“They said as long as I was in default on my student loans, they would not issue a transcript!” | Another story, UK to pass new law obliterating privacy online

11 comments on ““They said as long as I was in default on my student loans, they would not issue a transcript!” | Another story, UK to pass new law obliterating privacy online
  1. freeasabee1 says:

    hey Max, off topic by you may enjoy this, OCTOMON just went on welfare, who could have seen that coming?


  2. Al Kyder says:

    So once again only those with money and connections have access to education.

    Its time to end this insanity. The problem is Money/Capital itself. I cant see how humanity can continue evolving when the standard for everything is how much money you have. Even if you are totally unskilled and incompetent, you can still run a company into the ground if you have the money to buy the top position. Most bosses / employers today are their because of ego, credit just B/S no qualifications, and they are managers.

  3. jischinger says:

    it’s always been that way in the US –

    I tell people to shell out for at least 10 certified transcripts (with the school seal or stamp) have the university mail them to you and don’t open the envelops. Thus, if you apply for a job that requires a certified copy and you’re in default you will at least have a copy. However, some employers want a transcript addressed directly to them from the college or university – at that point you’re SOL.

    Other options in the US to avoid default: file for economic hardship, claim unemployment, and finally when those options run out; because you are only allowed to use the above excuses so many times, apply for forbearance – this last option sucks cause the interest can outweigh the principal in a few years. $20k can turn into $80k pretty quick.

    I’m not sure of all the rules, but after a certain amount of time student loans can be forgiven after, I believe, 10 years of all of the above, and of course, always based on your current income, and you might need a lawyer – but don’t quote me. Be careful and dig deep Fannie Mae doesn’t want you to know that you may have this option.

    The other way to be eligible for student loan forgiveness is to become permanently disabled or die, but you’ll still need a lawyer.

    The only solution I see – within the current system – is to ask students to pay back only the principle of the loan based on income. Most students in debt and experiencing hardship or back luck will just give up, they end up in the underground economy and will never be able to own a home, property, new car or get married.
    (note: if you marry your spouse becomes responsible for your student loan debt).

    Other student have found a new life in another country – but most of those folks have relatives living there already. Not sure how long it will be before the US finds a way to go after those people, but here’s another reason to put any money you have into gold, silver and food and if you are able to buy land give it to your children right or trusted relative right a way. (btw Max I know someone who pays his employees – if they want it – in silver coins – $1.00 over spot)

    Finally, if job prospects look bad, stay in school, get the Masters Degree or PHD and rack up the costs now – schools never get cheaper and if you’re going to take a dive at least have the degree(s).

    Another way to avoid more student debt – or any – is to work at the school, courses are often given to employees for free or at a reduced rate. I met a guy who did just that- took him 12 years, but outside his field experience (which he received scholarship money for) he walked away student loan free.

    Finally, consider yourself to be well blessed if you have a parent who works in the scholarship department of your local university.

  4. jischinger says:

    please excuse the typos and misspelling

    I have just one more thing to say on this topic to the American People

  5. Bob says:

    Wait till the co-signers go to retire they will be told sorry no social secuity, obama care, food stamps………….because the student loan was paid … so go die somewhere

  6. Becky says:

    Not surprised re:email invasion as the idea was floated before. But it is so silly because if they want to do all those things, they can anyway, inc to just follow you or whatever. Not worth getting upset about infact – thanks for telling us in advance – God!

  7. Alf says:

    There’s more watchtowers springing up in the UK this year than daffodils …


    I prefer the daffodils…

  8. gr8mikey says:

    Anyone who is still going for traditional college degrees and paying for it with debt is dumber than a sack of potatoes.

  9. User2323 says:

    Schools/employers on the receiving end should not insist on official transcripts; unofficial ones should be alright. If it’s forgery they’re worried about, well, the sad fact is that surprise surprise official ones can be forged too…

  10. Alf says:

    @jischinger…wonderful…thankyou…to appreciate poetry, is to appreciate
    humanity and the world…anyone can appreciate.

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