Police in the US state of Georgia have handcuffed a six-year-old black school girl with her arms behind her back

12 comments on “Police in the US state of Georgia have handcuffed a six-year-old black school girl with her arms behind her back
  1. Bill Stewart says:

    Britain destroyed records of colonial crimes


    Thousands of documents detailing some of the most shameful acts and crimes committed during the final years of the British empire were systematically destroyed to prevent them falling into the hands of post-independence governments, an official review has concluded.

    Those papers that survived the purge were flown discreetly to Britain where they were hidden for 50 years in a secret Foreign Office archive, beyond the reach of historians and members of the public, and in breach of legal obligations for them to be transferred into the public domain.

    The archive came to light last year when a group of Kenyans detained and allegedly tortured during the Mau Mau rebellion won the right to sue the British government. The Foreign Office promised to release the 8,800 files from 37 former colonies held at the highly-secure government communications centre at Hanslope Park in Buckinghamshire.


  2. JailBanksters says:

    It’s obvious this little spud is a threat to the security of the entire united states.
    Better warm up those Ballistic Missiles, just in case…….

  3. Robbie777 says:

    Land of the free, home of the brave.

  4. Robbie777 says:

    @ Bill Stewart – I doubt if there has ever been an end of empire without heinous crimes being committed. We all have a ringside seat for the coming fall of the American empire. And it looks like this time it’s not going to be too pretty either.

  5. Robert Mockan says:

    What a refreshing display of courage on the part of the Georgia police! Even hand cuffed, the little girl could still threaten them with bodily harm by kicking or biting. But instead of tazering her into submission, with a half dozen beating her while she was down, they hand cuffed her. They are heroes! Let us hear it for the Georgia police!

  6. tsuki says:

    I am so glad that we have hired into our school system, vice principals, deans, councilors, teachers with special ed, school resource administrators and the like, so that the police can be called to handle discipline cases.

  7. casamurphy says:

    Most big city schools these days have their own police force with on campus full time. They commonly restrain children deemed to be a danger to themselves or others. Teachers and administrators are directed to not touch children and to let the police handle any situation calling for physical restraint.

  8. Barry Soetero says:

    Just handcuffs? or just cable ties.
    Meh. . . where’s the taser and bear spray too?
    I think a truncheon, the kind used in South Africa during apartheid, would have been sufficient, don’t-cha think? Whip the parents too, for allowing such uncivilized behavior of their precious child. I mean. . . Really!

  9. Nak says:

    First you need to understand the mentality of the police and school officials, they truly believe they are helping this child.
    Anyone remembers the documentary in the 1970’s Scared Straight. This is the 2012 version were instead of teenagers it is kindergarteners. Pure Insanity.

  10. OlympiaLogger says:

    Big Surprise !?!!
    What do you expect… it’s GEORGIA!

    If that happened in the northwest, they’d spend their eternal repose face down in an irrigation ditch.

  11. Noodles123 says:

    With today’s kids having the manners of cavemen…Parental skills hitting a new low AND so many being born with some sort of behavioral problem…The school did what it had to…Ever try to have a black person mind/reprimand their child?

    It’s “Lawsuit this…Lawsuit that…I’ll take your job!” The school did not touch the child for fear of the non existant parents who use the school as a free day care…Take a peek at youtube there are countless videos on kids being uncontrollable brats…If you dope them up you make them addicts in the sense that if they stop taking their meds after 18 they become very aggressive…If you don’t dope them up they are viscious and hard to control and make teaching the other kids impossible.

    I have a pen full of these kids of the 80’s with the bad parents, now stuck in some 8′ x 12′ cell, with a cellmate, being warehoused by the great state of california till they die.

    Hard not to blame the parents, hard not to somehow blame the kid, but the 16 pounds of artificial preservatives/ingredients we eat a year in our food might have someting to do with the huge rise in allergies, behavioral problems and drop IQ.

    By the way handcuffs are there to protect everyone…Some of these kids will actually hurt themselves while in a fit…These negative posts are coming from people who don’t have a violent, temper tantrum throwing child in their household…Trust me you had one you’d be singing a different soft hearted song.

    Sounds cruel but without a lifetime of drugs to chemically placate kids like this they are a walking time bomb…Wish we could test in the womb for ADD…Not all pregnacies were ment to be…Kids like this are a liabilty and a drain of resources…I’m not cruel I’m practical.

    I believe we are at 20% of the population in the US is on some mood stabilizer…I know people who cannot function without their meds…It was never like this and should have never got to this point.

    I’m telling you Eugenics is making a comeback and it’s not just the nazi’s looking at it but parents who don’t want these emotional, cognitive or physical issues.

  12. L T P says:

    This Piggy agrees with Barry and sees the matter as the sue-happy society we share. “My kid would NEVER do such a thing!” type of auntie mentality. Unfortunately, parents have been brainwashed by certain morons that corporal punishment is awful and “alternatives” should be explored. This little girl has serious issues from having been “spared the rod” and it came down to being handcuffed to prevent further damage. If she gets the message that it’s OK to tear up everything up in a tantrum, then she’s further empowered by it. She needs to get straightened out before she winds up on Maury or Steve’s show because of her drama, and her family has some soul searching to do – provided they HAVE ONE to begin with! They seem deserving of the Board Of Education across their butts too! OINK!!

    L T P -aka- Major Bacon – Silver Liberation Army
    follow this somewhat right-winged piggy on Twitter: @lickthepig
    Keep Stackin’ da Phyzz!!

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