Traders in Chicago do an ‘occupy’ move; walk away from the trading pit to protest manipulation by banks and government

Remember during the height of the occupy movement traders in Chicago held up signs in the windows saying, “Get a job” and such. Less than six months later, they are feeling the heat of the larceny and shame of JP Morgan and Goldman – colluding with governments – to distort and rape these markets. Now the traders are getting screwed. These are the middle-class types that can really get an revolution going. They’re smart, have some money, and know the ‘hows’ and ‘whys’ of how we got here.

20 comments on “Traders in Chicago do an ‘occupy’ move; walk away from the trading pit to protest manipulation by banks and government
  1. gussy says:

    ” Now the traders are getting screwed. These are the middle-class types that can really get an revolution going.”
    Are you for fuckin’ real, this shower of useless tools start a revolution, pull the other one.

  2. ronron says:

    @gussy. right you are. pussies.

  3. ronron says:

    never lifted a finger in there entire lives. useless cunts. fuck them.

  4. ronron says:

    at least Max was one of the first rats to leave the ship. 😉

  5. @Max,

    how Niemoller-esque

    first they came for the bond vigilantes, but i was not a bond trader. then they came for the SLA, but i was not a silver trader. ……. then they came for the eurodollar traders, and there was no one left to speak for me.

  6. Happy Dick says:

    just about time to pack it in there too. They are lunch meat, to fill orders and generate fees

    Mr Roboto …

  7. Sir Halibut says:

    Another attack tries to knock King World News off the Internet

  8. Jayme says:

    Good for them. Too bad they weren’t smarter and started their protesting sooner. Better late than never. Seeing that we still have time before the big movements, they seem to fit into the early adopters phase for innovative thinking. The larger western economies should see large upheaval when the early majority begin to pile into the movement.

    If these guys are traders, perhaps they can start picking up and improving some of the tools Max has created such as Karmabanque. If it’s truely a financial war, financial warriors are essential. Violence will not reach the narrow recesses of the rat holes into which the financial engineers have slithered. Just like the Greeks getting gassed and throwing stones at whatever in Greece, while Forbes slithered through the hotel lobby making deals on how to carve up their country, the same will happen again and again if financial warriors aren’t recruited and used to go after the crooks in their own den.

    These breaks have to happen in the political and legal, as well as the financial arena. In the end, it will be oligarch against oligarch because that is the only way to reach into the heart of darkness and shed some light.

    Diffusion of innovations

  9. Jayme says:

    @ KWN attacks

    5April12 KWN

    The bullion banks are so naked short both gold and silver, and they owe so much physical metal to market participants, that this has become like hell for them. They are starting to prey on each other. We are now at the point where these bullion banks are forced to fight a day trading battle each day, sometimes against each other.

    11 April 12 article

    Norcini – Take That Gold Shorts as Massive Bids Shock Market

    31 March 2010


  10. SAO says:

    Nobody is going to to anything. We are all programmed to shut up and take.

    There is no integrity in the financial world and there is no justice system to correct the problem.

  11. jarrollin says:

    whoa nelly! a storm is brewin’! here, somebody hoist me up and i’ll be the first to punch blythe masters in the face!

  12. Mini US says:

    Get Chris Whalen on the show.
    He hates JPMorgan and the Volker Rule.
    He knows how banks work and is getting bolder in his accusations 🙂

  13. Mother Earth says:

    If these traders want to be cut off from the manipulation, that is a brave initiative. That would meen their market would become more local, more realistic and more fair. It would still be optimizing carbon/credit distribution but it would be able to resist renewable energy credit less..

  14. SilverCondom says:

    The riot police should get in there, kick the terrorist traders asses, send them to Gitmo so that new, low income and more docile traders can be hired.


  15. SilverCondom says:

    Max: “Remember during the height of the occupy movement traders in Chicago held up signs in the windows saying, “Get a job” and such.”

  16. Paolo says:

    Well lets just hope they continue getting screwed. Might be good for them, help them discover a sense of empathy rather than the obvious sense of entitlement they are used to whilst manipulating the price of commodities for a living. These creeps showed their true spots holding up those signs and also cheering on Rick Santelli as the sub prime crisis blew up.

  17. Alf says:

    Do these people think they’re some how special and unfuckable?
    Wake-up you’re just pawns in a corrupt system…expendable.

  18. flicks says:

    It’s logical to understand these guys – they are getting fucked-over but Andrew Maquire wasn’t, he was profiting. This is why I have always had a lingering doubt about him, just dont buy that he all of a sudden got moral for his kids future. The day before Blythe came out (and the more I watched that video the more I feel she wants to move that silver situation on) he’s asking for 50 – 100 professionl traders to follow his moves for $100 1st month then $500 a month when all I ever hear is people (including professionals) getting burned in this market? Ummm makes one wonder. However it will be these guys who take-out the world financial crime controllers and not the public; I think Max is correct. The public are clueless glued to right/left politics. Maybe wrong about Andrew Maquire, I hope so. However if he is allowed to do that and continue to do so, we should wonder some more.

  19. Max Power says:

    Canada Post sues over postal-code data copyright

    Canada Post has filed a lawsuit against an Ottawa-based geographic data company, alleging that the firm’s collection of postal codes infringes on a copyright that Canada Post owns.

    However, the defendant company, Geolytica Inc., denies the allegations and calls Canada Post’s copyright claim an “absurd” one that would lead to copyright infringement on a “massive, near-universal scale” if recognized.

    In a statement of claim filed in Federal Court in March, Canada Post claims it is the owner of copyright in an “original compilation of geographic, operational and postal data” called the CPC Database.

    It says Geolytica has infringed that copyright by “producing and reproducing, without consent,… the CPC Database and substantial parts thereof in course of the development, update, distribution and sale of the defendant’s dataset products.”

    What can be copyrighted?
    Under Canada’s Copyright Act, copyright can apply to an original literary, dramatic, musical and artistic work.

    The Supreme Court of Canada has decided that “original” means that an “exercise of skill and judgment” involving “intellectual effort” was used in the expression of an idea. Any “purely mechanical exercise” does not qualify for copyright protection.

    The Crown corporation alleges that those actions mean “the defendant has made and will continue to make profits and Canada Post has suffered and will continue to suffer a loss.” Canada Post normally charges a fee to license its postal code database, but it would not divulge to CBC News how much, saying it varies by case.

    The statement of claim says Canada Post is seeking court action to:

    — Permanently stop Geolytica from distributing postal code data.
    — Recover damages linked to the alleged infringement.

    The postal service didn’t specify the amount of the damages it is seeking. Nor would it comment specifically on its claims. However, in an email statement, it said shipping requires accurate, up-to-date data and “it’s a lot of time and money to get it right.”

    Geolytica is being legally represented by the Canadian Internet Policy and Public Interest Clinic, a technology law, policy and advocacy group based at the University of Ottawa. It filed a statement of defence Thursday denying the allegations and questioning Canada Post’s copyright claim.

    Database crowdsourced, Geolytica says
    The defence statement says Geolytica has been independently compiling its own database of postal codes through crowdsourcing since 2004, by asking people to enter their postal codes when they used the company’s free website,, to look up the longitude and latitude of their street addresses. Geolytica now provides the data free for non-profit use, but offers fee-based services to commercial users. The company denies accessing or copying Canada Post’s own database.

    However, CIPPIC also alleges that postal codes are facts, not creative works, and therefore can’t be copyrighted.

    “The plaintiff’s claim to copyright in the CPC Database would lead to absurd results,” the statement says.

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    Michael Geist, a University of Ottawa law professor whose research specializes in internet and copyright issues, wrote on his blog Friday that other marketers that have independently developed and marketed databases containing postal code information could face similar claims from Canada Post.

    “Given the government’s emphasis on open data,” he added, “the federal government may have something to say about Canada Post’s efforts to restrict public compilation and distribution of postal code information.”

    Geist acknowledged he sits on CIPPIC’s advisory board, but said he hasn’t been involved in the Geolytica case.

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