Shocking Footage – Dublin Home Eviction – by Anglo Irish Bank

This chilling video is of an elderly couple being removed from their home with force , they had the loan from Anglo Irish Bank

Went online yesterday and allready has allready had 36,000 views

Maybe one for the Keiser report… Not going to help the Irish Governments “Yes” Vote

37 comments on “Shocking Footage – Dublin Home Eviction – by Anglo Irish Bank
  1. Astraea says:

    Off topic and I suppose Stacy and Max already know this, but it might be interesting all the same. Iran has banned imports from 100 European countries and has stopped sending oil to Germany.

  2. Astraea says:

    I have no words! It is simply beyond anything sane, decent. Did the Irish People not help this bank to survive???

    Am I losing my mind, or is the World losing it’s mind?

  3. Player 1 million says:

    Hey da what did you do at work today.
    Son oi helped evict an elderly couple from dere home I den oi went and had a wank about it son.
    Oh da oim so proud o ye.
    Tanks son.
    CUNTS. When will the uprising begin. Surely the longer it takes the more bloody it will be.
    OT dont go posting comments on iTunes podcasts about the state we’re in they don’t like it and they’ll ban you. They’ll still take your money for purchases but they don’t want your opinions, all comments I have ever made over a 2 year period on podcasts Inc that idiot Richard bacon and that shill bill maher have been erased and new comments won’t post. Gutless wonders.

  4. dante says:

    don’t forget….

    Goldman Sachs Involved In Anglo Irish Bank Bailout Shenanigans
    Anglo Irish is planning on buying the Quinn Insurance Group. Quinn
    owes Anglo Irish Bank €2.7 billion, and Anglo Irish believes the
    acquisition of Quinn is the best way to recoup that cash.
    But, at the same time as advising Anglo Irish on the deal, Goldman
    Sachs’ bond traders are buying Quinn Group debt, according to the
    Irish Independent.

    Goldman has claimed the ‘Chinese walls’ it has in place prevent
    any sort of conflict of interest.

  5. Karma Respect says:

    Time to end the charade, banks or banking operate a usury scam where all loans both private and austerity for the people ie. ECB supported bonds are QE’d (printed) into existence and they charge us an interest usury. However they get caught when the fiction of a loan defaults and then expect through the international banker infested Troika to get the decent people to bail them out and continue the London, Frankfurt, Paris and New York bankster bonus fiesta and to hell with the Paddies who are compliant and stupid to these complete f*ng con artists.

    The transfer of Irish taxpayer wealth abroad, pity for this elderly couple who were duped into their little properly questioned or even understood banksterism scam. The wrong doers, the Troika should be evicted from the country which is after all a republic and let the Irish people keep what belongs to them. Q.E.D. and God bless the Irish. We need St Patrick back to get rid of these snakes hiding behind the entire grovelling treasonous politicians’ coat tails. Time to end the charade of foreign banker bonus charity payments and end all interest payments on the National Debt which just might eliminate the need for income taxes at all. An Irish solution to an international usury problem – QE our own loans without usury and keep what is ours.

  6. Just George says:

    What troubles me is the lack of social cohesion. Irishmen are evicting other Irishmen at the behest of non Irish financiers. Reminds me of something I read somewhere, once: “The good thing about the poor is that you can always hire one half to kill the other half”. Personally, were I related to the evicted gentleman, I would be murderous at this point. However, since I understand, I would kill the police later – the logical thing to do is follow the chain of command, and chain of money, to the top, and start there with the killing.

  7. Christopher Donnelly says:

    I am an Irishman and ashamedly so looking at this disgusting spectacle.We are being shit on by the Government the Banks and Europe and here is one of the end results.The Euro will hopefully collapse once the BRICS get their International Bank set up backed by Gold and Commodities.We have plenty of produce that these emerging Countries want because of it’s quality.Im European?BOLLOX!I AM IRISH and cant wait for the day that it all comes tumbing down.We need a younger more Innovative Government to replace these outdated Muppets we have leading us to ruin.I love my Country and the people in it and we deserve and are capable of much better than this.It is time for us to stand up and be heard.Erin Go Brath!Ireland Forever.

  8. patrick says:

    Hard to believe that a people with such a rebellious past, could allow themselves to be crushed so easily by the banksters. The fat fellow is certainly the epitome of piggy banksters. I wonder that he did not throw the elderly man on the ground and devour him, bones and all, as pigs are known to do sometimes.

  9. bootsy says:

    That’s a great visual example of the machinery of the state being captured/controlled by industrial interests.
    The police are there to enforce a private commercial matter, and are doing it on behalf of their real masters-the banks. Horrible, when law making is manipulated by commercial corporate interests then this is the result.

  10. Bonn says:

    @ y’all Dont ya think everythin is speedin up now ????
    Its clearly Gin insane in the mid-brain
    Hic 😉

  11. dave says:

    I thought the Irish had such tremendous national pride that there would be no way that even the Irish bureaucratic elite would side against their own people. Could be proof that the Irish are no longer in charge of their own country.

  12. Nak says:

    Sad. Sadder that in a few days we will forget about this elderly couple. Every man, woman and child for themselves.
    Does anyone remember Clair the silver hot springs nature woods lady?

  13. Billy says:

    When elderly folks are thrown into the streets?! It’s time to stop this insanity. This is happenning worldwide. AIB, I’m sure has no proof that they have legal standing to steal this couples house. They securitized and securitized, etc, etc, etc. this loan many times, and were so fast and furious making profits, they forgot to do their paperwork properly and have no idea WHO has legal standing ( all the banks in the US. did this). Wake up people, these banksters will get you house, and all your savings eventually. So as you watch this video as a spectator, remember your day is coming.

  14. Tamir says:

    “…we want the needle in the arm…”

  15. Hegelian Dialectic says:

    And this is why the gummint made sure that they took all the guns away from their citizens first.

  16. Phil says:

    The Banksters have turned our world into a big pile of poo
    People must rise up NOW!!!

  17. Happy Dick says:

    This was one of the posts from this video on utube … fwiw

    “That ‘homeowner’ in killiney is a multi millionaire landlord who was living abroad until recently with a multi million euro loan for that mansion. He was s…erved a notice 2 years ago and continues to have a portfolio of millions of euros worth of houses in ireland and abroad. He refused to give up his lavish lifestyle and sort out his finances The man is a professional accountant who mismanaged his empire and refused to sort it out Now hes crying poverty that he cant live on millionaires row”

  18. sam says:

    Strange, need more info on this. If they are over indebted landlords who have been collecting rent but not paying their dues then they get what they deserve. hopefully the repossessing bankers will be stuck with the property whilst squatters move in.

    if this the only place they own, and have lost their savings and jobs thanks to government and bank mismanagement then welcome to the club.

  19. Danny Cunnington says:

    Wheres the Provo IRA when you need them? It can’t be hard to identify who is doing this and make a few examples. I heard stories from Romania where they had “cow inspectors” No one was allowed more than two cattle. The cows were grazing on the mountain side pastures. If any inspector wanted to check they could go up and do it. The thing was no one ever came back down. They never found any bodies. After a while, all the cow inspectors took the word of the peasant owners and stamped the compliance reports who always said with a knowing smile, “You can go and check if you want”.

    The moral of this story is that anyone can claim they are only doing their job but would they still do it in the face of overwhelming evidence that doing their job is the equivalent of following orders to throw yourself off a cliff?

  20. giggler says:

    Comments on UTube blame the couple, along the lines of … it’s their loan they defaulted on. This however ignores the complete and utter lawless lending by banks during the boom times. Who ends up out of pocket and out on the street? anyone but the bankers who could have easily miss-sold them a loan in the first place.

    I really do feel sorry for people like this, in the end the Brit’s won’t win and old queeny will have to take a loss. All it will take is enough publication of such situations for the public to herd together and drag their will with them. It’s happened in the past and this time is no different. I just feel so sorry for the fodder in the meantime.

  21. seosamhogallunai says:

    The debate about the merits of this couple’s case is very interesting, but the point is getting lost somehow.. the stranglehold that the political establishment and banks have on Irish society will never be released until people stand together against them.

    There are significant differences obviously, but it’s not a case of “them and us” because you’re on minimum wage and they’re making 200K. (Nor vice versa.)

    It’s them –the political and financial establishment– against everybody from welfare recipients to wealthy pensioners.. (everybody except themselves, of course).
    Occupy Dame ST, occupy herrif office.!

  22. Karsten Hansen says:

    Sadly as it seems,and sad it is.
    It is nothing compared ,with the 77old,Greec man,that shot him self,for more or less the same reason,luted by the banks,he lost his life,and sadly enogh is propely forgotten,by the running masses.

    This world,the humans,are and will always be a mistery, in Brasil,where they still hold slaves,they freed slave,that drank the same water as the cow,whats that for a misery,?!

    One more case from Brasil,in the north,a copple,killed people and sold the remains,as???Salgados,imagine,you pass them on the street,and are hungry,and buy, alguma Salogados(some salted goodies),and eat them with the biggest appetite,not knowing your eating your fellow man,so far its counted to five people they sold,bon appetite world,like i said,humans are strange!

    But Blatter succeded in convincing the Goverment to sell beers,at the Copa Mundial,we live in a Corporate slavehood,and always did.
    I once took an old sign(from the goood old days) of a door where i was making a Bathroom,in a so called nobel area,it said”Through work you shall be Arristocrated”directly to say,you will never be arristocrat,cause they never worked,and are!
    Oh yes, HUMANS,love their next in kind!

  23. Karsten Hansen says:

    Sorry Salgados,So para noa confucar o povao!

  24. Jud says:

    The police are baking the law here by initiating force. Possession is 9 10th’s of the law.

  25. It’s always a sad commentary when an elderly couple is evicted from “their” home. But the question is, was it their home? If it was their home then it’s an outrage, and those responsible for the crime should be dealt with swiftly and aggressively. However, if the home wasn’t theirs, then they have no right to be in the home. Do they? Really, without the full story, this “drama” is not a fair indication of what the truth is and is playing with people’s emotions.

    I tend to side with the elderly couple, knowing how ruthless and corrupt the system is, but could it be that the couple took advantage, somehow, of the system and we are not privy to that information? Amazing what a short video can conjure up, emotionally speaking, without the entire story being addressed.

  26. Geek Boy says:

    This video even reached me in Switzerland (@GeekBoy is Irish) and I can tell you from facebook friends, young people like myself, who are trying to get the hell out of dodge (at least for now y’all) and are mostly in Australia, is that we are all utterly disgusted and ashamed at this carry on at home.


  27. CarlosMurphy says:

    Until more Irish people wake up, we will continue to get raped like this. At the moment there are few repossessions because the banks would have to cover the losses on their balance sheets which would make them bankrupt, so you will see very few of these stories for now.

    Ultimately, the solution is as follows for Ireland. Leave the EU. Go back to Irish Punt. get loan (interest free) from Irish Central Bank , which is backed by bond from irish people and use this to pay off sovereign and bank debt. Then as We get growth, pay back loan to Central Bank over time without having to pay compound interest.

    it can be done, look at North Dakota or Australian Commenwealth Bank in 1920s for examples of this. There is no reason why central banks can’t create interest free money except for greed of bankers and corruption of politicians.

  28. Karma Respect says:

    Focus only on the reality not always on he said, she said, they did , we did divisions that deflect the mind away from the core injustice which is that banking is a closed system available only to a private international cartel . There is no competition allowed to print money apart from this cartel of mobsters and swindlers.

    They print money and charge usury with the full blessings of the Government who serve via the taxman to collect their dues. The charge of usury on printed fictional money is obscene, the cartel of international bankers transfer wealth from the productive (income tax) to themselves (interest on the national debt) and sneeringly laugh at the Paddies of all nationalities worldwide arguing and fighting with each other over trivia questions while all the time being robbed blind by these psychopaths.

    A psychopath is one that controls and inflicts misery without any sense of shame, our division allows them to conquer, they profit with excesses for no benefit to society and enslave all us paddies into their financial servitude. What does a banker produce, a lawyer or a politician and yet they are the highest rewarded on the planet.

  29. GayUncleSam says:

    To paraphrase John Locke, “In the end, all the world will be America.”

  30. ronron says:

    if it was the fat fucker that was responsible, good. he will be dead from to much fucking duck soon. no more will go in.

  31. Paolo says:

    The guy has a portfolio of properties so basically he was himself a property speculator. No doubt of the “buy to let variety” that have plagued the UK property market for the last 15 years. Unfortunately this is the wrong specific instance of bank reposession to rally behind, and its typical of the opportunistic speculator mentality to try and tap into popular anti bank dissent to rescue your investment. Look for people more deserving of sympathy to rally behind as there are enough of them out there, people that see property as living space and not investment objects.

  32. gussy says:

    Very unbecoming, one ought to be gracious in defeat, win some lose some.
    It will certainly put the wind up.

  33. newladworkingin EIRA says:

    Prof Steve Keen the other night on Vincent Browne (Irish political debate show):

  34. Bruce says:

    ‘Tis a swish shack.

  35. @newladworkingin EIRE, ~ Notice how Dan Obrian & Laura Noonan, (Irish Independent, Economics and Banking Correspondents) were desperate to downplay the grim statistics with standard MSM subterfuge, prevarication and disinformation. The bogus tactic of MSM (Operation Mockingbird Ass-et) Dan Obrian was reminded by Prof. Steve Keen, that the first three letters of “ASS-ET” were extremely important, as ass-et prices increase in size with a Ponzi Scheme Ass-et Stealing Racket, but the actual value remains unchanged, or declines due to depreciation, wear and tear etc. A new house does not increase in value, because the older it gets the more repairs it needs! OK if the house stands over an undiscovered gold mine? or Silver deposit? it’s value can drop to zero, because it WILL be confiscated by government, and demolished! The purpose of government is to extract as much ass-ets as possible from the asses, through taxation. The most efficient form of taxation is to employ gangsters to run Ponzi Schemes, Ass-et Bubbles, etc. then confiscate the ass-ets from the racketeers, and all the now impoverished asses congratulate their beloved governments for convicting the bad nasty gangsters, that the same beloved government first hired to do their dirty work for them. ….Simples!…if you have contract presstitutes to keep the stupid asses dumbed-down with lies and disinformation!

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