“The banks are going to lend the fund that is supposed to bail out the banks the money to bail them out.”

Oh lordy. The Spanish sovereign is being propped up by its own defunct banks. Which get the money to do the propping up from the ECB (re: Germany). That’ll go over well in Berlin once it’s fully understood.

7 comments on ““The banks are going to lend the fund that is supposed to bail out the banks the money to bail them out.”
  1. Mini US says:


    Which get the money from bankrupt IMF, which get their money from Bankrupt Japan, who print money at the behest of the bankrupt US treasury, who…..

    This is looking like the bathwater is nearly gone and that swirling motion over the plug hole is gaining momentum.
    As I’ve said before, Its all about momentum!

  2. MrJones says:

    In software engineering terms we call this recursion. So the banks are now entering a recursive function. Nice.

  3. Eric says:

    From the same article:
    “Santander then went on to acquire Alliance & Leicester, Bradford & Bingley and Abbey’s in Britain, as well as Sovereign Bancorp in the US and many other banks internationally.”

    Oh Oh … Global MF Global
    If its not in a safe next to your armory in your concrete bunker, then it is not yours.

  4. Eric says:


    Adding insult to injury, Argentinian debt slaves have revolted and nationalized Spanish oil interests:


  5. trooper dave says:

    Chicken, egg; egg, chicken; egg, egg,chicken; chicken, chicken, egg………………………………………….WHATEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    It’s all an illusion and the PTB are afraid of the awakening consciousness of mankind. So load up the distraction sling shot and the fear catapult. The sheeple must remain hypnotised as they have been through the ages since the hidden bloodlines took control.


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