Stabbed to death by Goldman Sachs? Oops, technical violation

12 comments on “Stabbed to death by Goldman Sachs? Oops, technical violation
  1. Uptick says:

    Its a nice lunch room.

  2. John James says:

    Just watched the show at 1230BST. Please tell me that’s a temporary studio! Nice touch with the flowers behind Stacy, very tasteful and all that etc etc, not to mention the excitement of watching NY taxicabs cruising behind Max, all very dapper in his jacket and pink shoes(!) and DO YOU SEE WHERE I’M COMING FROM?? It’s a total distraction!

    Bring back the green screen or the cute bunny I’m holding gets it!

  3. F. Beard says:

    I agree that that should not be a permanent studio but a little variety is good.

  4. jarrollin says:

    crash silver! buy jp morgan!

  5. flicks says:

    jarrollin – you’re even more dyslexic than me ; )

  6. gold bullet says:

    ”The online copyright war: the day the internet hit back at big media”

    ”There is a war coming: Cory Doctorow on the future regulation of general purpose computation – video”

    ”Cispa will give US unprecedented access, internet privacy advocates warn”

  7. stacyherbert says:

    @John James – I prefer a live studio where there is no awful green screen requiring us to record show three days in advance to give the editor time to do the chroma keying; also we get to look in each other’s eyes; as a long time producer of hit tv and movies, I vote for live studio 100% of the time; but those who focus on the importance of hair and flowers instead . . . well, that says more about them than the content of any programme

  8. F. Beard says:

    but those who focus on the importance of hair Stacy HERBERT

    JJ said nothing about hair! But now that you mention it, yours does appear more golden in this setting.

    I like different settings; it allows us to vicariously enjoy yours and Max’s jet set life.

    Btw, why did you quit flying to New Zealand weekly to do that radio show?

  9. F. Beard says:


  10. gold bullet says:

    ”IMF Chief Jackass Calls for Taxpayer-Funded Bank Recapitalisations to Avoid Painful Deleveraging; Mish Says Fire the Parasites and Disband the IMF”

    I agree 100% with Mish: Disband the IMF!

  11. Paolo says:

    Max and Stacey i think the following story is a brilliant illustration of banker narcissistic personality disorder. Apparently this NY investment banker called his wife a bitch and ejaculated on her face when she refused to call him the most powerful man in the world.
    The ejaculation bit is really icing on the cake.
    Shes claiming damages…–despite-calling-Prince-Charming.html#comments

  12. gold bullet says:

    ”Facebook Blocking Stories About Richard O’Dwyer’s Fight Against Extradition To The US”