The vibrations emit a noise signal which can be picked up by a sonogram to produce real-time images of the tumour.

9 comments on “The vibrations emit a noise signal which can be picked up by a sonogram to produce real-time images of the tumour.
  1. trooper dave says:

    Vibrations from vertical spikes and plunges in gold price cause tumour in the public. BM offers :- exchange your gold for a depleted uranium injection,(voluntary or involuntary, we will direct the bureau to deliver this “cure”. HFT be-gets high velocity therapy)

  2. @Max,

    MORE good news for Bernanke et al.

    but, can gold cure EVIL? if not, we’re still going to suffer the likes of Jamie Dimon.

  3. What-me-worry? says:

    Royal Raymond Rife……….

  4. Noodles123 says:

    Oddly enough sooner or later they’ll find that gold and silver have more than monetary value…Silver is recognized by few for it’s medical/electronic and industrial uses in hundreds of products…From the drops they first give babies when born, to creams for burns, to being an ingredient that catalysts other alloys and products.

    What’s to say gold and silver don’t have energy producing power…That we as cavemen on this rock don’t quite understand?…Silly you say?…What’s an atomic explsion but a splitting of an atom?…There is something weird and nefarious at play by people holding back technology…What was once thought to be “Weird Nut Conspiracy Theories” are actually quite true…Elites, 1%, Cabals, Illuminati, Tri-Lateral Commission, Knights of Malta etc etc…So much power in the hands of few.

    Every now and then some super rich guy will brag a little…You telling me we have not been able to improve on the technology that gave us 35 miles per hour in cars made in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s?…Bullshit.

    Gold/silver have weird properties and sometime in the future people will be blown. away.

  5. What-me-worry? says:

    Is that you Jimmy?

  6. Danny Cunnington says:

    You can make your own nano particle silver and gold solutions and drink them or use them in many applications. Eg; Why do we pasteurise milk? Unpasteurised milk is far more nutritious. There’s no need to pasteurise milk. simply take milk from a cow/goat and add colloidal silver of at least 10 PPM and add it in a 20:1 ratio. Worried about unhealthy cattle? add colloidal silver to their water intake and feed.

    Remember the Irish potato famine? It was caused by a soil disease called blight, easily fixed by adding colloidal silver to irrigation water. (Not only does this kill the blight but the plant takes up the silver making it blight resistant. This in theory also causes the plant to more efficiently take up other essential minerals making higher quality potatoes with enhanced food value).

    All this has been known for at least a century but suppressed. Go to you tube and type in how to make colloidal silver or gold. It’s not complicated needing only a basic bit of kit. Anyone could do this in their kitchen.

    Colloidal gold is the same procedure. Their are benefits although they are less well defined at the current time mainly because no one is doing any research in this area.
    One thing is for sure though. The PTB muttering about “a barbarous relic” are afraid of something.

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