still be a pattern of climate change, as it is, however, we are seeing them MELT due to increase tempearutres

    People there are plenty more genuine peer-reviewed scientific papers and research out there, please, please, please I beg you to refrain from leaving embarrassing opinion pieces as your sole ‘evidence.’ It’s fine to use these opinion pieces for your own personal distortions that you may need to maintain your personal ideology and flawed logic, but you just open yourself to ridicule when you try to present your private superstitions and boogie men to a more thinking population.

  40. Danny Cunnington says:

    @Stacy, Err…. How are we going to pay our carbon taxes if we have an economic collapse? Assuming the AGW model is correct, wouldn’t an economic collapse prevent a transition to wind and solar due to no funding?

    IMO: carbon based fuels are years out of date. Various other energy devices have been suppressed since at least the 1930s. There’s at least four new energy sources out there which have much lower costs than carbon based systems right now. Japan and Korea both have automotive engines that can run on water. Rossi of Italy has an E-cat thermal generator and MT Keche has a plasma generator built in Belgium. All of these devices don’t produce carbon and carbon based existing systems would not be able to compete with them.

    That’s why these developments have been suppressed. The existing power base is predicated on the control of energy. If they can’t control energy then they lose power.
    The Thrive movie goes free to view on the internet from today April 5th 2012. Millions have already paid to see it (including me). The suppression of these new energy units is becoming impossible to maintain in an information age.

    As for what I’m doing to hedge against risk. I’ve ordered a plasma generator to power my place, I stacked several hundred SAEs and have a veggie garden. The deposit on a generator is €500 with €4,500 to pay on delivery plus VAT at 19%. Delivery is before the end of 2012 and the deposit is in an escrow account with ABN Amro. It’s fully refundable in the event of non performance by the supplier. Even if I lost the deposit it’s a risk I’m willing to take. The important thing is to take real action and support these new technologies. Will the goons shut it down? I’m not sure they can. They know about it and seem to be focused on issues of users must pay tax. If they accept the tax then they have already accepted the usage.

    To me, the AGW/denier hesays-shesays as an issue is moot. New energy technology isn’t carbon based.

  41. phutcheson says:

    @stacyherbert: thanks for the information. Rather than indulging in ad hominem attacks, straw men (e.g. saying I think only temperatures make up climate, and that I don’t know snow is also precipitation), and arguments ad nauseum to get my point across, I will stick to the arguments.

    1. Ok my link is not peer-reviewed, but neither is yours as it is a final-year degree project dissertation. It is as it happens consistent with my source in stating that there was a reduction in precipitation and cloudiness in the Bolivian Andes. Only in the temperature record is it not consistent with my source.
    2. While I understand that if you take a mean value of all anomalies you get an increase, it seems rather ironic that the NASA link you gave me actually shows a near zero (-.2 to +.2) temperature analomy in the location of Bolivia.
    3. If you want peer-reviewed literature, consider Dr Knorr’s 2009 paper in Geo. Res. Letters that concluded that there has been no significant increase in airborne CO2 since 1850, as it is being absorbed by the oceans (Lovelock’s Gaia theory works). This alone debunks the theory since how can airbone Co2 be driving a rise in temperature when it itself is not rising significantly?

  42. Sir Halibut says:

    @staceyherbert: who said it was MY observations? why don’t you question the scientists who actually made the observations? do you think they don’t know the difference between climate and weather? don’t shoot the messenger!

    and you never addressed the other planets other than Neptune…

    sure there is climate and weather, but there will still be an emergent, characteristic, observable behaviour – there is still a fairly predictable heat transfer equilibrium going on, within limits

    weather and climate my be unpredictable but they are not UTTERLY unpredictable. I know the temp tomorrow will not be 2000 degrees Kelvin. I’m sure scientists have a good chance of correctly identifying anomalies when they see them.

    You can’t take my statements seriously – well you’re not going to learn very much in that case.

    “the strongest force in the universe is a paradigm”

    thanks for your (reactionary) input!

  43. Idaho Silver says:

    Now: About the Oceans warming up.

  44. trooper dave says:

    @Danny Cunnington. Do you have a link to the thrive movie?

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