Las Cruces, New Mexico announced it would shut off the utilities of city residents who refused to pay traffic fines

17 comments on “Las Cruces, New Mexico announced it would shut off the utilities of city residents who refused to pay traffic fines
  1. Bruce says:

    Redflex, the Australian red light camera company, is up the road from me. Who woulda thunk the Australians made actual finished goods :p

    Size: 117 KB (119,750 bytes)
    The expectation for the current financial year is for a Net Profit Before Tax of over $21 million. This compares to the prior year Net Profit Before Tax of $15.61 million excluding the impact of the cost of the sale process. The reported Net Profit Before Tax including the sale process costs in FY2011 was $13.13 million.

    Looks like Redflex is still making money.

  2. Jayme says:

    The cameras don’t make people safer and should be removed. Someone must be making money off this deal if the city is ignoring the state’s claim and their own traffic reports that it makes traffic less safe.

    Las Cruces officials emphasized the need to “work around” the state in expanding the red light camera program even though the city has seen an increase in accidents where photo enforcement has been installed.

    New Mexico: City Expands Traffic Cameras Despite Accident Increase

    I look in my rear view mirror now every time I come up on a yellow light after getting hit by a dump truck in Phoenix and almost having my head cut off. My experience is that it isn’t always safe to stop at yellow/red lights when there’s heavy traffic behind.

  3. Barry Soetero says:

    Local Governments like the tinker with the stop light dwell so the yellow light interval is shortend between green and red.
    A simple subtle trick to use the photo gizzmos as a guaranteed ATM.
    Ka. . . ching! Easy money extraction. It’s just another racket.

  4. MrJones says:

    They tried those cameras here in Minnesota but ended up having to remove them and refund any money they collected. You see, there is this constitutional thing that states you have a right to face your accuser. With these cameras, that right is by passed. Still don’t see how these other states can get away with it.

  5. Bruce says:

    They are everywhere in Australia, as far as I can tell.

    Click go the cameras boys, click, click, click | The Australian

  6. Catfish says:

    In my area we have the red light cameras – good luck fighting that ticket!

    They have also reduced the speed limit by 5mph on some moderately trafficked roads, then stationed motorcycle cops with radar guns in strategic locations to catch “speeders”! It’s getting desperate out there.

  7. Evolutis says:

    “Indians, taking pictures of white people, taking pictures of Indians” Lol

  8. Happy2B-here says:

    Yes! Bottom line is= cities, States, etc are DESPERATE for money, ANY way they can grab it. God Bless all the New Mexico residents who have solar panels, well water and septic tanks. Gov’t can’t shut those things off. 🙂
    Solar panels LESS than $1 / watt at sunelec website. (don’t want to spell the entire weblink here as posting-software might delete it.

  9. fred says:

    Why not just used a drone and machine gun the ticket holders house. Actually it will probably work the other way around when they shut off the utilities of the drunk unemployed father of four who finally snaps….

  10. Har says:

    All about the revenue, baby.

  11. JailBanksters says:

    Guilty until Proven Innocent, und pay up, or ve vill cut you off.

  12. Palantír says:

    Here the big law book come in handy use. Isn’t it nice to have such a vast amount of laws lying around unused from old to now for any occasions. I’m certainly glad the law is so huge that even professional lawyers have to split up the law book in multiple parts and concentrating on one smaller part in order to actually get a some grip on it. Imagine the ordinary working citizens having to use their spare time to understand the whole law book. And then you got all the add ons laws, amendments and so on, phew, I’m glad it is only good laws that is hidden in that law book jungle and that it never will come back to haunt and hurt me.

  13. Mother Earth says:

    I agree with this policy because it will mobilize against it and it will awaken people to the ownership of the utilities, which in a poor neighbourhood should lie with the people (who else can logically be interested?).

  14. Danny Cunnington says:

    The residents should look at the South African response to these cameras. Basically they became target practise. The companies that operate them can’t make a profit if the life expectancy of a camera unit is less than 24 hours.

  15. kdt says:

    the root of the word TOWN is toll originaly spelled “towl” means to tax !!

  16. R. Freiherr v. Wackendonk says:

    Imagine the future, where any fine can be instantly extracted from one’s central credit account. Where one’s natioanl Dangan file gets automatically updated with every comment posted to Max Keiser’s website. Where every librarian can throw an overdue book violator into the stone age with a simple keystroke. Ahh! The future…!

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