Max Keiser on Mott Street with the Exorcism of Blythe Masters

Thanks to Warren Pollock for uploading this!

48 comments on “Max Keiser on Mott Street with the Exorcism of Blythe Masters
  1. Brilliant, and Max is a brilliant standup comic too.

  2. Tamir says:

    Watching now – interesting!

  3. james chen says:


    wearry super show…. roved it…. when i worked on de street we would’ve hit it off too werr.


  4. blindman says:

    Terry Adams Quartet at Iota; high ho silver.3gp
    here the best band in the world. period

  5. Hegelian Dialectic says:

    ” It’s all about the Lords, lording it up (all) over us. ”
    Dude, that shit is funny as FUCK!
    You gotta take this thing on the road, brother.

  6. Warp says:

    Why didn’t you stand up when called then, Jimmy? Why so coy?

  7. Silver Profiteer says:

    I should thank Mr Keiser for helping raise the price of silver, and letting me make a few quid to help alleviate my Blythe induced poverty.

    Thank you Mr Keiser and his SLA buddies!!!

  8. Jeff S says:

    Hey Max,
    Wife and I were there, you did a great job. Revernd Billy’s exorcism was awesome! Can’t believe you held up like that when your bio clock was 6 hours ahead. It was great to hear you speak at length about things you often only have time to refer to and I thought the moment you referred to the Earth as the ultimate collateral, which we were busy destroying, was actually moving. Thanks to you and Stacy!

  9. Alf says:

    Great show Max…informative, entertaining…and a brilliant way to
    educate people…Thanks.

  10. james chen says:

    @ warp

    herro hope good day…. had every intention of making it but wife numba 4 faked a coma. i now refer to her as mrs gibb….(arr aporogies to de sick bee gee)


  11. Jayme says:

    Hallelujah! 🙂

  12. Bay of Pigs says:

    Great stuff Max and Stacy.
    Keep up the good work…

  13. F. Beard says:

    The only real money for thousands of years Max Keiser [paraphrase]


    I suggest you read David Graeber’s “5000 years of Debt”. Graeber makes the point that we have cycled between credit and “hard money” throughout history. Thus even if we return to hard money, it is bound to only be temporary.

    One would like to make a permanent mark on history, no?

  14. F. Beard says:

    but wife numba 4 faked a coma. James “Jimmy” Chen

    Well, if you had taken the “I have a headache” hint …

  15. james chen says:


    I must say I just heard you request I stand up in de wideo and I totarry ferr rike I ret you down…. your voice had such a sweet sincerity to de request….. one day I meet you and de max man…..wit big rove Jimmy chen


  16. Brett says:

    Less talk. More Barack.


    I have just watched the whole exorcism video on youtube & it was excellent & entertaining.

    Thanks Max & Stacy….

  17. Jayme says:

    I like Rev. Billy’s work.

    Reverend Billy’s Freakstorm

  18. MirrorMirror says:


    Sheila Bair’s Modest Proposal To Fix Everything: Hyperinflation

    & I thought they were all crooks !
    I was so wrong ; they’re just all idiots.

    PS: checked the date … ‘wasn’t 1st. April

  19. Mattdog says:

    How could anyone nod during that? What a great performance. Wish I had been there to feel that energy. My Grandparents grew up poor in the deep south, would talk about “jam sandwiches” growing up… I’ll leave it to you to figure out what that meant.
    Anyway, bon appetite, have a tasty treat, a midnight snack, some breaded cat? 😉

  20. F. Beard says:

    Max was great and Blythe held her own. It looked like Rev Billy was the one getting exorcised! And that lame “We sweated to mine silver so it has value” argument! Keep your sweat! As far as I can tell my computer has no sweat it and works all the better for that lack. What it does have in it is intelligent design, not pointless effort.

    Still, I missed seeing Stacy in a different environment. She should have at least come up to take a bow. Max you may be tres cute and clever but Stacy is a star too, don’t you ferget!

  21. Becky says:

    That was long but worth it. Naturally funny Max – good writing Stacy! Love Rev Billy; let’s hope the Exorcism worked :^D Am so glad Assange is heading to RT now KR will get even more viewers…Don’t be so hard on the Activists Max, not everyone is a Visionary. Really liked the Coke/Karma idea, was Strategic. Occupy is lovely but lacking in Strategy. Most people are still in a Coma & all but few are lacking in Balls,even the Girls! ;^D Makes one wonder just how messed up the whole Planet has to get before (whether we’re “carrying” Gold & Silver or not) before we All challenge this Malign Entity – otherwise known as The Corporate Model. PEACE.

  22. davem says:

    ALEX BRUMMER: How Britain has sold more than half its companies to foreigners
    (warning: it’s the daily mail but still good article)

  23. flicks says:

    Enjoyed watching that – you guys had a heck of a busy week must be knackared.

    Buy and hold silver- its real use demand will rise

  24. Bruce says:

    Jimmy Chen lives?!

    A+ on the presentation.

    Watching this video, I thought slides and/or video would be great on that white screen (or at least something promoting the Keiser Report or showing the faces of the mentally-challenged bankers). Then I thought a chair would be great for Maxxx to sit on. Then I started to think a desk would be great. Then I started to think a live show of the Keiser Report (or at least a Keiser Report-style presentation) might be something worth trying in front of a live audience, with some audience participation. Extended edition.

    Greenpeace are as dumb (and rich) and meaningless as I thought, nevermind actually doing something to educate their supporters to make them understand how the world is running and what they must do.

    Reverend Billy was good. Jamie Dimon impersonations (and hatred) came across well. Listening to Jamie do interviews conjures up the term ‘meathead’.

    Speaking of meatheads, it’s nice to know none made their presence felt like last time in NY.

  25. ronron says:

    good times , the real Max is a lot of fun. for fuck sake. 🙂

  26. Jayme says:

    @kdt – nice synopsis by Pollock. Interesting comments about Lira.

  27. Bruce says:

    F. Beard | April 15, 2012 at 7:28 pm |
    Max was great and Blythe held her own. It looked like Rev Billy was the one getting exorcised! And that lame “We sweated to mine silver so it has value” argument! Keep your sweat! As far as I can tell my computer has no sweat it and works all the better for that lack. What it does have in it is intelligent design, not pointless effort.
    Your computer has both silver and gold (and copper, aluminium, steel, so much more…) so it has quite a bit of sweat in it 🙂

  28. Tamir says:

    Egyptian Insanity Update

    Stacy, Max,

    You should have tried harder when you were there. The place is fucking mess and it is going to get _a lot_ worse. Trust my word for it:

    “Egyptian election officials have barred 10 candidates from standing in upcoming polls, including former spy chief Omar Suleiman and the Muslim Brotherhood’s Khairat al-Shater.

    Ultra-orthodox Salafi Hazem Salah Abu Ismail and long-standing opposition leader Ayman Nour were also banned.

    The banned candidates have 48 hours to appeal. Thirteen candidates remain.

    Correspondents say the move comes as a surprise and looks set to dramatically alter the race.

    Many of those banned and their supporters have expressed anger over the move and large demonstrations are expected in the capital, Cairo.

    A first round of elections is due in May, more than a year after former President Hosni Mubarak was ousted.”

  29. Tamir says:

    Egypt is heating up, literally – have you noticed this quote:

    “We will not give up our right to enter the presidential race,” said Murad Muhammed Ali, a spokesman for Mr Shater’s campaign. “There is an attempt by the old Mubarak regime to hijack the last stage of this transitional period and reproduce the old system of governance.”

    Oh, yeah.
    Oh, yeah.

    Oh, yeah.

  30. Drones2TargetBanksters says:

    Obviously many telling points in the hour and three quarters the rebellious former Wall Street insider was on his feet, that is apart from the time it took Dr Billy’s to exorcise mad witch Blythe Masters.

    I thought no better telling point was near the end of Max’s presentation when he mentioned the parasites on Wall Street. Making the point that these parasites, can to an extent, be useful to have in the financial system, just as long as they know their place. Unfortunately nowadays these parasites don’t know their place and have spewed out to areas where they shouldn’t.

    So now with these parasites have corruptly infected the political influencing law making areas, the repercussions of this greedy parasitic corruption, has ever more skewed the financial/political system and is now arguably having mortally serious knock-on effects.

    Ultimately these serious knock-on effects many experts and serious minded academics seriously state, threaten the long-term future of not only tuna but the whole planets ecosystem. Which without wishing to state the obvious, is a system we Homo Sapien’s rely upon for our very existence.

    The moral and point of this forum post is really quite simple. Namely it is to go and affordably buy as much silver as you can, thereby both helping yourself , but also even more importantly helping secure the successful exorcism of the parasitic evildoers and horribly corrupted political financial system!

  31. Karin says:

    Max and Stacey,
    Great ‘show’. Give us ‘dummies’ a Silver 4 Dummies guide. You could whip one of these up in a day and I need help. I know what I want/ need to do, but have no idea where to start and who to trust. Without a basic idea of what I’m doing (or they are), I fear being a sitting duck prime for plucking!

    Have read that IRA’s can be converted without penalties, aka taxes to IRS. Ours comes due in July and if that is true, we want to do it. We know when the SHTF the 401K DH has will be toast (sandwich) . Already mentally prepared for that event.

    Hugs to Rev Billy and crew for that bit of theater !! :^)

  32. flicks says:

    Just had a look at Blythe’s web blog To quote Bill Brandt: ‘Dont smile – you look stupid’ You have a great face, but make sure the photographer uses a longer focal length lens and and preferably use’s Elinchrom’s indirect light banks choose the image with the very beginnings of a smile. Take a look at Nomi Prins photo on her site – she’s got it sorted. BTW is Andrew Maquire following your moves, just asking ?

    Karin – If you buy silver; just try to buy silver at as close to spot price as you can as close to where you live, don’t go on type of coin, rarity and all that. Start off with small amount’s see how the expereince went and build on it. Maybe check out: ‘discount gold and silver trading’

  33. Silverwillwin says:

    Max , It looked like a great time with allot of good information shared.
    If I were there and could have asked a question , it would have been ;
    with as much anguish that there appears to be with physical gold and silver connected at the hip to paper gold and silver , what’s the hold up !?
    Why doesn’t the physical metals split away from paper already !!?
    It would be obvious that the paper wouldn’t stand a chance of surviving then! No,yes ?

  34. Steven Rowlandson says:

    Why doesn’t the physical metals split away from paper already !!?
    Reverent Billy forgot to soak Blyth with Holy water AKA colloidal silver.
    Rest assured the demon has not been exorcised.

  35. blisterchicken says:

    How ironic will it be when I start using my entire VA disability check to buy silver every month? Ha!

  36. SilverPorno says:


    This is you at your best. You covered a huge area there and you did it with loads of facts and great humour – and kept on track, pretty-much, throughout. An amazing 1 3/4 hrs!

    You and Stacy are going from strength-to-strength with your message. Fantastic stuff!

    Now come to LONDON again fer fuck’s sakes… and as I’ve said before I can get you a goddamn GREAT venue if you want one. Camden is best for a big audience, there won’t be a problem in filling a venue there, I’m absolutely sure of that.

    Just do it. Jeez.

  37. SilverPorno says:

    Welcome back Jimmy Chen 🙂

    Where the fuck have you been?

  38. Vonda Bra says:

    Latest Jim Willie article .. Thursday, 12 April 2012

    Golden Eye of Hurricane

  39. Skiddypants says:

    That was great.
    The momentum trade has got me thinking . I think I will bid ABOVE spot ( and in tranches ) next time I buy silver.


  40. Uptick says:

    Huge Props to you !

  41. mbridges says:

    Loved the show!

  42. skidmarks says:

    Skiddypants , let’s define it as making a real market….Healthy Happy Humans….trading in a real market

  43. I_Cant_Believe_Its_Just_a_Dip says:

    Finally managed to watch to the end,
    did Max say $1,000,000 dollars sell moves the price down $2 and $50,000,000 buy moves it up $2, sounds a very low sell am amazed it only takes a million dollars thats sooo low. Take it hes means paper silver, what about buy/sell real silver whats the ratio levels,anyone?

    So it only takes someone like Greenpeace to totally tip the balance silver wise-why do they have to be so dumb about it-surely they could use the profits to buy some virgin rainforest somewhere or do something useful-try thinking out of the box guys!
    Enjoyed it all but particular thanks for the elaborate silver explanation guys and I like the parasitic gut bacteria turning into cancer/bankster analogy.
    Bid you fair ado 🙂

    A heavily damped harmonic oscillation with imports versus exchange rate;

  44. Clawhammer says:

    And a special thanx to the arsehole talking loudly during the end of Max’s set.

  45. Rick says:

    Great video Max. And it would be even better, if our problem was only financial. But, it really never was. What you’re talking about is the end days of resources. The end of growth is done. You mentioned that briefly, in the video. But, where’s the hope with Gold / Silver? There is none, in a depleted world.

    Food, health, water, a roof over your head is all that will count in the decades to come.
    You could have a much bigger following, if you start talking about how humans will cope, as resources really start to deplete. I can’t eat precious metals.

    Fuck Facebook, and the social media bastards. Wall Street too, Corporate America, Banksters, Lobbyist, Congress, they can all go to hell.

    Again, good video, do more of this. And start talking more about the root cause, resource depletion, and give those who don’t have a clue, some insight.

    Because AGW is real, and so is Peak Oil.

  46. Paolo7219 says:

    I recall the scene in “Exorcist I” where the two priests are tossing holy water on Linda Blair and shouting, “The power of Christ compels you! The power of Christ compels you!” Max and Reverend Billy could have done something similar with Blythe Masters by shouting, “The power of Silver compels you! The power of Silver compels you!” Maybe instead of holy water, Keiser and reversnd Billy could toss silver dust on Blythe Masters (Fake silver. Why waste the real stuff on Masters?)? Not trying to be sacriligious here; just recognizing that there are very evil demons lurking about on Wall Street very much deserving of banishment.

  47. Talcott says:

    Thanks for sharing this, excellent show Max!

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