[TaM-359] Truth About Debtflation

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UPDATE: Two forensic experts conclude it is NOT George Zimmerman screaming for help on the 911 calls

19 comments on “[TaM-359] Truth About Debtflation
  1. Mini US says:

    Saudis don’t understand why petrol prices going up πŸ˜‰


  2. @Max,

    getting mugged? no…..we’re getting Zimmerman’ed

  3. OlympiaLogger says:
  4. OlympiaLogger says:

    This is the WORLD’S SMARTEST DOG!


  5. Warp says:

    I have to provide one counterargument. I think you’ll find it to be compelling. You must listen to it in its entirety though.


  6. jimbo3000 says:

    His daddy was a judge in Orange county, the same area or just around where the incident occurred. He’s taking advantage of the family’s ties prison industrial complex πŸ˜€

  7. Brandon S says:

    To Max & Stacy,

    I follow your twitter accounts and enjoy reading them every day, and I stream your TV show as time permits.

    Apologies if you’ve discussed this before, but I have a request: Can you please discuss why the “gold is money” crowd are correct. Here’s what I don’t get: If gold is money, then any private mining company or any private citizen willing to wade in a stream with a pan can obtain gold, and thus can effectively add currency (“money”) to the system. Tell me why this is not equivalent to running your own money printing press in your basement.

    Talk to me about who is allowed to add money to the system. Nobody ever talks about this, yet it seems to be a key point.

  8. Sacramento Joe says:

    @ Stacy-

    GREAT SHOW….reminds me of the good old days (Keiser musings pre 2008)….TaM is your best work….if only people had the attention span to absorb your valid and valuable theories of the extractive economy that exists today. Most don’t have 5 minutes to spare which is a shame. You are helping to restore the time or era when the family would gather around the big cabinet radio for information and entertainment.

    Keep up the GREAT work and PLEASE KEEP THEM COMING!!!



  9. capt ray says:

    Off topic… but…

    I just tried to send BTC 0.00005.
    Somehow this amound is deemed “over the limit”…
    Result: A wooping 100% fee is added!!!

    That shit!!!

    ! :[ !

  10. feral says:

    @Brandon S

    Worth looking up these people on t’internet. . . . .

    Chris Marteson
    Mike Maloney
    David Morgan

    Or look on right hand side of this web site for information/blogs/articles

    Happy researching. . . . .

  11. Al Kyder says:

    @ Capt Ray

    That is a pointless transaction. Why woud you do it?

  12. Capt. Ray says:

    @ Al Kyder

    I know, 0.00005 seems stupid, doesn’t it? (fyi; that’s how much I offered to a frequent visitor to this site to have him install bitcoin. And 0.00005 more than 0, πŸ˜‰ )

    Well, what I tried to see is IF bitcoin was a currency where one could transfer coins commission free.
    – And the answer is NOT! –

    One could send 0.00000001 coin, my transaction is quite 500 fold lager…

    I’m waiting for cable company to finish laying the cable so the boat next door has a “home computer” were we can install a wallet. (toooo funny; his wife may not know. So we’re doing this bitcoin thing in secret, a little).

    But now this transaction fee… I mean; ugggh…
    I understand that the nodes need $. But for something as big as BTC, I can imagine that there would be another way to generate fiat.
    I’m not giving up on BTC, but it is a real dent!

  13. Bonn says:

    @ y’all
    must hear
    31.3.2012 – 3/4 – UFOs & Moon Anomalies
    31.3.2012 – 2/4 – UFOs & Moon Anomalies
    Hic πŸ˜‰
    John Lear also agrees the Moon is a Spaceship !!!!!!
    All my Stuff is comming true

  14. F. Beard says:

    Talk to me about who is allowed to add money to the system. Nobody ever talks about this, yet it seems to be a key point. Brandon S

    Correct you are.

  15. ronron says:

    @Beardo. if you turn on the printing press, you will get currency. panning for gold has no guarantee. the work is what produces money.

  16. gr8mikey says:

    I don’t understand all the fuss over trayvon / zimmerman. Shouldn’t we wait until we have all of the facts before forming an opinion? Besides thousands of people get murdered everyday, what makes trayvon more important than the rest of the wrongfully killed?

  17. Chris says:


    Good question. One key difference is that, as a physical commodity, it is only possible to produce so much gold per year. Since gold is not consumed (much) this means that the total above ground quantity of gold changes very little year to year. I don’t know the numbers but suspect it is something like 1% to 5%.

    On the other hand, as you point out, with paper money, and its electronic equivalents, it is possible to create an unlimited amount instantly. For example, in 2008, the US Fed created around $12 trillion in US dollars.

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