[KR275] Keiser Report: Too Broke To Go Broke

We discuss the hot topic of currency wars in China and Americans being too broke to go broke while hoping to outrun the global flash crash. In the second half of the show Max talks to Rick Ackerman of Rick’s Picks newsletter. They discuss flash crashes, market making, options trading, manipulating markets and more.

25 comments on “[KR275] Keiser Report: Too Broke To Go Broke
  1. Al Kyder says:

    French Energy Min: Banks To Transfer Cash To Petroplus Refinery
    (Friday, April 13, 2012) France’s energy minister said banks had agreed to transfer cash and fuel to Petroplus’ refinery in that country and its workers.

  2. Al Kyder says:

    The Iraq wart was considered a great victory for mobile infantry. The fastest and biggest movement in Western History. (Russia still beats it)

    The Iraqi’s fought a brillant rear guard action making excellent use of artillery slowing progress. I also have the emails that were sent live from the spear head of the invasion, Russian and Chinese spys in the US military, (Remember the US won the cold war so no enemies) they reported every failure in real time, also things like the sand ruined the night vision and that was the main cause of the slow rate of the invasion.

    This showed the US military had serious flaws, and the rest of the world knew before GW Bush announced victory that the USA was a spent power. Before that the illusion of invincibility was accepted, but after those few days it was shattered forever.

  3. Al Kyder says:

    US Nazi becomes lobbyist for first time; April 14, 2012 22:07:58

    For the first time, a member of the American Nazi Party has become a Washington lobbyist with the purpose of helping pass favourable legislation through the US congress, US-based ABC News reported.

    The television network said party activist John Bowles, 55, had registered as a Washington lobbyist, and that was something the American Nazi Party planned to “try out for the first time and see if it flies.”

    “I always tell my fellow Americans that they need to practice their constitutional rights or their rights will one day be eroded,” Mr Bowles told the network.

    “Lobbying is one way to do that, to try to get your point across to the elected officials in congress.”

    “I’m not going to go in and shove a swastika in their face,” Mr Bowles said, according to ABC News.

    The American Nazi Party (ANP) was founded in 1959 by veteran US Navy Commander George Lincoln Rockwell and is headquartered in Arlington, Virginia.

    It says on its website that it is involved in “a very serious struggle … for the very existence of our White Nation of people.”

    The new lobbyist said he would not use derogatory language and was open to working with members of congress from all parties.

    “If they don’t hold my politics against me, I won’t hold anything against them,” he said.

    Romney woos gun owners at NRA convention
    US presidential hopeful Mitt Romney has used an address to gun lovers to vow to reverse what he calls the restrictive gun policies of president Barack Obama.

  4. gold bullet says:

    ”Study: Sharing Patents, Rather Than Blocking Others, Encourages Innovation And Market Success”


    Sharing knowledge encourages innovation and market success?! No shit, Sherlocks!

  5. Mini US says:

    I don’t think the regulators can see the difference, or if they can they can hide the fact that they can.
    I mean that the lines you wish to draw between ok trading and not ok trading is muddied.
    That, of course, suits the insiders and the regulators.
    Look at the CFTC and Silver manipulation.
    It seems everybody knows it is going on but “it is very difficult to prove”.
    Set the rules in black and white, no more BS ‘this type of trade is ok because Rick does it’, but ‘this one is not because I don’t have the money to buy big computers’.
    It is all bad, the whole system stinks, and until it is whitewashed it will stay the same.

    What is stealing?
    Is taking a pen from work stealing or is it just part of life?
    Ok, how about embezzling funds from work, no thats not ok.
    Who decides?
    Well if you make ‘none of it ok’ then you have rules that can be adhered to.
    If not, you just get the system we have with cry baby traders.
    Get out of the market and let it crumble.
    Then build an honest one, if you think you are honest enough.
    Change it.

  6. gold bullet says:

    ”US Gov’t Says Megaupload Shouldn’t Be Allowed To Use Top Law Firm It Hired For Its Defense”


    So Megaupload can’t exercise their VI Amendment rights, according to the USSA gov. Fair trial?! Nope, doesn’t exist in the USSA!

  7. gold bullet says:

    ”New Draft Of CISPA Announced: Some Progress, Still Big Problems”


    Fuck CISPA!

  8. fionnsdragon says:

    did yall find out what happened to your site during the week?
    you had same symptoms as KWN
    they had Dos attack gata.org/node/11247

  9. Youri Carma says:

    Abu Dhabi’s Mubadala considers new investments in spite of losses

    So I’ve got two topic boards (Under Letsbereal) to put at your favs:
    – 1 Financial Crisis Forum http://forum.prisonplanet.com/index.php?board=198.0
    – 2 Economical Crises – Solutions – Philosophical debates and Loads of (Self) Educational Info http://forum.prisonplanet.com/index.php?board=521.0

  10. Uptic says:

    Need more of the GIABO dog .. what happen to that ?? that Max pitbull was great .

  11. Idaho Silver says:

    Rajavi—MEK—U.S. Officials taking money from a terrorist organization…19 minute and a bit dry but it speaks of the subterfuge the U.S. will stoop to vis-avis Iran.

  12. MirrorMirror says:

    S&P confirms UK’s AAA rating but warns on growth


    Look at it as proof that the EURO is doomed :
    a) it was designed to fail
    b) the Anglo/American Empire wanted it ( and helped it ) to fail
    c) just a matter of time

  13. Youri Carma says:

    Leaked Video Shows US Contractors Randomly Killing Civilians http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e1trSD3Auyo

    Employees of the US military contracting group Academi (formerly Xe, Blackwater USA and Blackwater Worldwide) are seen in new leaked video shooting their machine guns at random while driving through the streets of Baghdad, crashing into other cars and even running over a pedestrian without hesitation. Academi received a $250 million contract by the Obama administration to provide military services in Afghanistan.

    Watch the videos: http://harpers.org/archive/2012/04/hbc-90008515

  14. Vonda Bra says:

    SD reader RedditSilverbugs caught up with Max Keiser at last night’s SLA event, and talks with Max ….

    Max Keiser: Forget the Academia, its WAR NOW!

  15. Rick Ackerman’s last statement, following George Soros’s “False Premis” argument, is what is known in the trade as “A SAFE BET!”….Safe bets are NOT a gamble!

  16. MichaelGon says:

    An honest observation of silver manipulation, by Truth Never Told, I encourage all to watch, thanks!
    Part 1′ 16 minutes

  17. I_Cant_Believe_Its_Just_a_Dip says:

    @youri, thats some video looks like grandtheft auto FFS, I am shocked :(:(

    Imagine having to put an extra small loop in your fibre optic so you don’t have an advantage over the other 5 servers sat next to you.
    ”In other words, by operating at the speed of light they can “feel” a buy order coming and can dart in front of them and ensure that the buyers pay a little bit more than they were going to, without noticing a thing.”
    At the speed of light 1 metre travelled is about 3.3 nanoseconds!!

  18. Bruce says:

    Between Max’s vids and the ones in the links from ppl, I think I need to set aside a whole day to watch & absorb. Good thing I have no life!

  19. gman says:

    Popping collateral into the global diaper. That about sums it up except for a bit of sanitation afterwards.

  20. I_Cant_Believe_Its_Just_a_Dip says:

    @Bruce, why don’t you help save the world, it needs your help.

  21. gold bullet says:

    ”MPAA-Affiliated Anti-Piracy Group Mysteriously Disappears”


    ”It appears that INFACT – the MPAA’s eyes and ears in Ireland – has simply disappeared. There has been no announcement as to its fate and its website, INFACT.ie, has completely gone.”

    Good riddance! End the MAFIAA!

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