Keiser Report Told You First About Banking Obscenity! Goldman Sachs And Kiddie Sex Trafficking

25 comments on “Keiser Report Told You First About Banking Obscenity! Goldman Sachs And Kiddie Sex Trafficking
  1. Joe9083 says:

    I can’t be first,can I?

  2. Youri Carma says:


    I just wondering, also about all these people with number nick’s, is it so difficult to come up with an original name?

    Seems so seeing all these name+number nick’s.

  3. Joe9083 says:

    @Yuri Carma.Stacy and Max know who I am,as I had the pleasure of meeting them both,twice in Dublin.As to your question,my name is Joe.

  4. evolutis says:

    @Youri Carma …. hey Youri, is this some sort of scam?
    Russian Nuclear Crisis to Hit the U.S. in 2013 As the country scrambles to react, 
a small group of stocks could shoot up by hundreds of percent

  5. Joe9083 says:

    @stacyherbet.Is the hedge fund manager who received 4 billion, Kyle Bass?As you he bet on the housing collapse in the states.

  6. Joe9083 says:

    just stick the word [ know],you know where.

  7. Joe9083 says:

    It’s still April first, yawl.

  8. MirrorMirror says:

    Brussels / NATO : Police in Belgium have arrested some 483 peace activists….


  9. BladeMcCool says:

    we know about your sex parties. we know of the sex slaves. we know that some of these girls are mere children. you who are complicit in this, we know who you are. we will find you, and we will kill you.

  10. BladeMcCool says:

    april fools – we aint gonna kill anyone.

  11. SilverPorno says:

    Yes, Yes, “Told You First ”

    A BRONZE star to both of you.

    And you can keep them this time. Have you seen the bronze charts? Jeez!

  12. MirrorMirror says:

    German Press doing a dissing job on the Pirate Party :

    Here are the subtitles translated :

    Utopia pirates infantilized society

    Pirate Party: Utopia instead of politics

    Central clumping in multi-party system

    The Pirates as a business-like ignoramuses

    Modern Couch Potatoes

    Self-sufficient pirates with plastic cutlery


  13. Vonda Bra says:

    @ ronron, the birthday -MAN!!!!

    HAPPY HAPPY 60 th TO YOU!!!!!!!

    sorry, I´ve been busy all day and was not connected ….
    I didn´t forget, how could I??, but had absolutely no chance earlier!!!
    I hope you had/still have a great day ?

    hugs and kisses with delay … but still in time, I hope!!!
    Ron-VonLove !!!

  14. proxyoflove says:

    Ahhh.. at 22:00 mins in. I was going to call this in as a wrong link! Ok, you get away with it, a little tenuous.. I don’t thing you can say reported it first but even better perhaps – you predicted it! True to say that these if these bankers can’t see their actions as acts of obscenity, then they would find difficulty in identifying their direct investment in the worst sorts of human obscenity. I notice the Reuters article says that GS in 2010 had grown “uncomfortable with the direction of the company”. Nice.

    An interesting point with the first half where you talk about media language of water-boarding vs torture. I wonder what can expect a similar re-languaging of (underage) sex-trafficking to become. That’s if msm ever has the stomach – or balls – to report it in any meaningful way. I already notice a marked degree of spin on the Reuters article compared to the NYT.

  15. Al Kyder says:

    The Last few Keiser Reports have been so good I have not been able to add much. This is no exception. Brilliant analysis from stacyherbertti as always,

    AND OMFG look at the US$ gold Silver Charts. ……..

    Anyhoo, Luc Saucier was better than Brilliant. The Idea of linking banksta’s to pedophiles is the best way we can capture that perception.

    I say to everyone here watch this and watch it again and again. The idea is out there, so lets capitalise on it.

    @ stacyherbert

    Quis panee stacyherbertti the audio sync was out on that It was very distracting at first. Took some of the gloss off your report.
    Hyvää ja hauskaa viikonloppua! Ole kiltisti

  16. jischinger says:

    just doing God’s work

  17. Bisphenol A says:

    Stacy you’ve never looked more lovely…Here’s some Niall Ferguson for you to drool over

  18. Flopot says:

    Did someone just link a Niall “I am a neocon shill” Ferguson video…

  19. Flopot says:

    Lol. Niall Ferguson suggesting that the British Empire sort of just happened. No violence used. It just fell into the lap of the Brits.

    The Brits first colony, Ireland, was a military venture and a military occupation. So Niall “what happened to my Scots accent” Ferguson is telling the same old s**t about the “good” Anglo-Saxon Empires.

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